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  • The Women's Association Cultural collaborating Casino Cartagena de Los Dolores gives 1080 euros for those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (30/09/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca made a priority of tubing from the Cerro Colorado to Casa Mata (30/09/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler media exposes the motion filed by the Municipal Socialist Group on 26 September in the Municipal Council
  • The Governing Board approved improvement works Parrilla, Zarcilla Palm Island, Inch, Carranza corner and Campillo (30/09/2011)

  • The municipal aid for earthquake victims now exceed 1.4 million euros (30/09/2011)

  • Residents' Association donates $ 1,000 López Campo to the Bureau for Development aid after the earthquake Lorca (30/09/2011)

  • The regional government is required to fulfill the mandate of the Congress of Deputies in Lorca Plan (30/09/2011)
    The Minister of Public Works requests the Government Delegate to "stop messing" and work with the road map marked by the Cortes Generales
  • Entrepreneurs from the countries of Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria, visit Lorca (30/09/2011)

  • González Tovar: "Every effort is too much for the Lorca who have lost their home" (30/09/2011)
    The State has already paid 213 million euros to the affected between compensation and grants
  • The Mountain Cruise stars in the 4 th weekend of the Games (29/09/2011)
    Squash, football districts, mountain biking and rugby round out the weekend's agenda
  • The Interministerial Commission approves the evaluation report of the proceedings in Lorca (29/09/2011)
    Is surprised because the Joint Commission have reached only 5% of requests for help, while the Consortium has already processed 85% of your records
  • The European Community and ten banks agree to a line of preferential financing for small and medium enterprises in Lorca (29/09/2011)
    José Ballesta, "it is the intention of the regional government to establish all the mechanisms at our disposal to help companies delaying payments and access to finance "
  • The City of Lorca lines increase aid to those affected by earthquakes (29/09/2011)
    through reserving the donations, with the agreement of the Bureau for Development
  • IU-Green says there are municipal aid for school supplies for needy families (29/09/2011)
    team accuses the government of failing to report on this
  • The International Dog Show Lorca meet this weekend more than 40,000 visitors in the exhibition of Santa Quiteria (29/09/2011)
    The appointment of pet lovers is consolidated within the cycle of fairs Lorca, along with SEPOR, and Fericab Feramur .
  • The tournaments begin next week Volleyball and Beach Volleyball (29/09/2011)
    can join team of 4 players and two players, respectively, pointing in the House of Sport
  • The European Community and ten banks agree to a line of preferential financing for small and medium enterprises in Lorca (29/09/2011)
    José Ballesta, "it is the intention of the regional government to establish all the mechanisms at our disposal to help companies delaying payments and access to finance "
  • Ciudalor complaint alleged abuses in the demolition of buildings affected by earthquakes (29/09/2011)

  • 24 gymnasts participating in the exhibition of the Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Lorca (29/09/2011)
    Young Elionova Rhythm Club again provided a delightful exhibition that showed their progress in the world of rhythmic gymnastics
  • Lorca Rugby Club is preparing for the season (29/09/2011)
    Lorca The group will meet next Saturday at 18.00 to El Ejido CR in a friendly match held within Guadalentín Games
  • Jódar Ceclor asks if you want the City Council still claiming support for entrepreneurs affected by the earthquakes Lorca (28/09/2011)

  • The City Council offers Civil Guard facilities Territorial Centres Puri and Security and the Center Ramonete Integrated Sutullena (28/09/2011)
    Mayor highlights collaboration and coordination between the city council and the worthy example to follow, and that are shared objectives and interests, as is the safety of Lorca
  • The Lorca Marisol Sanchez and Juan Antonio Hurtado Jódar form part of the socialist candidates for election to the next 20-n (28/09/2011)

  • Indignation fills the residents of San Juan (28/09/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez denounces the lack of light and the massive amount of weeds, dirt and debris to be confused with the road in places like the street Footwear
  • The Department of Planning granted planning permission for emergency work at the Parador (28/09/2011)

  • Capgemini will donate 6,000 euros to the Bureau for Development of Lorca (28/09/2011)

