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  • The Socialist Party regrets that the PP Lorca, with UPyD, voted against the recovery of the line-Guadix-Baza Lorca (31/05/2012)
    The Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, Francisco Jodar has emphasized that continues to display an alarming lack of high policy and a palpable submission to the decisions made by the upper echelons of his party
  • The PSOE ask what the reason for not reopening the Pilar Municipal Library Barnes (31/05/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Ana Lario, stressed the need to provide this service now that we are testing season
  • The City of Lorca opens July 1 municipal pools of La Torrecilla (31/05/2012)
    after the rehabilitation of the earthquake damage
  • The City of Lorca recalls with an information table that "snuff not only damages your health" (31/05/2012)

  • The City Council reaffirms its call for reopening the railway line with Baza (31/05/2012)
    and remember that was the PSOE who loaded it on 80 and Zapatero who just 3 years ago dismantled
  • Limusa receives national award Bioenergy Silver Ategrus (31/05/2012)

  • The City of Lorca reopen the study room of the Library Pilar Barnes next week (31/05/2012)

  • Manuel Soler: "Since Rajoy's prime minister, claims Jódar forgotten railway in the town" (30/05/2012)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler, has insisted that the mayor should no longer Lorca put the interests of his party citizens of Lorca
  • Alberto English, creator of the concept SOCIAL INNOVATION RS3, will speak on Social Media for Small Business in a talk aimed at young entrepreneurs (30/05/2012)
    Aje Guadalentín Ceclor organized this Day which aims to bring new communication tools to the Young Entrepreneurs Shire
  • Ram Tower, the walls of the Castle and Archaeological Museum 152 pieces (30/05/2012)
    The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport finishes the restoration of property seized after the earthquake
  • Lorca City Hall and Water will raise awareness Lorca five hundred school about the importance of properly managing the water (30/05/2012)

  • The City receives financial support for the Bureau for Development of 3,000 by the White Pass (30/05/2012)

  • The Director General of Cultural Assets Committee assists the Monitoring Plan for re covery of the heritage of Lorca (30/05/2012)

  • 120 Lorca have benefited during the last months of the training activities of the City (29/05/2012)

  • Adopted by a new series of 37 grants for businesses affected by earthquakes in the amount of € 154,169.45 (29/05/2012)
    The economic assistance approved so far in this direction have directly benefited 122 Lorca traders who had no insurance for their businesses, assuming an amount of EUR 573,624.70
  • The city is hosting this weekend the "Rallye Highlands Lorca" (29/05/2012)
    with an eye to the possible conclusion of a test Championship in Spain next year Earth
  • The House of Sport will host the June 30 Update on the Fourth Conference Football Coaches (29/05/2012)

  • Antonio Navarro: "From the PSOE denounce is not known how much money goes into the accounts of the Bureau for Development" (29/05/2012)
    "or what happens to the money from these accounts"
  • A medieval market and a falconry exhibition will promote Lorca during the month (29/05/2012)
    The Ministry promotes activities to enjoy the Sun City guided tours, music, workshops and entertainment for all ages
  • The "Bike and Nature" Zarcilla visited the village of Palm (28/05/2012)
    through the landscape of the corner Carranzas, Reverte and the Sierra del Almirez
  • The Perez de Hita girls and boys of Pasico Campillo, regional champions of sport in school age fingerling category (28/05/2012)

  • The School of Art organized an exhibition Albacete solidarity with Lorca in the Municipal Museum of the city of La Mancha (28/05/2012)

  • The City Council requested the drafting of a bill to help those who want to return to raise their homes (28/05/2012)
    Y accelerate the reconstruction process
  • Municipal Government team votes against a motion calling for the actual payment of outstanding aid by the CARM (28/05/2012)

  • Balance of full Lorca regular City Council for the month of May 2012 (28/05/2012)

  • IU-Green take a non-legislative proposal to Congress of Deputies (26/05/2012)

  • Howard announces the date of the meeting at which elected new Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca (25/05/2012)
    The current Secretary General, Juan Antonio Hurtado, has clarified that not opt ​​for re-election
  • The new series of European youth exchanges includes activities in Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia and Spain (25/05/2012)
    The hamlet of Coy host between 2 and 10 July an activity called "SUNstainable", which will engage young people in Italy , Poland, Slovenia and Lithuania
  • The treatment plant Turrilla, that will solve the problems of sanitation in the districts of the coast, out to tender (25/05/2012)
    for an amount greater than 4 million
  • Aid of the Bureau for Development adopted by the Governing Board to amounts of € 2.6 million and benefited over 4,100 families affected by earthquakes (25/05/2012)
    The Governing Board approved a new series of grants for homeless families by earthquakes in the amount of 23,200 €
  • Success of Lorca teams participating in the final phase of the sport competitions School Age (25/05/2012)

