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  • Local Police arrests a person driving in the opposite direction along the A-7 (30/10/2009)

  • Arrested a person who kept inside your vehicle ready at doses cocaine for sale (30/10/2009)
    The man tried to flee with their tourism at high speed in a service road of Provincial Tercia
  • ... (30/10/2009)

  • The Local Government of Lorca in charge to build a helicopter hangar on the new Emergency Base Zarcilla Palm (30/10/2009)

  • The Used Vehicle Fair celebrates its fourteenth edition with an exhibition of more than 400 units (30/10/2009)
    will be held from 5 to 8 November at the Regional Motor City Lorca
  • Lorca received through E the largest investment plan in its history, says the PSOE (30/10/2009)
    2009 State Fund has created 1,722 jobs in the 50 works that have already been funded, 86% more than expected
  • The film "5bertura" selected in the International Film Festival Solidario de Sant Sadurní (30/10/2009)
    The screening will take place on November 13, competing with other 40
  • The City of Lorca and Intercultural Cazalla are launching a program to combat violence in teen relationships (29/10/2009)
    program is "Heartbeats" (Heartbeat) included in the "Daphne III" of the European Union which has a help than 31,600 €.
  • The local social de San Lázaro, San Juan and Calvary will be subject to comprehensive improvements (29/10/2009)
    ... with an investment of € 25,000 from the City Council and Foundation Cajamurcia
  • The Department of Citizen Participation in the Garden Ruano held a conference focusing on the local level (29/10/2009)
    be developed between Friday and Saturday, following those made in May
  • The City Council scheduled Guadalentín AJE Lorca and joint initiatives to promote business development (28/10/2009)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and President of Young Entrepreneurs, Juan David Ruiz, this morning renewed the partnership agreement
  • Socialist Party calls responsibilities for the delay in lighting of the Castle (28/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Paquita Lopez recalled that in February this year the works were awarded, amounting to 241,600 euros and with a deadline of three months and after nine, "is dark"
  • Lorca City Council awarded the contract consolidation and adaptation of the Church of Santa Maria (28/10/2009)
    ... so they can do sightseeing in the summer of 2010
  • The hostel was Calnegre Tips stage last weekend of the formation meeting of youth correspondents in the region of Murcia (28/10/2009)
    Among them were representatives of the Prince of Asturias and the IES San Juan Bosco, who joined this year program
  • The Socialist Party calls for the creation of a tourism qualification Lorca (28/10/2009)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor said a lawsuit is "historic" in the local catering and tourism sector, which requires workers "increasingly shaped".
  • Local Police conditioning Lorca 4,000 parking spaces for the next weekend (28/10/2009)
    ... in anticipation of the visits will be received in the cemeteries of the city
  • Health centers in the area of Lorca minor surgical procedures carried out thanks to a pioneering project nationally (27/10/2009)
    It is the "School Children Standing Ambulatory Surgery", which will avoid unnecessary waiting for users and provides the citizen approach access to specialized services.
  • This Friday will begin the VII Conference of Egyptology, which will review the beginning of Egyptology, four Theban tombs and the city of Amarna (27/10/2009)
    El Centro Cultural de la Ciudad host three talks on 30 and 31 November and 6 November from at 20:30 hours.
  • Cinema Paradiso Club resumes on Thursday its projections in the theater war, including in December a series of silent films with live music (27/10/2009)
    The schedule from October to December includes the sign of the two latest works of young local filmmaker Jesús Martínez.
  • Lorca will house a pilot plant for energy recovery through waste processing and livestock products (27/10/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca present a new project under the Life Program of the European Union, which has an investment 2.6 million euros.
  • Lorca will house a pilot plant for energy recovery through waste processing and livestock products (27/10/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca present a new project under the Life Program of the European Union, which has an investment 2.6 million euros
  • Association of Friends of the Explorers of Lorca made a trip to commemorate the International Day for Scouts and Guides Friendship (27/10/2009)
    took place on Sunday, 25 October
  • Cerdá inaugurates new premises of the cooperative Alimer (27/10/2009)
    brings together more than 1,500 members farmers engaged in different activities such as fruits, vegetables, pigs, cut flowers, preserves, and goat milk and cheese
  • Blanco y Soler agree that water, infrastructure and conversion of the production model should be "" (26/10/2009)
    ... priorities in the roadmap of the PSOE in Lorca
  • The City Council appoints Lorca and Emilio Francisco Cayuela Happy as favorite sons of the city (26/10/2009)

