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  • The Department of Health of the Municipality of Lorca celebrates the World No Snuff with an information table in the Alameda of the Constitution (31/05/2010)

  • A few weeks of selectivity, the campus of Lorca still Curriculum (31/05/2010)
    PSOE Councillor, Diego José Mateos, ensures that the information provided on the website of the Ministry of Universities can be read today the campus is under construction and there are no qualifications mapped
  • The new austerity measures and provide for multiple control points (31/05/2010)
    Reducing the salary of council members, releases, grants to political groups and some of its administrative staff, among others
  • 130 people participated last weekend in the hiking trails of the "Lorca Foot 2010" (31/05/2010)

  • First international team victory TREK-Lorca Taller del Tiempo achieved in the Italy international Lugagnano (31/05/2010)

  • The House unanimously requested the Government of Spain that meet your deadlines AVE to the municipality and its connection to Andalusia (31/05/2010)
    And their connection to Andalusia
  • Ladies Lunch Virgen de la Soledad (31/05/2010)

  • The House unanimously supported the declaration of a Cultural village for fishing tips Calnegre (31/05/2010)
    On ethnographic
  • The House unanimously urged the National Government not to abolish the contributory pension adjustment (31/05/2010)

  • UPyD in Lorca expresses its position on the measures proposed by the City Council (31/05/2010)
    once again regretted that steps be taken to a late form, improvised and without the consensus of all
  • Warnings issued a Civil Guard polluting discharges into the channel of the Rambla Alta (29/05/2010)
    In the hamlet of La Torrecilla, in Lorca
  • The Socialist Party denounced the omission of the PP on the financing of the work of consolidation of the slope of the Castillo (29/05/2010)

  • PSOE: "The PP supports manipulation and lies with the money of all Lorca" (28/05/2010)

  • June 25 will be held in Lorca the Regional Contest of Acrosport II (28/05/2010)

  • The austerity plan achieved savings and cut the deficit for the third year in a row (28/05/2010)
    Going from 31 million to just 2.5, down from 28.5 million
  • The regional government subsidizes the City with 124,186 euros to increase employment and self-employment counseling to unemployed Lorca (28/05/2010)

  • The City Council awarded the first performance Lorca consolidation of the slope of the castle (28/05/2010)
    is implemented in three months and with improved project worth 318.400 €
  • Ferra denouncing the boycott of the PP mayor of the Bureau of the demarcation work of tips Calnegre (28/05/2010)
    The General Secretary of PSOE warned not to spoil "sectarianism" or marginalizing those affected by this problem by the simple fact that make no "ism" of the postulates of Jódar Francisco
  • COPE Lorca begins celebrating its 50 anniversary with an exhibition on the history of the station (28/05/2010)

  • The third edition of the nightly beach volleyball tournament "Lario 2010, will be held on June 26 in Tercia (28/05/2010)

  • Program of the University Association Musso Valiente (27/05/2010)

  • The Olympics IMJUVE Leisure promotes Spanish municipalities in the National Youth Information Meetings (27/05/2010)
    Mollina (Malaga), with its XIV Meeting of the Network State Youth Information Service is the ideal framework for municipalities in Spain know about this great event
  • The Socialist Party calls for the reactivation of motor IFELOR as tourism and commercial development (27/05/2010)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor suggested various measures to revitalize this sector of the city
  • More than 400 students from 9 schools participating this year Lorca in the School of Theatre Exhibition (27/05/2010)
    The agenda for this edition, which begins next June 1, includes the staging of 14 works in the War Theater .
  • The public platform for the fishing village of tips Calnegre urges the City Council that "no surrender" (27/05/2010)
    in their struggle to preserve the village
  • Teachers of France, Wales and Finland visit Lorca to learn directly about working in schools (27/05/2010)

  • The second meeting of the board of the Local Agenda 21 highlights the high degree of compliance with the objectives (27/05/2010)
    stand out for their special significance, the commitment to energy efficiency and savings.
  • Brooch of gold to travel for the elderly of the "Know Your Region this year have been made to the city of Caravaca (27/05/2010)
    This morning bus to party Caravaca the past 3 groups of older people who have taken part in program sponsored by the Foundation Cajamurcia
  • Different program continues its activities with the celebration last weekend of course Kite Surfing in Tarifa (26/05/2010)