  • UI require that the cuts do not affect the reconstruction of schools and health centers Lorca (25/05/2012)

  • Transport Councillor attends the delivery of 15 trucks acquired by a company Lorca (24/05/2012)

  • The City Council initiated a new series of works that will benefit the districts of Almendricos, Marchena, River and Tertia (24/05/2012)
    with a total investment of around € 140,000
  • The Department of Earthquake has held meetings with 121 of property owners for rehabilitation or reconstruction of buildings (24/05/2012)

  • The Community promotes industrial investment of 7 million euros that will employ hundreds of workers in Lorca (24/05/2012)
    The Minister for Universities and Research Company inaugurated the facilities of the Union Company For Leather, Russian-owned company dedicated its activity to tanning sector
  • Static exhibition of military equipment in Lorca (24/05/2012)
    Ceremonies commemorating the Armed Forces Day 2012
  • Jura Flag for civilian personnel in Lorca (23/05/2012)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group raises a meeting of political groups, social and business representatives on Holcim (23/05/2012)
    The Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, understands that the situation being experienced by Lorca, with plenty of buildings to be rebuilt, can be a rebound in cement production
  • Two blocks of flats located in the Vineyard and Old Port Road, the first "plant" the cranes to rebuild after the earthquake (23/05/2012)

  • On Monday opens the deadline for students in the first Municipal Nursery School Lorca (23/05/2012)
    106 spaces are offered for children up to 3 years.
  • Antonio Navarro: "A year later, a Royal Decree that do not meet and a plan that never existed Lorca" (23/05/2012)

  • The Civic Days Military expand their activities with an exhibition of air defense material (23/05/2012)
    and a jump Acrobatic Patrol Air Force Airborne
  • The Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users held from May 28 to June 1 Cultural Week XXII (22/05/2012)

  • Lorca becomes the focus of the analysis of the environmental impact of human activities (22/05/2012)
    with the holding of a conference on business and biodiversity
  • Works of Gates Jiménez, Pastor and Perez Reverte Tudela Munuera pay tribute to Narciso Yepes on the fifteenth anniversary of his death (22/05/2012)

  • Zarcilla Palm Sunday hosts the third route of the "Bike and Nature" (22/05/2012)

  • On Thursday, May 24 XIX are closed: Sporting Events in Women's Collective Lorca (22/05/2012)
    with a hiking trail and a closing lunch
  • Intense activity of the "Lorca on Foot" of the Department of Sports, during the past weekend (22/05/2012)

  • The PSOE once again claims the beginning of the reconstruction works of Ramón Arcas IES Mecca (22/05/2012)
    and requests information on the insurance policies of some HEIs in Lorca
  • Excellent response to the ongoing "Pilates, soil and implements" organized by the city of Lorca (22/05/2012)

  • Marisol Sanchez: "The Artisan Quarter is another big lie People's Party" (22/05/2012)

  • IU-green claims that "the Department of Public Safety impede the right of assembly and demonstration" (22/05/2012)

  • The City Council ratifies the Artisan Quarter construction and 60 homes planned on the site of the street Selgas (22/05/2012)
    Municipal Government regrets that the PSOE try to confuse, and claims that the strategy of this game is that "the worse to Lorca, better for the PSOE. "
  • "Ciudalor" will not attend the meeting of the "Solidarity Committee" convened by the Mayor (22/05/2012)

  • Manuel Soler Martinez Pujalte requires the deputy to apologize to the victims of earthquakes (21/05/2012)
    The Socialist Spokesman and Deputy Regional, Manuel Soler, stated he hoped the Mayor ask your partner a correction Party
  • The course of the reclamation works at the home of San Diego will allow the greatest return on the first day of July (21/05/2012)

  • The Artisan Quarter Lorca will be a reality thanks to an agreement with SEPES (21/05/2012)
    replace offices housing height affected by the earthquakes
  • 70 midwives and midwives in the Region XII held in Lorca the Day of the profession (18/05/2012)

  • The Governing Board approved a new round of aid for families affected by earthquakes in the amount of € 93,220 (18/05/2012)
    aid of the Bureau for Development approved by the Local Government Board to amounts of 2,570,805.59 euros
  • The Chamber of Commerce Lorca signing a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (Peru) (18/05/2012)