  • Lorca's The House requests the Government of Spain negotiating table to address the needs of the agricultural sector (26/10/2009)

  • Blanco y Soler agree that water, infrastructure and conversion of the production model should be "priority objectives" in the roadmap of the PSOE in Lorca (24/10/2009)
    Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, José Blanco had a meeting with the prospective candidate for this training mayor of the City of the Sun, Manuel Soler
  • The Government of Spain finances 75% of the restoration of the Theater War (24/10/2009)
    The Ministry of Development has invested EUR 780,602 and the city of Lorca the remaining 25% to the total budget of 1,040,802 euros
  • The PSOE Puerto Lumbreras congratulates the achievement of the Hotel School but Jódar criticizes "a new opportunity lost" (23/10/2009)
    Marisol Sanchez, spokesman for the PSOE, on Jódar: "Where there is, can not be removed".
  • The Municipal Government provisionally awarded construction of the Center for Integrated Emergency Safety and nearly 3 million euros (23/10/2009)

  • The PSOE asked in plenary the burial of all containers in the city (23/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Ponce said that it is necessary to extend this system to the rest of the city, not to generate "comparative grievances between some areas and others"
  • El Meson La Bodeguica is the winner of the Road II Top (23/10/2009)
    more than 2000 voters have wanted to reward "The Bodeguico" ahead of "Lollipop" Lorca's Inn has been the second and "Steward" of Restaurant La Peña has been third place.
  • The model of Lorca as a tourist destination serves as an example in a conference organized by the Directorate General of Tourism (22/10/2009)
    For the events attended by the mayor of Tourism, Francisco Montiel and the manager of Lorca Taller del Tiempo, Mari Angeles Lidon
  • The PSOE requires autonomous budget of 2010 providing for the settlement of road watering places, Altobordo and The Beacon (22/10/2009)

  • Lorca Town Council reform this year 37 roads and highways to improve communications with the city or municipalities (22/10/2009)
    With an investment of over 4.2 million euros
  • The Government of Spain in Lorca invest another ten million in the second edition of Plan E (22/10/2009)

  • Ferra: "As much as I insist, the PP has a zero in irrigation modernization in Lorca and the Government of Zapatero outstanding" (21/10/2009)

  • Lorca Three artists display their paintings in an exhibition which opens next Friday at the Palais de Guevara (21/10/2009)

  • Lorca City Council will continue to support farmers in their claims, also at the rally on 21 November in Madrid (21/10/2009)
    Councillors Water and Agriculture, Melchor Morales and Angel Mecca, have shown once again the support of the government team to requests from the major agricultural unions.
  • The City of Lorca organized the first Fair Expoagroalimentaria from 13 to 15 November at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria (21/10/2009)
    Councillor for Agriculture, Angel Mecca, stressed that this event has a durable as supporting the Team Municipal Government Lorca primary sector.
  • The Consistory lorquino ADILOR supports the work of 30,000 euros (21/10/2009)

  • This afternoon there will be a conference on osteoporosis at the University Campus Lorca (20/10/2009)

  • The IMJUVE place during this school year a campaign in schools on the internet use of minors (20/10/2009)
    Youth Councilman Hall Lorca, Joaquin Ruiz, presented the initiative "Children on the Web" child's play? " in its program of lectures and workshops in schools and colleges "La Pera Newton
  • PSOE and IU: "The Minister of Health through its promises makes it clear the mayor of Lorca" (20/10/2009)
    Councillors of PSOE, Marisol Sanchez, and IU, Pedro Sosa, today presented a letter to Maria Angeles Palacios health complaints and grievances includes the city
  • The PSOE is attached to the request for a cycleway between Lorca and Caravaca LORCA promoting BICIUDAD (20/10/2009)
    For socialists the initiative would be a major boost for cycling fans a unique opportunity to promote cycling in our Highlands
  • The Youth Council participated in the Fair Lorca Youth Participation in Youth Zone Archena (20/10/2009)

  • Juanfra Rodriguez proclaimed champion of Spain jet ski (19/10/2009)
    Nerja hosted the final round of National rallyjet specialties and offshore
  • The War Theater will reopen on Saturday, with performances by the dancer of the Paris Opera, Jose Martinez and Tricicle (19/10/2009)
    Beatriz Rico, Veronica Forqué and Gabino Diego, are among the artists who visit during the programming Lorca October-December
  • Lorca Local Police and Civil Guard assist in the arrest of a person hiding in the area of your home a kilo of drugs (19/10/2009)
    Over the weekend, police also caught in Los Angeles, in a vehicle to a citizen objects and bare interior.
  • More than 2,000 students participate in educational concerts for schools Primary "Colors of Music" (19/10/2009)
    These students in grades 3, 4, 5 and Primary 6 in 14 schools in addition to the 1,000 of five participating centers in the edition last year.
  • ... (19/10/2009)