  • More than 30 top chefs from around the country prepare the dinner organized by Eurotoques for October 3 in the Amalthea (28/09/2011)
    benefit of those affected by the earthquakes of May
  • Jódar claims the Central Government this week cited the City and the Autonomous Community to adopt and begin to implement the Plan Lorca before October 15 (28/09/2011)
    Lorca Mayor claims that the Government of Spain has failed the deadline set by the Congress to evaluate the application of Royal Decree approved in May
  • The Interministerial Commission for the development of Lorca urgent action to approve the evaluation report of the proceedings (28/09/2011)
    A delegation of the Commission, chaired by the Minister of the Presidency, Ramon Jauregui, Lorca will travel next week to study the land status and next steps
  • Open the deadline to participate in the Traverse Mountain Games (27/09/2011)
    As of Thursday inscriptions can be formalized in the House of Malls Sports
  • Lorca start again with four tents to be placed in which 10 polling stations (27/09/2011)
    The buildings were located previously been affected by the earthquakes of 11 May
  • The Association of Manufacturers Tanning Murcia delivers a solidarity of 6,000 euros for the victims of earthquakes (27/09/2011)

  • Murciano Center in Cordoba (Argentina) will hold a series of charity events (27/09/2011)
    to raise funds to help those affected by earthquakes
  • The aid approved by the City Council to assist families affected by earthquakes and reach 751 (27/09/2011)
    This evening there was another meeting of the Bureau for Development in which all members informed of the work performed and discussed new proposals action.
  • The Spanish lawyers donated 25,187 euros to help those affected by the earthquakes of May 11 (27/09/2011)

  • The Socialists Lorca work this weekend in Madrid to develop the best program to get Spain election of the crisis (27/09/2011)

  • Entrepreneurs call for the cessation of political disputes and to work by Lorca (27/09/2011)

  • Lorca asks City Council unanimously approved the plan and start Lorca was executed before October 15 (26/09/2011)

  • City Council District Lorca and Merchants Union set in motion the campaign "Buy X Lorca" (26/09/2011)
    to boost the economy of the municipality
  • Aguas de Lorca adjusts its rates to the court verdict of the complaint made by FACUA-Consumur (26/09/2011)

  • Spanish Chess sympathetic to Lorca (26/09/2011)

  • Valcárcel appreciates the willingness of all communities "to turn to Lorca and the restoration and recovery of their patrimony" (26/09/2011)
    The Chief Executive opened the Sectorial Conference of Culture with the participation of the directors and heads of Culture of the Autonomous Communities
  • The City Council approves supplementary rules Lorca General Plan (26/09/2011)
    to facilitate the reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings affected by earthquakes
  • XVII plenary meeting of the Sector Conference on Culture in Lorca (26/09/2011)
    brings together officials from the Ministry with representatives of the CCAA
  • The Minister of Culture inaugurated the Heritage Days at Risk: the earthquake in Lorca (26/09/2011)
    discuss strategies and protocols for action to address emergencies
  • 12 km hiking route fun with the Valentine's Cejo (25/09/2011)
    Nearly 700 people walked up to Valentine's Cejo a classic test of the Olympics Lorca
  • The Fair Open tennis draws to a close with a successful participation (25/09/2011)
    60 players took part in the event that counted with the participation of players located in the top 50 in Spain
  • The best national chess masters meet in Lorca to participate in a weekend of solidarity (25/09/2011)
    A spectacular and simultaneous chess tournament with great champions, ingredients of an unforgettable weekend
  • Camel's concert had to be suspended by rain will be held at a date imminent (24/09/2011)
    safety reasons led to the suspension of the concert at 22.30 pm.
  • 46 swimmers participating in the Exhibition Synchronized Swimming (24/09/2011)
    Girls of Lorca and Alhama clubs showed their great ability in solos, duos and combos
  • The games take life for 4 th time the malls with the Day of Popular Games (24/09/2011)
    44 people revived during Saturday morning children's games with the Guadalentín Sports Games
  • The morning stars are competing in the Games Paddle Sports (24/09/2011)

  • The Spanish Confederation of Music Societies 1500 invites bands all over the country (23/09/2011)
    to do a concert in their localities by Lorca on October 9 at 12:00
  • A community extended by two months the deadline for grant applications Lorca (23/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Party believes that Lorca should allocate Autonomous total Regional Housing Plan for housing rehabilitation works Lorca (23/09/2011)
    Elisabeth Casalduero The socialist mayor committed to the Autonomous copper and wealth tax is intended to finance actions in the city of Lorca
  • Authorized the application of the Contingency Fund to fund earthquake relief amounting Lorca 6.6 million (23/09/2011)