  • The Alameda of the Constitution recovers the image I had before the earthquake (18/05/2012)

  • Lorca next hosts a gala May 26 Flemish solidarity Cante de Las Minas with all the winners of last year's edition (17/05/2012)

  • The City of Lorca launches web involving 'ciberabuelos' volunteers (17/05/2012)

  • They publish 8,000 copies of a new free guide tour of Lorca (16/05/2012)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the CARM to pay all outstanding monies to the victims of the May 11 earthquake in Lorca (16/05/2012)
    The Spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, said Begoña García Retegui Valcárcel should explain why they have not come to aid those affected and when will pay
  • Lorca will host a golf tournament, bringing together fans from Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia (16/05/2012)
    This is a test organized by the Lorca Golf Club to be held next Saturday May 26th in the field Lorca Resort
  • Augustine Flames, "Garcia Murcia, not sure what he's talking or trying to fool the Lorca" (16/05/2012)

  • IU-green "summer pools should offer full service this summer" (16/05/2012)

  • IU-green: "The Board should meet urgently Solidarity" (16/05/2012)

  • The Ministry of Company presents Reindustrialisation Plan for the revival of industry in Lorca (16/05/2012)
    The Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia is the body responsible for managing and coordinating the provision of these incentives that launches the central government for the revival economic Lorca
  • Lali Retegui Ibarra on "who never helped us to criticize us now appears" (16/05/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the cuts in Public Health Area III (16/05/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman, Marisol Sanchez, stressed that while these cuts are implemented, is still putting friends in senior management positions with generous salaries
  • The City speeds up the process to pay all suppliers and contractors of the Consistory a total of 24.8 million euros (15/05/2012)
    If the forecasts, the money could start to be in the hands of SMEs from 27 or 28 May
  • The Sports Department completes a week full of activities with the "Lorca on foot 2012" (15/05/2012)

  • Rafael Ruiz: "With the dissolution of EXPOFLOR, Lorca away from the possibility of having a fair institution itself" (15/05/2012)
    Responsible for Economic Affairs of the Socialist Municipal Group, Rafael Ruiz, expressed his disagreement with the terms of financing vendor payment
  • The PSOE Alert strong increase will experience the rates and prices for the use of municipal sports facilities (15/05/2012)
    Responsible for Economic Affairs of the Socialist Municipal Group, Rafael Ruiz, has reported notable increases, 20% of the route urban transport
  • IU-Green blames both PP and the PSOE of the great debt to suppliers (15/05/2012)
    consider that the action taken by the Government of Spain to pay it damages the City
  • 400 schoolchildren in the municipality participate in the "Meeting with Author" of public libraries with writer Joan Manuel Gisbert (15/05/2012)
    Lazarillo Prize winner and National Book Award for Children to discuss his work "Orion and animals magicians" on schedule tomorrow at the Cultural Fund Espin
  • The girls of San Francisco school children and cadets Mother of God, regional champion basketball and handball respectively (15/05/2012)

  • The War Theater Company and the Federation San Clemente on Thursday represent the play "Lorca, Castilla" in Santa Quiteria (15/05/2012)

  • Lorca celebrated the Night of the Museums on Friday 25 May with dramatized tours, exhibitions, theater, dance, musical performances and caps (15/05/2012)

  • Lorca will host a conference including a military civic act of swearing-in ceremony open to all citizens (15/05/2012)
    will be held between 25 and 26 May, organized by the Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment 73 of Cartagena, with Army units Earth and the UME
  • UPyD Lorca finds unacceptable the statements made by the local MP PP Vicente Martinez Pujalte, calls for his immediate resignation (15/05/2012)

  • Tovar: "The Mayor of Lorca again lying to Lorca" (15/05/2012)
    "His own lack of diligence and ability is what has delayed more than 1 year the definition of permanent buildings," says González Tovar
  • The Beni Lorca photographe states "When they talk about the looks" (14/05/2012)
    The vernissage will take place on Wednesday 16 May at 20:00 pm at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia, Lorca (Murcia)
  • Upcoming activities of the Women's Sporting Events (14/05/2012)
    nocturnal urban hiking route and showing of the movie "Bend It Like Beckham"
  • Isabel Casalduero: "The statements made by Representative Vicente Martinez Pujalte are insulting, offensive and indecent" (14/05/2012)
    Casalduero Councilwoman Elizabeth wondered if the Mayor thinks justify or, once and for all, is going to get the side of the neighbors of Lorca
  • Successful participation in the second edition of the test "Run x Lorca" (14/05/2012)