  • The "foot Lorca 2010, perform this coming weekend two hiking trails (26/05/2010)
    On Friday, the city will be held Sunday night and the lag between Solana and The Morras
  • Lorca City Council encourages citizens to decorate with plants, patios and balconies, color filled the town (26/05/2010)

  • Basis for allotment of booths in the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2010 (26/05/2010)

  • The Department of Health Celebrates World Nutrition (26/05/2010)
    With a demonstration of homemade pastries, a chat and an information desk
  • Press of the City of Lorca in relation to the No. 9 Auto "Operation Recycle" (25/05/2010)

  • One hundred age 50 may be formed in general education, computer and language (25/05/2010)
    Thanks to Senior Lecture at the University of Murcia and Lorca Town Hall
  • The Socialist Party calls for respect "for prosecution" and the "presumption of innocence" (25/05/2010)

  • More than 2,000 young people throughout the region of Murcia Lorca will meet to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of New Generation (25/05/2010)
    The event will be held on Saturday 5 June at the Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds and will feature, among others, Ramón Luis Valcárcel and José María Aznar
  • The mayor of Major Cajamadrid presented with this quarter's edition of the activity "Cinema, coffee and conversation" (25/05/2010)

  • The director of the Master of Visual Arts in New York Jewish, Vivian Mann, Lorca offers a seminar on medieval Jewish art (24/05/2010)
    The seminar and laboratory of ideas on Jewish Art is part of one of the main educational objectives of the Centre Jewish Studies Rabbi Moses Abenhayon ", under the Sephardic Jewish Foundation Beitenu
  • The PSOE proposes a real adjustment and austerity plan to curb waste in the City (24/05/2010)

  • Users Lorca Alzheimer association participating in a road safety workshop organized by the city of Lorca (24/05/2010)
    It is an activity demanded by the association's main objective is to prevent accidents and other incidents across the memory and practice.
  • The Mayor has visited this morning the work of the seven streets of the newly refurbished Santa María (24/05/2010)
    Announce that is due to remodeling of four streets, fully restore the church and bury containers
  • The police of the author Lorca stop the theft of copper in transformers (22/05/2010)

  • Hundreds of Lorca regularly visit the Office of Counseling for Physical Activity and Sport Imjude (21/05/2010)

  • The City of Lorca creates and improves announced 13 sports and a dozen other new projects (21/05/2010)

  • PSOE: "Eulalia Ibarra lied when he said he would never have covered the streets of the town hall in the residence Sunday Sastre" (21/05/2010)

  • More than 13 million for new collectors of sanitation in the municipality of Lorca (21/05/2010)

  • The City claims the Ministry of Development for an urgent meeting to clarify the latest information related to the railway line (21/05/2010)
    The Board invites the Local Government Ministry to use the official channels of communication with the City of respect for the Lorca and institutional loyalty
  • The Local Government shows its "full support" to the declaration of BIC for the fishing village Calnegre Tips (21/05/2010)

  • The PP requires the Delegate of the Government to come to Lorca with solutions rather than take pictures (20/05/2010)
    earrings Duties Officer: Tips Calnegre, houses damaged by development works in the highway and the arrival of the AVE.
  • 100 Lorca schools participating this weekend in the regional final of athletics to be held in Alhama (20/05/2010)

  • So far this year the institute has provided 300 million euros in loans to companies in Murcia (20/05/2010)
    On line Ave Andalusia, Lorca became the center of the Mediterranean Axis
  • More than a thousand students will visit the Institute Giner Ros the exhibition "A Walk in the Cosmos" (20/05/2010)