  • Francisco Jodar Vera touts the parties (23/09/2011)
    Lorca Mayor praised the links between Lorca and Vera, twin cities
  • The Government of Spain meets Lorca (23/09/2011)
    so far disbursed more than 200 million euros to alleviate the consequences of the earthquake and the total investment will exceed 660 million
  • The regional government reminds Lorca Jose Blanco "is a matter of state" (23/09/2011)
    Executive spokesman said that "what people ask of Lorca and Murcia is an act of justice" because "they have not learned that the situation requires the intervention of the State "
  • Special Action sports facilities in schools in Lorca (23/09/2011)
    Higher Sports Council and the Autonomous Community funded at 50%, assuming the City Council
  • The PSOE Lorca welcomes the agreement to build 300 houses for earthquake victims (22/09/2011)
    inconsistency Regrets Regional Government, on the one hand says he has no money to rebuild Lorca and other leaves to collect the tax from the rich heritage
  • A public information expropriation by the high-speed section Lorca - Almendricos (22/09/2011)

  • The president says that the Social Economy has become an alternative work "very profitable" for entrepreneurs (22/09/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca receives the young creators of the animated short film about earthquakes that is all the rage in social networking (22/09/2011)
    this video From today you can also see through the municipal website
  • Chess Championship Games will be jointly Guadalentín (21/09/2011)
    count with the participation of a wide range of national and international champions
  • Popular and Traditional Games and Walker Road to Cejo, two popular tests over the weekend (21/09/2011)
    agenda also brings Games Synchronized Swimming, Paddle Tennis, Tennis and a spectacular chess programming
  • The Atletico Madrid Peña de Totana collaborates with women's football Féminas Lorca (21/09/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca warns about the economic situation of the City Council agony after the last exercise (20/09/2011)
    Manuel Soler Socialist Spokesman recalled that, in breach of the provisions of the Local Finance Law, Jódar Team has presented the accounts at six Municipal Council months later
  • The Marathon "Lorca, Carol City" will be held for the first time in the Plaza of Spain on Thursday after 19 hours (20/09/2011)
    Will this be a special edition with the participation of 10 professional accountants jointly and children of all the municipality, including the winners of various literary competitions for young people
  • The 120 Lorca hired by the City Council with the Special Plan for Employment of the Autonomous run 52 plays (20/09/2011)
    to retake the city after the earthquake
  • ASAJA Murcia Lorca indicates that livestock is a "benchmark of quality" for the livestock sector Spanish (20/09/2011)

  • Amador recalled that "the only municipalities in the region that has not paid payroll officials has been one that ruled the PSOE" (20/09/2011)

  • Exposure and Concentration: All the Games Aeromodelismo (20/09/2011)

  • 108 units in a weekend full of Table Tennis (19/09/2011)

  • La Orquesta La Mundial delivery recaudaos $ 3,000 donations during his tour to the Bureau for Development of the Municipality of Lorca (19/09/2011)
    NGO Councilmember thanked the orchestra, acting altruistically tonight at the Garden of the wheel, his contribution, which will help families affected by the earthquake of 11 May
  • The falconers of Spain donated 1,000 euros to the Parkinson Association of Lorca (19/09/2011)
    to do meet the costs that have caused earthquakes
  • The Community financial state makes the homes that will house families whose homes have been Lorca demolished (19/09/2011)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning states that "citizens of the Region of Murcia can not pay for two, as Murcia and as Spanish "
  • The City Council makes Lorca earthquakes for the State to urgently build 300 houses for those affected by earthquakes (19/09/2011)

  • The Ministry of Public Works shall fully fund the immediate construction of 300 homes in Lorca (19/09/2011)

  • 49 cyclists pedaling through the Peñarrubia getting the best times of Regional Open Descent (19/09/2011)

  • 170 cyclists pedal to the dam with Guadalentín Games (18/09/2011)
    Participants walked 30 kms.
  • Basketball competition and for all in the Guadalentín Sports Games (18/09/2011)

  • The National Meeting of Paragliding offers the best flights at the Guadalentín Sports Games (18/09/2011)
    49 drivers competed during the day on Saturday since the arrival Peñarrubia and Sports Complex La Torrecilla
  • Carboneras and Jumilla Cup winners of the XVII Commonwealth of Handball Sports Games (18/09/2011)

