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  • The PSOE again require the urgent transfer of municipal services Villaescusa Palace until it is restored (30/04/2015)

  • Lorca City Council approves the designation of new roads as a result of adaptation and improvement (30/04/2015)
    The names are proposed for six paths in the deputation of Puri, one in the deputation of Cazalla and two in Rio and change naming of a street in the town of the city
  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of street lighting in San Pedro is causing insecurity among neighbors (30/04/2015)
    inhuman believe that Jodar and his team have not yet been able to respond to the residents of this neighborhood, who have been denouncing this situation for more than 15 days
  • Paco Jódar stressed that "we will work to expand the Beach Volleyball Centre to come to Lorca 50,000 athletes a year" (30/04/2015)

  • The reconstruction of a building in the historic case damaged by earthquakes forced to cut traffic Street Santigo (30/04/2015)
    Traffic is restricted between 4 and May, Monday to Friday 31, and several detours to the movement will be enabled
  • The Mayor of Lorca notes the arrival of the AVE to the region as a major breakthrough, claiming the underground passage of AVE by Lorca and the recovery of the rail link with Andalusia (30/04/2015)
    Francisco Jodar has stressed that communications with the high-speed railway are an element of vital economic backbone for the city because of its importance to agricultural, industrial and tourist level
  • Socialist Alternative proposes the creation of the Municipal School of Embroidery (30/04/2015)

  • The PSOE described as "vile and shameful" that will be demanding to the victims of the earthquakes repay the aid with interest (29/04/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca receives the 12 municipal officers who participated in the XXIII National Championship Local Police Alcazaba 2015 (29/04/2015)
    The cops were runners-up Spain Lorca Athletics Team, in addition to being third in the team rankings General, revalidating the successes achieved in last year
  • Paco Jódar stressed that "the courthouse, Mercado del Sol and rehabilitation of heritage give more life to the historic" (29/04/2015)

  • The Mayor receives a solidarity aid of 7,432 euros by the Lorca painter Francisco Salinas (29/04/2015)

  • The Mayor congratulates Lorca participants in the championship of Spain of autonomic selections volleyball (29/04/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca and Juanfran Guevara II inaugurated the meeting "Senior Athletes" with the participation of 200 older (29/04/2015)

  • Pedro Sosa: "Jodar not going to get down on my knees, my neighbors' interest is above its judicial whim" (29/04/2015)
    Councilman IU-Green calls the PP mayor of pocket to pay the costs of the lawsuit for publicly denouncing the mismanagement of the works in the San Diego
  • Lorca UPyD criticizes "lack of investment and support" cultural associations "in favor of big events" (29/04/2015)

  • Cabrera (UPyD) defends education and youth "that Lorca is a city of the XXI Century" (28/04/2015)

  • Paco Jodar is committed to continue removing architectural barriers and expanding places for people with mental illness (28/04/2015)

  • Mateos reaffirms that the Oncology Unit is indispensable for healthcare in Lorca and region (28/04/2015)
    Denounces the apparent deception Jodar Lorca denying now one of the election promises that sold in 2007
  • Development provides 11.2 million euros to regenerate neighborhoods of Santa Quiteria Lorca, San Cristobal and Eulogio area Periago (28/04/2015)
    Barnabas emphasizes that "it is a new impetus to the renewal of the city, which adds to the actions and completed in the La Vina, San Jose and Alfonso X "
  • Social Services delivers diplomas to 40 students who have participated in various social skills workshops aimed at unemployed people (28/04/2015)

  • The City is working with the school "Juan Navarro Garcia" La Hoya in his IV Week of Physical Activity and Saud (28/04/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca meets Campoy D. Miguel Padilla, President of COAG (27/04/2015)

  • The City Council has closed the 2014 Annual improve its cash flow, cutting 33 million in debt to suppliers and placing the average pay in 30 days (27/04/2015)
    saving measures and optimization of spending cuts achieved more than 42 million euros in municipal debt, from 105.2 million to 63.2
  • The PSOE proposes the creation of a bag of "flexible, rotating and transparent" jobs for the unemployed in the municipality (27/04/2015)

  • The City offers the Autonomous Community land to accommodate the facility water use WWTP of Turrilla (27/04/2015)
    From City of Lorca accurate solutions will be sought, as the installation of a temporary pipe of 63 mm, to achieve a temporary solution to the problem until the final execution of the works
  • The Full Council approves the Internal Reform Plan for the construction of the Palace of Justice in Lorca (27/04/2015)