  • Hundreds of citizens free health tests are done at the Plaza Calderon, during the days of asthma and hypertension (20/05/2010)
    Health Councilmember of the City of Lorca, Antonia Lopez, also participated in this activity a collaboration with municipal USP Medical Center Juan Carlos I
  • The City Council made a donation of 166 boxes of food to Caritas for distribution to needy families in the municipality (20/05/2010)
    It is 3,900 units of juice, 810 packages of muffins, croissants and 810 150 packages of cookies.
  • The Socialist Party denounced the state of "abandonment" of the sports facilities of Puri, La Campana and the area of Los Jopos (19/05/2010)
    Diego José Mateos regretted that the council Cleaning, Melchor Morales, "spend more time worrying about the presidency irrigation community to ensure that cleaning services in the districts "
  • Nearly 700 women have participated in the XVII Sporting Events for Women's Groups of Lorca (19/05/2010)
    are closed on Friday at the beach Calnegre tips with a hiking route and alternate games
  • 500 students from six schools in the region participating in the College of San Cristobal in a conference between centers (19/05/2010)
    To promote music, theater, painting and dancing
  • A dozen Chinese-funded companies will visit Lorca during the months of June and July (19/05/2010)
    This is a step in the development of Chinese Investment Special Zone.
  • USP Medical Center Juan Carlos I am a tent mounted on the Plaza Free Calderón to measure blood pressure, glucose and to spirometry (19/05/2010)
    A nurse will be responsible for caring for residents who want to be Lorca these controls
  • Lorca is hosting this weekend paddle tennis tournament to benefit Haiti where 86 couples will take part in the whole region (19/05/2010)
    It is an initiative organized by UNICEF, Paddle Club Lorca Lorca and City Council to be held in three scenarios simultaneously
  • Workshop Landscaping in La Fortaleza del Sol (19/05/2010)

  • Lorca is part of the eighth road to Vera Cruz, presented today in Cartagena (19/05/2010)
    The mayor of Tourism, Francisco Montiel was in town deCartagena departmental counterparts, Fuente Alamo, Alhama and Caravaca
  • Middle hundred Villaespesa school students participate in a pine plantation day organized by the City Council (18/05/2010)
    It is an initiative within the Action Plan for Local Agenda 21, taking over from other activities such as the Third Edition of the "Lorca in Spring" held recently
  • The CDL advisory hosts a seminar for entrepreneurs organized by AJE Guadalentín (18/05/2010)
    submitted 20 projects will receive specific support to kick-start your project by offering a website and corporate image design for free
  • 647 students in grades 5 and 6 of nine primary schools learn how to prevent risks Lorca (18/05/2010)
    Thanks to School Campaign "Security Grows"
  • The Department of Education of the City of Lorca organized the First Conference on School-Family Communication "For Our Children: Let's Talk" (18/05/2010)

  • The fourth route of the "Lorca walk 2010" went to the hamlet of Zuñiga (17/05/2010)

  • 100 youth enjoy the nature Lorca two activities Paintball and Segway (17/05/2010)

  • 16 individuals, companies and associations are eligible for the Wallpaper Lorca EARDF Focus Leader for the development of the districts high (17/05/2010)

  • The PSOE requires the mayor to tell the neighbors in the drafting of the development axis Purias-Pulpí (17/05/2010)
    According to the Socialist councilor Lucia Sanchez, the path that seeks to launch the Local Government team would affect several homes PP and agricultural buildings
  • The council will lorquina of Tercia day stays center of 20 seats for elderly in need (17/05/2010)
    The Minister of Social Policy has launched today the first stone of a project sponsored and funded by the Foundation Poncemar
  • The course of the construction works of the Day Centre for people over Tercia allows it to open its doors this year (17/05/2010)
    It is a further step in improving care for older people in our town
  • The regional runner IES Martín Ibáñez school basketball female child (17/05/2010)

  • Lorca Cultural Center tomorrow afternoon hosts a concert by the Banda Municipal de Música (17/05/2010)
    In homage to the master Heredia Jose Mateos Lorente
  • Press release about the axis of the road Pulpí (17/05/2010)

  • UPyD in Lorca is against anti-crisis measures proposed by the government (16/05/2010)
    A large number of citizens in Lorca will be adversely affected by these measures which affect, in a special way, in the weak
  • The Socialist Party calls the local police presence in the area of influence of the Barrio de San Cristóbal (14/05/2010)