  • Emotion in football derby win Eagles veterans (18/09/2011)

  • More than 30 people having great time with the pool Aqueróbic San Antonio (17/09/2011)
    Proof popular, on the morning of Saturday, was attended by sports fans of all ages
  • La Obra Social "la Caixa" Fair organized two concerts in Lorca Diversons cycle - Music for integration (16/09/2011)

  • The City Council has approved aid worth € 763,701 for 693 families affected by earthquakes Lorca in less than 50 days (16/09/2011)
    The Governing Board approved a new set of 30 grants in the form of repayable advances for housing and rental assistance the basic needs
  • Pascual Sala, President of the Constitutional Court, inaugurated a course at the University of Mar (16/09/2011)
    The speakers addressed the economic recovery measures
  • Open the registration period at the Municipal School of Music, which temporarily held classes in the Public School San Jose (16/09/2011)
    specialties are offered music and movement, language, music, choral ensemble, harmony and analysis, singing, flute, clarinet , saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, guitar and piano
  • The Women's Association Campillo morning repeated his rake beneficial next to the Teatro Guerra (16/09/2011)
    After the success of Saturday September 6, again to sell items from 50 cents to 50 euros
  • The Regional Union of Traders installed attractions for children in six streets and squares of Lorca during the Fair weekend (16/09/2011)
    will also parade and a child lock on Saturday morning and afternoon 24
  • The Delegation of the Government moves to council Lorca UI willingness to inform the public aid Lorca (16/09/2011)
    Fixes Councilman and informs him that the Autonomous Community is responsible for dealing with rent subsidies
  • Granted an extraordinary credit to repair damage caused by the earthquake of Lorca's last May (16/09/2011)

  • Ujaldón morning in Lorca presents the paper 'The cultural and heritage tourism Sephardi' (15/09/2011)
    The conference will be given by the general director for Spain and Portugal to Israel Airlines
  • The municipality expands its range of routes Fair with the lid and the cocktail, and an attractive menu with dishes Lorca Fair for just 12 euros (15/09/2011)

  • Melendi, The Tribute Sabandeños and last in line Fair open tomorrow Grande de Lorca (15/09/2011)

  • Aqua-aerobics and Bike Path in the Swamp, testing popular weekend (14/09/2011)
    Also highlighted in the concentration Basketball schedule for children, the Table Tennis Championships, Paragliding, handball and decrease in Mountain Bike
  • ... (14/09/2011)

  • The PSOE de Lorca denounced the deplorable state of some hospital services access and Rafael Mendez four months after the earthquake (14/09/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez PP requires the Government to act swiftly to fix the same defect found in the Hospital Rafael Méndez shown that the plugging direction with high salaries to their "buddies"
  • More than 5,000 enjoy free Lorca over a gala tribute to the greats of the Spanish cante (14/09/2011)
    The City Council schedule a special event to be held on September 22 and will involve the mobilization of between 25 and 30 buses
  • The special lighting for the Fair and Festivals of Lorca not cost a penny to Lorca (14/09/2011)
    LED will be 100% and maintain the same device as in previous years
  • The PSOE achieved the commitment of the Community House to get involved and put human and material resources for the recovery of Lorca (14/09/2011)
    Rep. Manuel Soler defended a motion asking the regional government streamlining procedures.
  • The Socialist Party is concerned about the situation of secondary schools at the beginning of the academic year 2011-2012 (14/09/2011)
    The social responsibility of Education shows the difficulties for some HEIs in the city to carry out their work
  • The Popular Party Francisco Jodar meets to study and expedite the time for 'Plan Lorca' (14/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens claim that the 2012 budgets include specific items Lorca (14/09/2011)

  • Campos highlights "delivery, courage and dedication" of Lorca and all personnel involved in the device after the earthquakes (14/09/2011)

  • The Youth Council of Lorca has a new Standing Committee (13/09/2011)

  • The Barcelona Totana Peña works with women's football Féminas Lorca (13/09/2011)

  • Lorca Mayor requests the Government of Spain that the "Lorca Plan" begins to run before the end of this term (13/09/2011)

  • Autonomous Rep. Manuel Soler welcomes the agreement reached at the Congress of Deputies (13/09/2011)
    Socialist Rep. Manuel Soler has reviewed positively the final content captured by members of the parliamentary chamber
  • The PSOE de Lorca shows its full support to the Plan LORCA (12/09/2011)