  • Ferra, and Collado Ruiz Jódar accused of "stonewalling" (19/10/2009)
    and trying to force them to vote "blindly" adopted by the Board of the Urban Planning
  • The City increases by 200,000 euros heading development and project management through the reduction of interest on loans (19/10/2009)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the City Council consent to the receipt of Lorca's works Torre del Obispo with significant shortcomings (19/10/2009)

  • The dispute Mendez Kevin lorquino Iceland European Paralympic Swimming (19/10/2009)
    involving 42 Spanish, 22 physically disabled, ten blind or visually impaired, six with cerebral palsy and four mentally disabled.
  • Town Planning Response to criticism of the PSOE on the works of Torre del Obispo (19/10/2009)

  • The City of Lorca and the Autonomous Community are launching a Classroom Occupational prevent absenteeism among pupils aged 15 (16/10/2009)
    With the start of this new service will be educational for young Lorca basic instrumental techniques and gardening techniques to pre-service through a workshop
  • The Socialist Party calls for the City extreme control over the work of Plan E (16/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Ponce denounced the "shortage" of workers and the slow pace of much of the same, especially those affecting the Barrio de San Cristóbal
  • The Municipal Government starts the record for awarding the construction of a Point of Care for Children in La Paca (16/10/2009)
    ... and Security Center Ramonete
  • The Socialist Party claims that the PP is intended to "pump up" the budget through an amendment to legislation (16/10/2009)

  • The Campus Universitario de Lorca organized a day of awareness and prevention of osteoporosis October 20 (16/10/2009)
    The Department of Health working in this meeting which will discuss prevention, nutrition and treatment of this disease, due to of World Osteoporosis Day
  • The PSOE prepares a draft local agreement by the momentum of the economy and employment in the municipality (16/10/2009)

  • Lorca's The House supports the proposal of the Local Government Team to lower the car seal and freeze the rest of municipal taxes (16/10/2009)

  • The Socialists were asked "to what is expected to dismiss the director Jódar content Espirelia" (16/10/2009)
    Miguel Tebar is involved in a scandal over invoice through its society more than 12,000 euros for the evening concert of Lorca, with the worker while the Ministry of Culture
  • The Sun City Scout Group Opens New Round Solar (16/10/2009)
    The events take place at the Plaza of Spain on Sunday 18 at 16.45 pm
  • The campaign grows in security, risk prevention among students in grades 5 and Primary 6 Lorca, extends to the social network Facebook (15/10/2009)

  • War Theatre will host the 6th and 7th of November the conclusion of the XX Festival de Flamenco "Sun City" (15/10/2009)
    16 artists have already confirmed their presence at an event that is becoming one of the events of higher quality and purity national flamenco scene
  • Lorca City Council prepares a draft recovery of the first section of the Via Augusta (15/10/2009)
    ... after establishing the feasibility of preparation for tourism
  • La Fortaleza del Sol and the Posada de la Calle Cava played with "The Night of the Witches", the plague of 1507 in Lorca (15/10/2009)
    Visits will be dramatized and then blend magic, tradition, history and fun scenarios connecting through the Train tours
  • Box Lorca Mediterranean and City Council host a multicultural fair to publicize the various civilizations (15/10/2009)

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry received twelve Lorca estate agents from Germany and Austria (15/10/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a social pact "to remove the major policy issues confronting the town to lose its leadership Lorca" (15/10/2009)

  • Ferra: "The only threat to the underground is called Francisco Jódar" (15/10/2009)

  • Tourism allocated € 14,000 for the feasibility study of the route Via Augusta Lorca (15/10/2009)
    The project, which forms part of the Network of Regional Ecotourism Trail sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, including the edition of 2,000 leaflets in three languages with the route of the trail
  • EEA - III organizes the talks I Physiotherapy and Multiple Sclerosis Lorca (15/10/2009)