  • Violante Thomas and Encarna Guillén accompany the mayor in the first sector event of the week, Juan Carlos Ruiz and Elena Ruiz in the second while Miguel Cascales and Jesus Cano attend the third (26/04/2015)
    Jódar Lorca encouraged to talk to him wellness social, NGOs, sports, tourism, retail and hospitality and their proposals
  • Cabrera (UPyD) "a comprehensive plan to act on the population most affected by the current crisis is needed" (26/04/2015)

  • Socialist Alternative stresses the need for seasonally adjusted tourism in Lorca (25/04/2015)
    The candidate for mayor of training, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, recalled that the town offers great tourism potential
  • C's Lorca acquires the political commitment to animal advocacy (24/04/2015)

  • Jódar takes the proposals of the Federation of Women's Organizations of Lorca for further progress in equality (24/04/2015)

  • Cabrera (UPyD) commitment to increase investment in public transport Lorca and districts (24/04/2015)

  • The dances fill the streets of Lorca to commemorate the International Dance Day (24/04/2015)

  • Over 200 major will attend the second edition of the sporting event and entertainment "Senior Athletes" (24/04/2015)
    Cuyo kick off borne by Juanfra Guevara
  • The PSOE Jódar requires that before you leave the Government give solutions to over 2000 Lorca who have not been able to return home after the earthquakes (24/04/2015)

  • The Minister of Public Works says "the good performance" of urban regeneration in the Lorca neighborhood of San Diego (24/04/2015)
    We are working on 60 percent of the urban area
  • Over 11.2 million for urban renewal in three neighborhoods of Lorca (24/04/2015)

  • A 12 million loan will finance the work of the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria, the Business Centre and the new South Lorca Ronda (24/04/2015)
    The Minister of Development emphasizes "the impulse to economic and social activity and improvement of roads communication "
  • Cut traffic for natural gas works being carried out in the C / Santiago (24/04/2015)
    Traffic is restricted on 25 and 26 April, qualifying itself several detours for circulation
  • Cortes of traffic for the milling and paving works Ctra The Pulgara, section C / Alameda Bridge and Chavo Virgen de las Huertas. (24/04/2015)
    Traffic is restricted between 27 and April 30, qualifying itself several detours to circulation
  • The Rule Theatre Company presents its fifth musical, "Mamma Mia", with the participation of 24 young Lorca (23/04/2015)
    The show takes place on Saturday April 25 at 21 am at the Teatro Guerra.
  • Lorca Mayor awards prizes to the winners of the XXX edition of Children's Story Competition María Fernández Moon (23/04/2015)
    The awards of the contest, in which more than 1,500 stories, was held at the Cultural Center City, in the presence of family, friends and teachers of young
  • The PSOE implement a gender perspective into all policies action to make from the Government (23/04/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca Lorca supports CF La Hoya in his match against relegation on Sunday in the Artes Carrasco (23/04/2015)
    ​​ Subscribers can collect their tickets, up to 10 for a € 1 each, at the offices of Stadium "Francisco Artes Carrasco" until Saturday April 25
  • The Healthy Recipes II Contest organized by the Youth Council faces in the final at CEIP CEIP Listening and Ándres García Soler (23/04/2015)
    The outcome will be held tomorrow, Friday April 24 at 19:00 in the Park Mall Almenara with the clash of two teams
  • Cabrera (UPyD) wants to "a new model of urban development" Lorca based on "energy savings and home automation" (22/04/2015)

  • High districts of Lorca host three projects revitalization and enhancement of the territory in rural areas (22/04/2015)

  • Mateos requires the drafting of PEPRI contract is terminated for failure to meet deadlines and prime technical capacity in the new contract (22/04/2015)

  • Mateos requires the drafting of PEPRI contract is terminated for failure to meet deadlines (22/04/2015)
    prime and technical capacity in the new contract
  • Responding to the accusations made by the PSOE (22/04/2015)

  • This Thursday the magazine Clavis is presented entirely dedicated to artistic historical Church of San Francisco in its 450 anniversary (22/04/2015)
    The magazine, published by the Municipal Archives of Lorca, includes three articles on architectural history, art and devotion and the chronicle of the last works of recovery of the convent of San Francisco
  • La Ruta del Cerro de La Selva has a new signage to promote and restore the environmental value of the area of ​​the municipality (21/04/2015)