  • The City attributed the criticism of Mr. Soler against Lorca Plan your "confusion and ignorance" on the functioning of the Congress of Deputies (12/09/2011)

  • The 'Lorca Plan' includes the request to the Central Government of 17 million euros (12/09/2011)
    to overhaul the sports facilities after the May 11 earthquake
  • The Department of Women resumes its free training program interrupted after the earthquakes (12/09/2011)

  • Associations Neighborhood Zarzal Nogalte The Cegarra-7760 and The Morote donate EUR (12/09/2011)
    gala raised in solidarity for those affected by earthquakes
  • More than 300 participants compete in the Carrera Popular Sports Games Guadalentín (11/09/2011)
    The tour visited places as significant as the Old Bridge Lorca or the Barrio de San Cristóbal
  • Exceptional fishing day in the city of Lorca Contest XIV (11/09/2011)
    The Playazo de Vera hosted the competition that shined for the good catches taken and with the participation of two world champions, Juan and Ana Martinez Canovas
  • Guidance on Mountain Bike Debuts at Sports Games (11/09/2011)
    The district of Avilés welcomed this new sporting experience that adds to the timing of the Guadalentín Sports Games
  • A weekend full of the best engine in the Games Guadalentín (11/09/2011)
    The Third Section of Land and Autocross Lorca Lorca City have made our town the capital of the engine up throughout the weekend
  • Lorca Fair will offer 16 to September 25 a large children's programming that will complement the offer for the remaining public (10/09/2011)

  • ... (10/09/2011)

  • Lorca group disbanded in violent criminal (10/09/2011)
    Those arrested were employees of a gas services company, and took advantage of follow-up visits to commit robberies in homes
  • The government representative visits the emergency repair of the reservoir water Lorca (09/09/2011)
    The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine has taken the total construction costs amounting to 2.3 million euros
  • Opened the registration period for the Municipal School of Physical Education Base (09/09/2011)
    will be held Tuesday and Thursday in October, November and December in the Pavilion of San Jose.
  • Around 2200 Lorca who have lost their residence benefit from financial assistance approved by the City Council (09/09/2011)
    already over the 730,000 euros
  • The Automobile Club Lorca donate 5,000 euros of municipal subsidy and solidarity contributions of members to the Bureau for Development of the City (09/09/2011)

  • Limusa ORA restores service on Monday 12 (09/09/2011)
    had been suspended for four months to facilitate citizens' access to homes damaged and emergency work after the earthquake 11M
  • The San Pedro Neighborhood Association Santa Ana Puri and delivers a donation of 4,000 euros to the Bureau for Development (09/09/2011)
    Representatives of the association they handed over the donation to the councilors Ana Maria and Augustine Lidón Llamas, natives of Puri
  • The Folklore Festival XXII City Lorca more groups will meet in its history, thanks to the collaboration of the participating groups (09/09/2011)

  • An application for smartphone inform the detail of programming Fair Lorca (09/09/2011)

  • González Tovar Bishop shows his commitment to the historical heritage of Lorca (09/09/2011)
    The bishop said he is encouraged by the availability of the delegate
  • "Ciudalor" after the municipal elections of May 22, returns to public activity for the same purpose of its founding (09/09/2011)

  • Walking and Race Walking: Sports Games start with the best evidence Popular (08/09/2011)
    Friday at 20.30, the March Walking, which will be a tribute to the city of Lorca following earthquakes, will kick off the XXXIII Olympics edition of Lorca
  • ... (08/09/2011)

  • The Delegation of the Government reiterates its financial commitment and partnership with other administrations (08/09/2011)
    for the recovery of cultural heritage in Lorca
  • Lorca Town Council explains that the Central Government including 5 million rehabilitation of the Parador as part of the 17 said it would bring to recover the historical heritage (08/09/2011)

  • Sotoca emphasizes the "effort and commitment" of the regional government for students to begin the course Lorca normally (07/09/2011)
    Thanks to the works and relocations carried out by the Ministry, 8,000 students affected centers may remain in their schools or facilities close
  • The Ramonete Neighborhood Association presented a donation of 400 euros for the Bureau for Development (07/09/2011)
    Its president, Agustin Galvez presented the donation from the funds of the Association of Economy Councilman Luis Amador
  • Booming: The recovery of Lorca's "slow" and "insufficient" (07/09/2011)