  • Lorca Local Police surprised when someone stole construction material in a play (14/10/2009)
    Also located after an intensive search to a six year old child missing from home since 10:00 am and was in the park Quarter of San Diego
  • Lorca stands as regards the analysis in health care with the celebration of the "Seventh Conference on General Medicine" (14/10/2009)
    will be developed between Friday and Saturday of this week under the slogan "Our strength is you", and analyzed them issues such as sexuality, pain management and smoking
  • The Socialist Party claims that the "pardon" for solar energy companies that plan to run Jódar "taxes could be lowered all Lorca" (14/10/2009)

  • The City of Lorca organized a conference on the role of women in rural development (14/10/2009)
    The meeting will be held on 16 and 23 October, in the vicinity of Rural Women's Day
  • Marín and Inaugurate Jódar Lorca PuntoPyme Red V Annual Meeting, which will be strengthened to reach more companies (14/10/2009)
    The Minister for Universities and Research Company noted that last year handled 11,267 inquiries
  • The City will provide educational support to 140 primary pupils from schools in San Cristobal and the districts to eliminate educational inequality (14/10/2009)
  • The Socialist Party calls for a solution "uniform" for students using school transport (14/10/2009)

  • The integration of high speed Lorca does not require environmental impact statement (14/10/2009)

  • The City of Lorca lowered car label and freeze the rest of municipal taxes for 2010 (13/10/2009)

  • Those over 45 without qualifications may enter the University through a course that will give the UNED in Lorca (13/10/2009)
    Extension of the National University of Distance Education in Lorca, which has open enrollment period until October 31 has implemented this year the Social Education and Psychology
  • The Pylons hosted the Regional Championship Bike Trial Guadalentín Sports Games (13/10/2009)

  • The University Association and the City Musso Valiente organize the third cycle of "Cinema and Human Rights and the First Cycle of Musicians Lorca (13/10/2009)
    will be conducted from 23 October to 13 November the film and 21 October of music which recalled the illustrious lorquino Bartolomé Pérez Casas
  • The host Guadalentín Sports Games Display Model Aircraft (13/10/2009)
    Two totaneros, among the winners of this show
  • Best of the Region Tennis Sports Games Guadalentín (13/10/2009)

  • The PSOE de Lorca regrets that the plot of "waste, cronyism and preferential treatment" has found "asylum" in Lorca with under Jódar (12/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero calls for an end fulminant Miguel Tebar as director of content of Espirelia
  • Meeting of Islamic communities in Lorca (12/10/2009)
    The information days were held at the Orchard Market Wheel
  • Nearly 1,400 people off by XXXI Guadalentín Sport Games pedaling through the streets of Lorca (12/10/2009)

  • Benito Mateo Open Champion Billiards Sports Games Guadalentín (12/10/2009)

  • The World Motor Sport Games conquest to the sixteenth Autocross Ciudad del Sol (12/10/2009)

  • Lorca are 180 students can have fun with sports for the Integration of Sports Games Guadalentín (11/10/2009)

  • 700 people participate in the hiking route to Valentine's Cejo (11/10/2009)

  • Champions and runners up in Spain and the world are tested in competition Judo (11/10/2009)
    Sports Games In Guadalentín
  • ITV vehicle inspection agricultural Del Vas Electricity Workshop, on 13 October (09/10/2009)

  • Armed Forces Avenue will remain closed to traffic from 14 to 23 October for remodeling work in driving rain (09/10/2009)
    The damaged section runs from Bridge Street to the street Churra Valencia Community.
  • The Local Government Board awarded the construction of the new school number 6, with improvements valued at more than one million euros (09/10/2009)
    Councillor for Education, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, this morning reported that Local Government has awarded new works of the secondary school No. 6 of Lorca, worth € 4,789,286.
  • The Local Government awards the full refurbishment of 33 streets of Uptown Lorca (09/10/2009)
    has also been provisionally awarded the concealment of containers in the same area of the city, under the Municipal Investment Plan (PIMUN) with European Social Fund Regional Development and the city of Lorca.
  • The Municipal Government starts the record for awarding the work to expand the business incubator of La Torrecilla (09/10/2009)
    The Board of contracting out to the first phase of this new building for five ships, services and training area worth € 214,000, financed by the City Council and the Regional Employment Service.
  • Lorca City Council asked to be the owner of the sewage disposal of the hardened (09/10/2009)
    Technical CHS, the autonomous region and municipality will study how to solve the problem of discharges to Guadalentín
  • Next week we will run the first "ciclocalle" of the town, join the bike path of the turret to the center of the city (09/10/2009)
    The proposed route will travel from San Antonio to the roundabout of Alfonso X, with an operating budget of 10,588 euros.
  • Past, present and future very much Guadalentín Sports Games (09/10/2009)
    The Forum for Sports and Physical Education held a Round Table on the Sports Games with the participation of all directors of these 31 editions
  • Conclude the Games and Sports of the 3 rd Age Guadalentín Sports Games (09/10/2009)