  • UPyD Lorca calls for amendments to Bylaw for terracing (21/04/2015)

  • 34 companies choose to build the new pavilion Childhood Education public school Pasic Campillo de Lorca (21/04/2015)
    represents an investment of more than one million euros and will have six classrooms and special rooms for teaching and therapy, hearing and language, attention special, and multipurpose
  • The National Police arrested a repeat of robberies in the city of Lorca (21/04/2015)
    At the time of his arrest was carrying a blunt tool known as "kickstand" and other effects used to perpetrate their robberies
  • UPyD Lorca proposes to reduce the municipal tax burden to neighboring (20/04/2015)

  • Installed in Lorca companies that bill more than one million euros increased by 40 during the period 2013/2015 (20/04/2015)

  • The City will hire 83 unemployed Lorca for the execution of works and services of general interest (20/04/2015)
    This is a new impetus to Lorca + Employment Plan, which involves investment of 600,000 euros on two programs that provide monthly stipends to beneficiaries ranging between 1,000 and 1,700 euros
  • Lorca City Council welcomes the launch of "Treaty of Local Public Accounting" prepared by Bernardino Benito and Juan Martin Atenza (20/04/2015)

  • Great Children's Sunday and cadet in Lorca (20/04/2015)
    The athletics track Ciudad Deportiva La Torrecilla hosted during the mornings the Second Day of Children's Regional Semifinal and I Semifinal Cadet
  • Socialist Alternative Lorca presents its family relief measures (20/04/2015)

  • Jódar: "Pedro Antonio Sánchez and I presented us with a known history and offer honesty, work, proximity and enthusiasm" (19/04/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca presented to candidates who attends the municipal elections (19/04/2015)

  • Cabrera (UPyD) proposes the other candidates electoral participation in public debates (18/04/2015)

  • Citizen-Party of the Citizenship, alongside the'engañados' with photovoltaic (17/04/2015)

  • Jódar Lorca Announces New Frontiers Strategic Plan 2025 to citizen participation promoted in recent years (17/04/2015)

  • Council starts improving road Piñuelas, including the channeling of intersection with the boulevard of Biznaga and renewal of water supply network (17/04/2015)

  • The writers Alfredo Gómez and Luis Leante star in a new session of "Encounters with author" for World Book Day (17/04/2015)
    Events take place on 20 and 21 April in Espín Cultural Fund and the Children's Library .
  • Mateos announced IMJUDE recovery within a Strategic Plan for Sport to reposition Lorca as a regional reference (17/04/2015)

  • More than 1,510 stories have participated in the XXX edition of María Fernández-Luna Award narration for students and Primary Education (17/04/2015)
    The CEIP San Cristóbal and Rafael Martínez Matías students Sangüesa, María Marín Reverte, Marta Moya and Desirée Torroglosa Lario Campoy were the winners of the top prizes
  • 12 million to boost the recovery of economic and social activity Lorca (17/04/2015)
    600,000 euros for the temporary employment of unemployed in the town of Lorca
  • Cabrera (UPyD) denounces the accumulation of garbage in the area malls and train station Lorca (16/04/2015)

  • Diego José Mateos commitment to employment, proximity and transparency as cornerstones of his government to Lorca (16/04/2015)

  • The Merchants Association organizes Eagles Road II Trail and Opportunities with special prices and liquidations (16/04/2015)

  • Presentation municipal candidacy C's in Lorca (16/04/2015)

  • The Association of Housewives presents the Regional Literary Contest XXV establishing itself as a poetic reference to the regional level (16/04/2015)

  • The XXII Sporting Events Women's Groups of Lorca offer five activities (16/04/2015)
    promote physical activity and living
  • 200 schoolchildren from schools in the municipality involved in the twentieth edition organized by the City of Lorca Intercentros Meeting (15/04/2015)
    The activity will take place on Saturday April 18 at school Virgen de las Huertas.
  • UPyD Lorca dismissed as "unacceptable" the explanations spill at the Rambla de Tiata (15/04/2015)