  • The People's Party members and supporters encouraged to join the tour of Greenways Cazalla (14/05/2010)
    is organized by the "Lorca BICIUDAD"
  • More than 400 students attend the Cultural Center to poetry reading and musical tribute to Machado, García Lorca and Hernandez (14/05/2010)

  • Lorca City Council continues to expand the sports infrastructure improvements (14/05/2010)
    and awarded the construction of three new local socio-cultural
  • A-musical poetry reading will honor on Friday at the Cultural Center Machado, García Lorca and Hernandez (13/05/2010)

  • The PSOE warning process "totanización" Lorca City Council (13/05/2010)
    Economic Affairs spokesman PSOE, Isidro Abellán, criticized Jódar is "on duty" in Israel by "do not know what" and spending money that could be intended to catch up with some companies
  • The government team delayed the payment of transportation grants for university students (13/05/2010)
    Abellán Isidro socialist councilor calls take effect "immediately" because "it is now that the university need this help"
  • 24 young people from the districts of Lorca stairs restored the Chapel of San Lazaro, conditioned on the path to Cejo and improve various enclaves of the area (13/05/2010)
    It is the participants in the program "You and your neighborhood, who receive scholarship information
  • The austerity plan gets Lorca Hall of the Consistory Municipal save 5 million from current spending (13/05/2010)
    In less than 2 years
  • The IES Martín Ibáñez regional final contest the young female basketball (13/05/2010)
    Three teams in the semifinals fry school sports on Saturday in Murcia
  • This Friday is the deadline to apply for grants for youth associations (13/05/2010)

  • The City and Water Lorca's work began connecting the water mains with new warehouses in the Sierra de Tercia (12/05/2010)
    with an investment of over 183,000 €
  • Interesting offer of the "Lorca walk" for this weekend (12/05/2010)
    Sunday will take place on the route between the Place de Zuniga and La Juncosa, with a distance of 14 km
  • The City Council added the Calle Lorca Turbinto the remodeling of the district of San Cristobal (12/05/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls Lorca respect to irrigators and described as "tiresome" and "unhealthy" obsession with the PP by Manuel Soler (12/05/2010)

  • Lorca shows their rejection of gender violence with a silent gathering (12/05/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the Regional Government of PP the creation of the oncology department at the Rafael Mendez (12/05/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Marisol argued his proposal based on humanitarian grounds, saving the Health Service of Murcia and the number of population Health Area 3
  • Four municipalities in the region to develop training projects funded by the European Social Fund in Lorca coordinate their actions (12/05/2010)

  • The City Council launches a new initiative that will use the biogas CGR trash to generate electricity to supply 2,000 homes (11/05/2010)
    This is a degassing system that will allow the use of 4 million cubic meters of biogas annually , transforming them into renewable energy
  • Morales, "the Socialists were opposed to the neighbors to keep their tips Calnegre fishing village" (11/05/2010)

  • Lorca Cultural Center tomorrow afternoon host the First Conference on Fibromyalgia AFILOR (11/05/2010)

  • Bartolomé Soler question in the Assembly Culture for the demolition of the House of the Inquisitor of Lorca (11/05/2010)
    The Socialist deputy counselor calls to clarify all aspects of the demolition of two rooms of this historic building, which contained the nineteenth century murals
  • The Socialist Party calls for Jódar not raise "false hopes" among those affected by the demarcation of Calnegre Tips (11/05/2010)

  • 195 Lorca's children benefit from the new municipal grant program for needy families dining (10/05/2010)

  • Success in the seminar "Basic life support and initial focus on sports injuries in practice" (10/05/2010)

  • The group of young people in the Barrios Altos won the second tournament of the program futsal Diversa (10/05/2010)

  • Lorca teams shined in the regional finals in cadet school sports (10/05/2010)
    Three of the four sets finally got the title of regional champion
  • UPyD requests the City Council a final solution to the problem of tips Calnegre (10/05/2010)
    action plan proposes a friendly coastal law and solve the problem of relocation of the residents concerned
  • The Sporting Events for Women's Groups of Lorca come to Ecuador (07/05/2010)