  • The number of visitors to the tourist offer of "Lorca Taller del Tiempo", this summer will increase 7.83% (08/10/2009)
    The Consortium tour sold 16,128 tickets from July 1 to Sept. 30, compared with 14,956 the last year.
  • Limusa flusher adds to the modernization of its fleet (08/10/2009)
    With this there are eight vehicles in which they are investing the profits of the financial year 2008.
  • Lorca Local police detained an individual in the hamlet of Ramonete into a possible crime against public health (08/10/2009)
    This is a man who was in possession of three marijuana plants large.
  • The Walking and Cycle-Walk dismiss the XXXI edition of the Sports Games Guadalentín (08/10/2009)

  • IU regrets that the proposed property tax reduction has not been done before (08/10/2009)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the precarious state of the new Integrated Training Center (08/10/2009)
    The students have begun their classes, almost 15 days after the start of the school year, thanks to some chairs that has provided the City
  • Lorca City Council supports the Red Cross Day Banderita (08/10/2009)

  • The CHS begins construction of channeling the Angles ravine on the site of the Priests (08/10/2009)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz, announced the investment of one hundred million pesetas from the Ministry of Environment to address this historical demand
  • The Forum for Sports and Physical Education on Friday offered a roundtable on the past, present and future of the Sports Games (07/10/2009)

  • The Way of the Squeegee Marchena has 37 points from yesterday with new street lighting (07/10/2009)

  • The City of Lorca through IMJUVE signed a collaboration agreement with Sun City Scout Group (07/10/2009)
    The deal is worth 18,540 euros, for a community that reaches 300 members
  • 2,000 residents of rural land undeveloped land rezoned in 2005 will have a bonus of 35% in property tax from 2010 (07/10/2009)

  • Two schools in the municipality of Lorca's work in European programs during the academic year 2009/2010 (07/10/2009)

  • Ferra "Jódar lies, raised the increase of 6% and the rate of the water industry should pay between 35,000 families Lorca" (07/10/2009)

  • The Local Government works out a contract extension of twelve classrooms of primary school age Ana Caicedo (07/10/2009)

  • The PSOE will oppose the possible increase of 6% in the water bill that raises the PP (06/10/2009)
    Maria Ponce believes that the huge investment in renovation and supply networks financed by the Government of Spain through the Plan E should assume " relief "to the pockets of citizens and not the opposite
  • The leadership of the PSOE in Lorca Manuel Soler endorses as "their" candidate to the Hall (06/10/2009)

  • The Infanta Elena accepted the Honorary Presidency of the Feria del Caballo de Lorca, Fericab (06/10/2009)
    The exhibition which opens on Thursday 15, with 100% of exhibitors covered from three months ago
  • The autonomous region supports more than 200,000 euros for two projects of the Municipality of Lorca (06/10/2009)
    ... to help feed families in difficulty
  • 78.6% Increase in the number of contracts awarded in Lorca during the month of September, most of them in the service sector (06/10/2009)

  • The village of Campillo account since yesterday with 51 new points of lighting (06/10/2009)
    33 on the road Gaspara and 18 in the way of Las Palmeras, with a budget allocation of 44,302 euros.
  • Total success begins with the cycle of seminars participation Water Sports Complex in Europe (05/10/2009)

  • Alberto Pérez shown in intractable Local Squash Tournament III Lorca (05/10/2009)
    On this occasion were 34 players who enrolled, 26 in the men and 8 women in
  • ASAJA signed an agreement with Murcia Lorca Irrigation ensures competitive prices for farmers (05/10/2009)

  • Improving the medical office Ramonete benefit more than 1,400 Lorca, and have an investment more than 15,000 € financed by the Autonomous Community (05/10/2009)
    The work includes a comprehensive modernization of the existing building, including plumbing, toilets, pediatric ward , carpentry, furniture dotacional, glass and paint
  • Morata 408 people competed in the Traverse Mountain Games (05/10/2009)

  • The district of Avilés hosts Orientation Test Nature Guadalentín Sports Games (05/10/2009)