  • García Retegui: "The Socialists have been since the minute a Lorca" (07/09/2011)
    Parliamentary Socialist Group in the Assembly presented a motion asking the regional government streamlining the procedures for granting aid to the affected homes
  • The PSOE reviews the situation of primary schools at the beginning of the academic year 2011-2012 (07/09/2011)
    The social responsibility of Education reports the state of bare subsistence economy in which centers are located in the municipality at the delay in the payment of subsidies local and regional
  • Sports Guadalentín Games offer 53 sports events between September 9 and October 12 in order to bring encouragement to all corners of Lorca (07/09/2011)
    The most important issue for the Games includes a complete schedule and updates as Guidance on mountain bike and the Ruta del Sol mountain bike under the slogan "Lorca, more than ever move"
  • IU Lorca green mayor criticizes for not submitting the plan to the opposition Lorca (07/09/2011)

  • The regional government remembers Tovar González Valcárcel thanks to schools and hospitals are functioning normally Lorca (07/09/2011)
    deputy spokesman of the regional government, Miguel Angel Perez says that "by Valcárcel, Lorca Plan will be debated in Congress of Deputies, while the Socialists have avoided debate in Parliament the Royal Decree of aid "
  • The PP asks the PSRM "to look in the mirror of the 'Plan Lorca' Valcarcel and" Plan Galicia 'Rajoy " (07/09/2011)

  • "Feramur" Lorca become the largest showcase of handicrafts in the region of 22 to 25 September (06/09/2011)
    José Ballesta highlights "the courage of the artisans, entrepreneurs and traders who have stepped forward to make this fair possible "
  • 1164 homes have been demolished in Lorca for damage after earthquakes (06/09/2011)
    within emergency called by the Government, which ended yesterday
  • The Socialist Party calls for the Mayor to not further confuse Lorca with funding from the demolition (06/09/2011)
    Elisabeth Casalduero proposes the implementation, once, the Social Council of the City as a top advisory body and public participation
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz PSRM asked to support "public and explicit" Lorca Valcárcel Plan (06/09/2011)
    popular spokesman said that "Lorca will be a main focus of our parliamentary activity"
  • A town of Soria with two inhabitants in winter donates 1,200 euros for those affected by the earthquakes of Lorca (06/09/2011)

  • The Department of Sports City of Lorca receives Sportsmanship Award of the Association Athletic Sports Cehegín (05/09/2011)
    The jury highlighted "the maintenance of sporting and social program and the programming of the Guadalentín Sports Games" in spite of the earthquakes 11 May
  • The City Council asked the Community and the Government of Spain in the "Lorca Plan '11 million (05/09/2011)
    to get to 2,250 Lorca unemployment in two years after the earthquakes
  • INFO drives in Lorca's a special package to support standardization activities of the municipality (04/09/2011)
    Various corporate events were planned to be held in Murcia and Madrid will be held in Lorca
  • Lorca Workshop of Time expands its range of cultural and leisure activities for fall (03/09/2011)
    The program aims to promote economic recovery pulse and tourism in the city
  • 388,000 euros for the relocation of 109 residences over Lorca after the earthquakes (02/09/2011)

  • Melendi, Nena Daconte, Raphael, Camela, Calos Delafé & Núñez and blue flowers (02/09/2011)
    solidarity among the artists who will perform at the Great Exhibition of Lorca
  • City Council approves 158 Lorca more to support families who have lost their homes for damage from earthquakes (02/09/2011)
    and 20 new aid advances for Rent
  • Jódar emphasizes "social and political consensus unanimous" (02/09/2011)
    for experts of the Council of Europe bring recommendations to the full recovery of the city
  • The City Council will bring 21 more unemployed Lorca to repair degraded buildings and public areas and remodel three blocks from Uptown (01/09/2011)

  • Jódar inaugurates the new Plaza de Abastos of Lorca in the basement of the ancient Mediterranean supermarket Alameda de Cervantes No. 3 (01/09/2011)

  • Regional government, European Commission and City Council are working together on a comprehensive project for the future of Lorca (01/09/2011)

  • Cazalor channel capture of wild rabbits in over 30,000 hectares of Lorca (01/09/2011)


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