  • The Replacement Act enables the reconstruction of the building Santa Clara demolished after the earthquakes of 2011 (15/04/2015)
    The new building will have 4 houses and commercial premises, as well as substantial improvements in accessibility, efficiency and lower consumption, which will be better and safer building
  • Barnabas highlights the renewal takes place in the Barrios Altos de Lorca, "one of the most socially deprived areas of the city" (15/04/2015)
    In a technical visit to the works, the Minister said that "this year will conclude performances 23 streets, of the 41 originally planned "
  • Socialist Alternative Lorca exposes its measures on animal protection (15/04/2015)

  • 9 social representatives and the mayor Paco Jódar morning presented the white paper PP (15/04/2015)
    to further improve the new Lorca
  • Bernabé attends the start of construction of the building Santa Clara in Lorca (15/04/2015)

  • Citizens denounced the bad management being undertaken by the City of Lorca in collecting dead animals and stray (14/04/2015)

  • The Road Education Plan will train 825 students in kindergarten and primary issues of security and traffic regulations (14/04/2015)

  • 50 students from 5 schools throughout Spain participating in Project Learning "My Town" (14/04/2015)
    which is hosted by the IES Pérez Casas de Lorca
  • Citizens (C's) asks Jódar clarify "if one intends to Lorca Mayor'a average jornada'" (13/04/2015)

  • The Socio-Health Campus of Lorca hosts a University Orientation Days for students of all the region (13/04/2015)
    Both UPCT as the University of Murcia inform students of different academic options available to them on 14 and 16 April
  • González Tovar announced significant steps to improve health care in the area of ​​Lorca (13/04/2015)
    The PSOE candidate next to alcaldable of Lorca Diego José Mateos, undertakes, among other improvements, maintenance of the emergency department of San Diego and create the awaited Oncology Unit at the Hospital Rafael Méndez
  • Jodar, who has six years in Facebook, has increased its presence on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Flickr to increase listening and proximity already done face to face the rest of Lorca (13/04/2015)
    Lorca The PP will submit his candidacy for the municipal elections this Saturday in its traditional "Dinner with eggs"
  • The progress of the reconstruction of residential San Mateo motivates changes in vehicle traffic over the coming days (13/04/2015)

  • Juan Manuel Cabrera (UPyD) requires an "immediate solution" to the problems of odor and environmental derivatives spill at the Rambla de Tiata (12/04/2015)
    Problems promenade Tiata
  • Socialist Alternative submits its application to the municipal elections (11/04/2015)

  • The Third Meeting for the 80-90 Movement meet on April 25 to Cómplices, Teo Cardalda, Nacha Pop, Pepe Begines and The Tracks in the Garden of the Wheel (10/04/2015)

  • Lorca will attend the First Exhibition of Tourism Costa Calida-Murcia to show their interest (10/04/2015)
    The stand will be available this weekend and will be located on Avenida de la Libertad, a site with large number and variety of public considering we are the Spring Festival in the city of Murcia
  • The PSOE Jódar Lorca says, as Rajoy, has demonstrated live isolated from reality (10/04/2015)

  • About 18,000 Austrian tourists visit Lorca in the next two years thanks to the program of senior tourism in the Autonomous Community of Murcia (10/04/2015)
    Starting today and until May 8, about 8,000 tourists from Austria will visit the city of Lorca's hand guides formed by Lorca Taller del Tiempo
  • The Full Council approves a budget amendment to allocate € 400,000 to repair roads in villages (10/04/2015)

  • Socialist Alternative Lorca demand a solution for the disposal of slurry in the town (09/04/2015)
    A member of the candidacy of Socialist Alternative to the City of Lorca, Juan Miguel Gázquez, has proposed a subsidy scheme for farmers to renew the current machinery by direct injection dispensers
  • UPyD Lorca proposes a system of governance centered on "the transparency of the administration and control of municipal activity" (09/04/2015)

  • Several schools in the municipality of Lorca involved in the reforestation project launched by the Forest Association o2 (09/04/2015)

  • Lorca Healthy celebrates its eighth edition (09/04/2015)
    consolidated in the calendar lorquinas fairs, with record participation and incorporating martial arts demonstrations
  • The master class gerontogimnasia, including within the II Sample activities for Active Ageing brings together over 300 different areas of the municipality (09/04/2015)
    The elders have fun doing different dances and hand stretches four monitors
  • The PSOE requires the Mayor to clarify the doubts that "he has generated anticipating their nefarious deeds of the Avenida Juan Carlos I" (09/04/2015)