  • Who said that spin is no longer fashionable? (05/10/2009)
    The spin, the caliche, veneers, marble and camber were dusted off from the drawer of the children and returned to life for a few hours
  • "Lorca, Sefarad Lights" display in the city will continue until 7 January (05/10/2009)
    Lorca City Council gave a local Beitenu the separate foundation for the promotion of Sephardic Jewish culture
  • The regional government decides not to fully repair the flood area of the old road of Eagles (05/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, Lucia Sanchez criticizes the decision of the Executive Valcárcel that "protects" the lack of money to solve a historical problem involves cutting the road whenever there is heavy rain
  • 34 players vying Squash Tournament III Sports Games Guadalentín (05/10/2009)

  • The Paddle Sports Games brings the best competition in the Region of Murcia in this mode (05/10/2009)

  • Talasur Cartagena is imposed in the National Volleyball Tournament "XXX Anniversary Section Volleyball Eliocroca AD" (05/10/2009)

  • 260 cyclists pedal to the turret on the bike ride Guadalentín Sports Games (05/10/2009)

  • 7 brought the best basketball games at the Sports Games (05/10/2009)
    The Basketball Section Eliocroca AD offered a great basketball tournament this past weekend
  • Lorca City Council launches virtual guide educational resources of the municipality with the first site of the Department of Education (05/10/2009) includes information on programs and educational resources, news, links, presentation Councillor and a suggestion box
  • Lorca youth associations collected more than 46,000 euros in grants (05/10/2009)
    Approved at the last Executive Committee IMJUVE
  • The best of Sports Games Taekwondo Guadalentín (05/10/2009)
    On the afternoon of Saturday, the Pavilion of San Jose hosted the celebration of the proof of Sports Games Taekwondo Guadalentín.
  • The PSOE insists over from Councillor for Finance after employers and unions also disavow (03/10/2009)
    Economic Affairs spokesman of the PSOE, Isidro Abellán, says that "no serious economist" interpreted as a sign of economic recovery increased municipal revenues based on IAE
  • The Local Police data show a decline of more than 10% in terms of insecurity about 2009 (02/10/2009)

  • The City Council invests 20,000 euros in the local comprehensive reform of the Association of Women in the neighborhood of Los Angeles (02/10/2009)
    The improvement works have focused on consolidating and improving the structure of the building and the replacement of the sewer and rainwater drainage and sewage.
  • The Youth Council has the web's National Olympiad Leisure, which will make it a national reference Lorca (02/10/2009)
    Those interested in participating can pre-register at the site and promote their social networking skills.
  • The Municipal Government awarded the contract for the new center cleaning and disinfection of livestock transport vehicles of Barranco Hondo (02/10/2009)
    The new facility will be built in three months in the Paraje Casa La Higuerita thanks to full funding by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous Community.
  • The Socialist Party demands an end to the use Melchor Morales "senseless", "fraudulent" and "disgusting" of discrimination against women (02/10/2009)

  • The Socialist Party demands that begin "immediately" the refurbishment of the Rambla de Los Patos in the Virgen de las Huertas (02/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Marisol Sanchez also said that the PSOE will follow "comprehensive" project to not "diverted" a single euro
  • Celebrations Councilman stands out as most positive point the Fair and Festival 2009, recovering the festive atmosphere for the entire city (01/10/2009)
    The city environment was infected with all the popular dances and activities in the town.
  • The PSOE warning that the removal of the round of Las Palmeras has not started with three months to the end of the period of performance (01/10/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Paquita Lopez, recalled that for weeks the coffers of the City account for 70 % of the money from this and other works of Plan E and criticized the lack of management Jódar.
  • The Socialist Party calls for more a more prominent role in political, social, cultural and economic municipality (01/10/2009)
    Today is International Day of Older Persons in which the Socialists leverage to demand "more space" for this group.
  • The pattern of Lorca based companies that bill more than a million euros increased by 12% in one year (01/10/2009)
    Economy Councilman, Antonio Ibarra, said "this shows that the township has a promising future because these companies are implanted after making a thorough study of the opportunities in the area ".
  • The PP logo appears in conjunction with the City Council on a page of a holiday of a deputation (01/10/2009)
    Socialists Francisco Jódar require to explain if you used the money from public coffers to advertise their party stands for .
  • Local Competition conclude Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Sports Games Guadalentín (01/10/2009)

  • The best Gymnastics experts gather in the Sports Games Guadalentín (01/10/2009)

  • The squash will have a strong presence in Sport Games Guadalentín XXXI (01/10/2009)

  • During the next weekend popular tests will be the focus of attention Guadalentín Sport Games (01/10/2009)


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