  • The activities of the third edition of Diversa kicking this weekend with the football championship (07/05/2010)
    The city youth groups organized a total of 12 activities, taking a huge acceptance Segway route and Rock in Rio festival
  • The intersection of San Diego will remain unchanged to traffic from next Monday on the occasion of the works of Aguas de Lorca (07/05/2010)
    The same is extended to Sunday, day 16, and would affect vehicles that address C /.
  • The PSOE laments the "cultural attack" against the wall paintings of the Inquisitor's House (07/05/2010)
    The PP government team has authorized the demolition of the rooms that contain objects protected by the Directorate General of Culture
  • Lorca City Council began a new series of improvements to sports facilities (07/05/2010)
    Benefit particular neighborhoods and districts
  • On Monday night, phytosanitary treatment plants and gardens in the village, districts and malls (07/05/2010)

  • Lorca proves their sustainability with the Green Flag award given by consumers (07/05/2010)

  • The public may obtain detailed information about its procedures and urban records when a new service by the City (06/05/2010)

  • The Imjude continued its training with the seminar "Basic life support and trauma care in sports" (06/05/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls urgent cleaning the recreation area of the river and the outskirts of the Fuente del Oro (06/05/2010)

  • The City opens today in Puri, at no cost to the coffers of the Consistory, a municipal golf practice (06/05/2010)
    Through the agreement with the association Lorca Golf Club
  • The City Council has already started preparing the report on the Census of Absent Residents Spanish (06/05/2010)
    To be completed upon receipt of required data
  • Lorca proves their sustainability with the Green Flag award, given by consumers (06/05/2010)
    FUCI rewards for investment in machinery Limusa to renew the vehicle fleet serving the waste removal and street cleaning, and actions directed the awareness of citizenship
  • The City Council Public Works City of Lorca says of the criticism of the PSOE to "not want to hear or not know" (06/05/2010)

  • 4 teams representing the town of Lorca in the regional finals school (05/05/2010)

  • Low unemployment in Lorca in 42 people during the month of April (05/05/2010)
    Employment Councilwoman City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, emphasizes that the interpretation of these data must be made with "caution and hope."
  • Coy, better than ever thanks to the investment of 1.5 billion euros of municipal government People's Party (05/05/2010)

  • 248 Lorca over attended the cinema for only 50 cents during the month of April (05/05/2010)
    The Department of Higher renewed for another year the agreement "Film Major", making it easier for people over 65 years presence in the halls Beacon Mall for the price of 0.50 euros
  • The Socialist Party is assuming regrets Jódar regional road sections without financial compensation to the City (04/05/2010)

  • Lorca becomes the meeting point of technologies and social welfare with the conclusion of the third edition of the conference ICT (04/05/2010)
    The conference has been opened by the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar and the Minister, Inmaculada García
  • 2010 unites SICARM Lorca Information Technology with Social Welfare and Health (04/05/2010)
    In the Region of Murcia are 127,000 people with disabilities who have New Technologies
  • The Blue Paso Museum hosts a conference on the figure of Moses (04/05/2010)
    In the series on Jewish culture from the school, "Rabbi Mose Abenhayon"
  • Angel Meca PSOE accused of "lack of rigor and seriousness to lie to citizens also with the D-7" (04/05/2010)

  • The trainer of Ipswich in the Premier League football will give a seminar in Lorca (04/05/2010)
    Antonio Gomez, who belonged for two seasons on the coaching staff at Liverpool's Rafa Benitez will be in town on 19th June
  • The Socialist Party denounced the cut of 50% of the Plan of neighborhoods and districts by the regional government (03/05/2010)

  • Lorca City Council in late 2007 invested 1.1 million euros in improvement works in the neighborhood of San Juan (03/05/2010)
    Where plans to invest another 2.4 billion euros
  • Angel Mecca, "While the Central Government to reduce its contributions by 30% Lorca, the Regional Government continues to increase" (03/05/2010)

  • Lorca honor the young rider at a stop Casiano Navarro Route Mototurística for life, with the participation of 6,000 people (03/05/2010)


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