  • IU-Green requires that Martinez Pujalte rectify his statements about Lorca (14/05/2012)

  • Cerda stated that the Comprehensive Plan for cleansing and purifying of Lorca is a "priority" in this term (14/05/2012)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca featuring the works of the collector to clean up the Rambla de Biznaga, which will incorporate waters of spread of the plain of Lorca
  • Jose Maria Aldecoa, President of the Corporation will hold a conference MONDRAGÓN addressed to Company in Lorca (14/05/2012)
    Aje Guadalentín and Amusal Ceclor organized this Day which aims to see first hand the Mondragón Corporation, its organization and operation
  • "Ciudalor" shows its strongest condemnation of the comments in Intereconomía Pujalte (14/05/2012)

  • Antonio Navarro: "A year later apologized late, the money never comes and we continue to lie with a straight face as usual" (12/05/2012)

  • IU-Green calls the application "without excuse" for an urgent plan to rebuild Lorca (11/05/2012)
    Pujante calls on central and regional government take advantage of the Council of Ministers and the Governing Council today calendar and budget for a comprehensive recovery the city
  • IU-Green considered in bad taste playful celebrations of the anniversary of the earthquake in the nursing home Sunday Sastre (11/05/2012)

  • More than one million euros to repair a sports center in Lorca (11/05/2012)

  • SOS 4.8 :: 9 June Lorca in Madrid (11/05/2012)

  • Lorca remembers the victims of earthquakes a year ago (11/05/2012)

  • The Bishop of the Diocese Lorca encouraged to walk in the path of hope on the anniversary of the earthquake (11/05/2012)

  • The sculpture'''' Consuelo and pays homage to Lorca and their supporters in the last year (11/05/2012)

  • Lorca UPyD not support the festivities marking the anniversary of the earthquake (10/05/2012)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group confirms its failure to attend certain events commemorating the anniversary of the May 11 (10/05/2012)

  • ... (10/05/2012)

  • The Lorca already have over 500 million euros to restore the city after the earthquake (10/05/2012)
    The Joint Commission has also approved a total of 9,714 grants to homes and businesses worth 32.2 million euros to be paid directly to victims through the ICO
  • The Joint Commission approves more than 1.3 million euros in aid to alleviate the effects of earthquakes in Lorca (10/05/2012)
    1,193,188 Euros are for homes and 119,547 euros for commercial
  • Laura Muñoz: "It is regrettable that the Socialists continue to use Lorca's pain for political gain" (10/05/2012)
    PP deputy spokeswoman criticized the "opportunistic approach" PSRM and that "after a year without achieving anything now rule out screaming into the street "
  • The Socialist Party takes stock of one year after the earthquake management (09/05/2012)
    Casalduero Councilwoman Elizabeth regretted submission to the Mayor manifestly ineffective Regional Government
  • Exhibition of trial and a popular race this week (09/05/2012)

  • The Cooperative lorquina Alimer - MEDITERRANEAN FOOD, Spain Food Prize Agricultural Production (09/05/2012)
    Granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Marisol Sanchez: "The works of Santa Rosa de Lima incur currently in illegalities" (09/05/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman, Marisol Sanchez, has warned that in addition to not match the execution of the works with the requested license, contrary to the rules on accessibility
  • Earthquakes: results of a year (09/05/2012)
    IU-green: "Governments have failed and are now trying to rectify"
  • The Bureau of Standards of Business Activity of Lorca presents aids reindustrialization $ 13 million (09/05/2012)
    The Board reported on the provision of new spaces in the Lorca Campus to house the students of the Institute of Education Secondary 'Ramón Arcas Mecca'
  • IU-Green: The measures are positive but do not address the Plan Lorca (09/05/2012)

  • The City of Lorca ends the first local plan against seismic risk in the region, under the direction of SISMIMUR (09/05/2012)

  • The Bureau of Standards of Business Activity of Lorca presents aids reindustrialization $ 13 million (09/05/2012)
    The Board reported on the provision of new spaces in the Lorca Campus to house the students of the Institute of Education Secondary 'Ramón Arcas Mecca'
  • The GPP is promoting a law that streamlines emergency via the payment of aid to the people of Lorca (09/05/2012)