  • The PSOE regrets that the opening of the Health Center Lorca Sutullena is only bringing headaches to Lorca by the disastrous management of the Popular Party (09/04/2015)
    The Socialists denounced the many serious mistakes being committed by the Regional Government of the People's Party when performing the rezoning of the health map after the opening of new health center Lorca Sutullena
  • Cortes of traffic for the installation of potable water in Ctra The Pulgara, section C / Alameda Bridge and Chavo Virgen de las Huertas. (09/04/2015)
    Traffic is restricted between 8 and April 10, qualifying itself several detours for circulation
  • Socialist Alternative hold its Federal Coordinating Committee on Lorca (09/04/2015)
    The Alternative Socialist candidate for mayor of Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, announced the presentation of the municipal candidates for this Committee
  • The PSOE demands more transparency in the selection processes for municipal public squares (08/04/2015)

  • Lorca will have an ecotourism and recreational route of 46 kilometers (08/04/2015)
    Continue for the districts of Avilés, La Paca, Coy, Doña Inés, Zarcilla, Zarzadilla and Parish
  • V edition of the popular race "Run x Lorca" will be held on May 10 with a tour of the urban town (08/04/2015)
    This is a charity race organized by the City of Lorca and the newspaper La Verdad.
  • Lorca Mayor attends the minute of silence for the victims of gender violence organized by the Federation of Women's Organizations of Lorca (08/04/2015)

  • The City of Lorca and parents Early Childhood Center presented the activities to mark World Autism Awareness Day (07/04/2015)
    The actions to be undertaken during the Week of Autism showcase a film forum, several fact tables, lighting War Theater, a round table and a hiking trail and BBT
  • The PSOE reminds the Mayor that we would not be talking about almost 7,000 unemployed if he had launched the Employment Plan Lorca + (07/04/2015)
    warn that "clearly, is a seasonal decline, which caters to the specific temporary contracts from the time of Week holy because it is the hospitality industry which represents 65% of all contracts "
  • The Mayor thanked the joint effort of Lorca Lorca has managed to place the lead in job creation (07/04/2015)
    Overcoming national and regional media
  • UPyD Lorca considered "vital" progressive reduction of municipal debt (07/04/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca presents its first five candidates elected in primaries (07/04/2015)

  • The War Theatre hosts one Charitable Friday Night in favor of Lorquina Association of Patients with Parkinson (06/04/2015)

  • The Department of Health is organizing the eighth edition of the Fair Healthy Lorca (06/04/2015)
    workshops for school and free transport for people in the districts
  • Today the public exhibition period of voter registration lists for municipal and regional elections begins (06/04/2015)

  • The Easter Holiday device registers an over 80% increase in demand attention from visitors, a "historical" data (06/04/2015)

  • The unemployment back down in Lorca than the national and regional average, down from 9.66% yoy and 3.46% monthly (06/04/2015)

  • Development awarded before the end of the month the repair of the road between Lorca and Puri (05/04/2015)
    Improve security in a section affected by the earthquakes that gives access to farms
  • The Easter of 2015, in the absence of Easter Sunday, recorded the highest attendance in history, an increase of 10% compared to 2014 (04/04/2015)

  • Daniel Martínez Fajardo will be the candidate for mayor of Lorca Socialist Alternative (04/04/2015)
    The applicant has indicated that Socialist Alternative represents the actual change in Lorca and another way to closer and more consistent policy with the feel of the citizen
  • Open to the public store Lorca typical products in the historical district will receive € 10,000 in municipal aid (01/04/2015)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, went yesterday to the opening of this new facility located in Alamo Street corner General Eytier
  • The Department of the Mayor initiates a series of free workshops to promote the health and welfare of the elderly in the municipality (01/04/2015)

  • 16,466 Internet users in Europe, the USA and England visited the website of the Department of the Mayor, created by the group ciberabuelos (01/04/2015)

  • A group of German journalists specialized in tourism visit Lorca to know their processions of Holy Week (01/04/2015)

  • The City of Lorca encourages employers to submit projects to the 4th Plan Reindustrialisation (01/04/2015)
    driven by the Government of Spain for the Region
  • German journalists visit Lorca to meet and promote your Easter (01/04/2015)
    This press-trip is organized by the Institute of Tourism in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Office in Frankfurt and the city of Lorca
  • UPyD Lorca regrets the "partisan use and promotion" City government makes public money (01/04/2015)


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