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  • The City Council cuts its debt more than 50%, consolidated budget balance and eliminate the accumulated deficit (31/03/2016)

  • The City of Lorca and the Federation of Highlands organized on Sunday a route through the Espartaria Belt (31/03/2016)
    can be done on foot, bike or horseback
  • The Lorca Cultural Center hosts from tomorrow until April 20 the photographic exhibition 'Blue Universe' Jose Maria Campos (31/03/2016)

  • On April 29 the XXII Gala of Sport Lorca in which 24 awards to athletes, clubs and businesses will be delivered will be held (31/03/2016)
    The best sporting event in the region of Murcia has been the XXX Rally Climb to the Holy organized by the automobile Club of Totana
  • President of the Community states that the "security of Lorca is reinforced" with the new police station of the National Police (31/03/2016)
    Pedro Antonio Sanchez assists in Lorca at the opening of the station by the Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, that "has the best equipment and advances"
  • IU-Green Lorca require compensation to the residents of the Highlands affected by solar photovoltaic power station and power line (30/03/2016)
    Pedro Sosa, deputy spokesman of the Municipal Group of the United Left-Greens Lorca, require also that the construction of such infrastructure hiring workers in the councils affected prioritises
  • The budget settlement of 2015 reveals that the PP has lost its way in economic management of the City of Lorca (30/03/2016)
    Municipal reports uncovered that the municipal debt resulting from the disastrous management of the PP, now exceeding 100 million euros
  • AECC of Lorca celebrates this weekend its first charity paddle tennis championship at the Club de Tenis Los Alamos (30/03/2016)

  • The PSOE takes stock of Easter 2016 and considers the image of the city as an "unfinished" (29/03/2016)
    From the PSOE launched a battery of proposals aimed at improving the urban image of the city, the expansion of services visitors and rethinking campaigns disclosure of "a unique event in the world"
  • The progress of the recovery of Lorca reduces by 93% the advances of families who need rental assistance by earthquakes (29/03/2016)
    moment only 30
  • IU-V: "The municipal accounts accuse the PP management errors" (28/03/2016)

  • The National Police dismantled three outlets of narcotics in Lorca (28/03/2016)
    been four detainees sale of both heroin and hashish, marijuana
  • The City of Lorca end 2015 with a surplus of more than 3.4 million euros in the municipal accounts (28/03/2016)

  • The City of Lorca works in the tender to hire the rehabilitation of the Fuente del Oro after receiving the regional report to the project (28/03/2016)

  • Lorca City Council gives green light to the proposal of the PSOE to recover funding for the art of embroidery (24/03/2016)

  • Coordination Meeting for security in Lorca (24/03/2016)

  • The City Council enables the new facility which will house the Tourist Office in the Plaza of Spain (23/03/2016)
    with the aim of contributing to the revival of the historic center
  • Francisco Jodar, "terrorist fanaticism is the evil of our day, we have to fight it from the unit and with all the means at our disposal" (23/03/2016)

  • El Paso Blue, prepared to continue succeeding in the final stretch of Holy Week (23/03/2016)

  • La Ciudad Deportiva de La Torrecilla plays host this Saturday the celebration of youth football tournament "Semana Santa Lorca" (22/03/2016)

  • The City Council receives a delegation from the French town of Vias visiting the city to attend the biblical processions of Holy Week (22/03/2016)

  • The device information from the Department of Tourism for Easter increased 50% (22/03/2016)
    attentions visitors on Friday and Palm Sunday
  • Blacktide ruling on a labor situation facing the workers of the company Magasegur (22/03/2016)
    who serve in the Hospital Rafael Mendez
  • El Paso Azul celebrate Holy Burial Procession in the early hours of Friday to Holy Saturday (22/03/2016)
    It will be a tour of the old town with the images of Our Lady of Sorrows and Holy Christ of the Good Death in a solemn setting and recollection
  • The Socialist Party calls for strengthening the special device for street cleaning during Holy Week (21/03/2016)
    Socialists believe that the number of portable toilets scattered around the roads of the city center is "clearly insufficient" to meet the 200,000 people who gather Lorca these days
  • The Cavalry "Déboros" starring the premieres of Paso Azul on Easter 2016 (21/03/2016)
    It also has embroidered flag premiered last Friday and has been restored Mercury's mantle Cavalry Triumph of Christianity
  • The processions of Good Friday and Palm Sunday achieve a resounding success of popular response, selling all chairs available (21/03/2016)

  • The Department of Tourism and Lorca Taller del Tiempo invite you to enjoy visits to see "The Other Easter" (21/03/2016)

  • Lorca will become an international forum for discussion of Jewish heritage with the III University Course on Medieval Archaeology Sefarad (21/03/2016)

  • The Civil Guard seizes twenty turtles blackberries on a farm of Lorca (21/03/2016)
    I had them as pets in a cottage
  • The City of Lorca joins'La Time off planet 'with the castle and the Garden Ruano morning from 20:30 to 21:30 pm (18/03/2016)