  • Laura Muñoz: "The Lorca does not deserve the PSOE make a political use of his tragedy" (09/05/2012)
    PP deputy spokeswoman says Valcarcel is the best ally you have to be re-Lorca town that was before the May 11
  • Santa Quiteria hosts this evening a new talk of the "Agribusiness Forum" organized by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the City (08/05/2012)

  • The Department of Sports opens registration period for the traditional walking route between Bolnuevo, tips and Cabo Cope Calnegre (08/05/2012)

  • Sepes Commissioner meets with the Government and the City Council to discuss the reconstruction of Lorca (08/05/2012)
    The Institution under the Ministry of Development, may act as a proposal of those affected as forcibly if they do not execute the works once received aid
  • John Francis Matthew and Laura Nicholas, ranked first in the test beneficial to the Early Childhood Center (08/05/2012)

  • Rafael Ruiz: "The problem is moved from one era to another" (07/05/2012)
    Responsible for Economic Affairs of the Socialist Municipal Group, Rafael Ruiz, pointed out that obtaining a loan ICO is an increase in financial debt of the City
  • Investment for Health and Social Policy in Lorca earthquake over 2 million (07/05/2012)
    The Minister Maria Angeles Palacios highlights the efforts made in the last year to restore infrastructure damaged by the quake, which damages valued at 3.6 million
  • The Governing Board of Lorca proposed that the exemption from property tax benefits to owners of 43,973 buildings damaged by earthquakes (07/05/2012)

  • The City of Lorca organized children's activities five evenings of this week in the downtown squares to boost the activity of the city (07/05/2012)

  • The Chamber of Commerce Lorca has received the consul of trade and economic issues in Hungary (07/05/2012)

  • All I prepared for the Mountain Trail and the hiking trail "A shared challenge" (04/05/2012)

  • Tonight prizes are awarded the Sports Gala XVIII of Lorca (04/05/2012)

  • A new block aid to victims of earthquakes lorquinas benefit 28 families with a combined value of 35,170 euros (04/05/2012)
    aid of the Bureau for Development approved by the Local Government reach the figure of 2,578,220 euros
  • The "Requiem" by Mozart, the main cultural event orgnizados acts to mark the first anniversary after the earthquakes (04/05/2012)
    will be held in the Plaza of Spain with the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia from the 22: 00
  • 105 businesses damaged by the earthquakes are distributed over half a million euros of aid already approved for rehabilitation or relocation (04/05/2012)

  • The Mayor acts arbitrarily when it denied the use of public address victims' associations to inform or to summon the citizens (03/05/2012)

  • Antonio Navarro: "Irresponsibility and incompetence on the part of those who decide and impotence on the part of those who suffer" (03/05/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, said that the balance after one year of management Earthquakes as regards yields a clear result: it is totally impossible to do worse
  • The City of Lorca, one of the first in Spain to receive approval for its adjustment plan, which will put in the hands of the local economy 25 million euros (03/05/2012)
    Francisco Jodar: "With this transaction we counter debt suppliers to zero and "clean the era," as they say colloquially "
  • The City of Lorca Lorca invited to be members in the Department of Civil Protection Volunteers (03/05/2012)

  • Lorca City Council calls upon the collective municipality to update their data in the municipal register of associations (03/05/2012)

  • The City of Lorca launches (03/05/2012)
    to promote shopping in the center and the establishment of new businesses
  • Lorca Mayor congratulates Handball section Eliocroca by the excellent results this season (03/05/2012)

  • The nineteenth Sporting Events of Women's Collective Lorca Ecuador to reach their traditional Gymkhana in the Fortress of the Sun (02/05/2012)

  • Local child Athletics and regional quarterfinals in juvenile category, upcoming competitions of school Lorca (02/05/2012)

  • One thousand young Lorca tour the slide on Friday with the Procession of Paper (02/05/2012)
    This is the Easter parade of Lorca, but with the peculiarity that all the costumes, cars and carriages are made by children, using materials such as cardboard, plastic and paper
  • The school Mother of God is proclaimed basketball regional champion female cadet school sports (02/05/2012)

  • The Department of Sports developed a seminar on "Basic Life Support and initial care in trauma in sports" (02/05/2012)

  • Excellent reception the day of physical activity in the Sierra de Enmedio, organized within the nineteenth Sporting Events of Women's Collective (02/05/2012)

  • Lorca becomes the reference axis for the Geological Survey with the celebration during the weekend of "Geolodía 12" (02/05/2012)

  • Lorca held from 7 to 10 May the 1st cultural week Foreign Languages ​​"Lorca Crucible of Cultures" (02/05/2012)


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