  • IU-v: "Giving the" Rafael Mendez "the UCAM is a stab Lorca and Lorca students at the Public University" (18/03/2016)
    "Let's try that an extraordinary plenary session reject the gift that is detrimental to the quality the health area of ​​Lorca "
  • PSOE: "The Bureau for run out of money" (17/03/2016)
    "and the PP says NO to claim the CARM the arrival of aid"
  • El Paso Morado and the City of Lorca organized for Easter Monday I Viacrucis the Living (17/03/2016)
    46 players who will represent the Passion for stations to Calvary
  • The Cavalry Squadron of the Civil Guard this year celebrates its tenth anniversary escorting Our Lady of Sorrows (17/03/2016)

  • CORREOS emits a stamp dedicated to the Holy Week of Lorca smelling incense (16/03/2016)
    The stamp image shows typical carts and horses Lorca processions and the legend "In Lorca, Easter the embroider"
  • Tonight the XIII Awards Ceremony will be held at the Working Women (16/03/2016)
    The event will take place at 20:30 pm at the Cultural Center of the city is organized by the Association 13 Rosas, linked to Lorca IU-Green
  • The City of Lorca summons the I Contest for Graphic Design Contest IX image Business Initiatives City of Lorca (16/03/2016)

  • The City of Lorca 8,000 edits publications Courtship (16/03/2016)
    and manages the sponsorship of ten companies and entities for the device tourist information Easter
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "glaring error" of the PP to build a car park opposite San Patricio invading private land (16/03/2016)
    Because of this incompetence, middle part of the surface of new parking area is fenced awaiting the end of the expropriation process
  • Antonio Mecca, Councilman C's, meets with the works council of Aguas de Lorca (16/03/2016)
    Antonio Mecca has shown support for workers and reassured to have let them clearly have their respect and solidarity
  • The Socialist Party demands that the city of Lorca clean, tapie and adecente solar street shoe shop face to Easter (16/03/2016)
    After a detailed field study, the Socialists also proposed enabling and temporary use of other solar the historic center as public car parks in the Barrios Altos
  • The City of Lorca regrets the contradictions of the PSOE (16/03/2016)
    asking private solar beautification of the districts and at the same time criticized
  • The councilmen of IU-V meet with the works council of Aguas de Lorca (16/03/2016)

  • Over 15.8 million for the Consortium for Fire Fighting and the new firehouse Lorca (16/03/2016)

  • Lorca Local Police detained a person for burglary in a dwelling and in a motor vehicle and identity theft (16/03/2016)

  • A dozen local police involved Lorca occasion of its patron Saint Patrick's first race of extreme obstacles ELIOPOL RACE (16/03/2016)

  • Oscar Barrera Tévar winner #AnuncioAzul III Photography Contest 2016 (16/03/2016)
    The winner will receive two tickets to watch from the stands the biblical processions of Thursday and Friday
  • MASS commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes during the month of April with a ten-day cultural program (15/03/2016)

  • The Department of Consumer Affairs encourages Lorca to know the rights and guarantees that protect them as consumers (15/03/2016)

  • The safety device of Easter contemplates the presence in the race and its environment agents less than 50 meters apart (15/03/2016)

  • Antonio Mecca not attend the presidential tribune Easter until its use is regulated (15/03/2016)

  • The Socialist Party demands the urgent cleaned up the viewpoint of Calvary for the start of Holy Week (15/03/2016)
    The Socialists regret the shameful image that the team Popular Party government intends to offer this very characteristic environment Easter Lorca
  • Many of the children enrolled in CEIP San Cristobal not speak Spanish (15/03/2016)
    The educational community center requires measures to address this problem
  • The Socialist Party calls to City Hall and CARM expedite procedures for the start of construction in San Antonio, Cristo Rey and Camino Viejo del Puerto (14/03/2016)
    Mateos expected that the delay in the start of construction in San Antonio is not due to the "political jealousy" People's Party for failing to recognize that the construction of the lower section to ease the traffic chaos is a proposal
  • The City Council will honor and awarded the Police Merit Cross City families of local police (14/03/2016)
    on the occasion of St. Patrick's Day
  • IU-Green Lorca and collaborates with other organizations supporting the campaign # We Lorca We are Refugees (14/03/2016)

  • "The night Flamenco" will offer a tour of the arrows of Easter on Wednesday at 20 pm in the Plaza Real thanks to the Network of Libraries of Lorca (14/03/2016)
    The cantaor Juan Marin and guitarist José Ruiz made a review of different saetas to welcome Easter
  • The remodeling of the neighborhood of San Diego de Lorca will benefit more than 5,000 residents (14/03/2016)
    counselors Development and Agriculture and the mayor of Lorca inaugurate the renovation of the neighborhood in which the Community has invested nearly five million euros
  • Press Release issued by HIDROGEA on complaint against Antonio Mecca (13/03/2016)
    a complaint by the unfounded allegations and statements made by Don Antonio Meca against the Board of Directors of Aguas de Lorca Presented
  • They claim that the security guards of the hospital Rafael Mendez will be more than 4 months without charge (12/03/2016)
    The Magasegur company has entered bankruptcy
  • The Department of Planning Grants License to Mercedarias Mothers (11/03/2016)
    to build a new multipurpose building between Arches and Abad streets Horno de las Monjas
  • IU-Greens claim that helps "special housing 2016 plan for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Lorca" are approved. (11/03/2016)
    Lorca loses 13 million euros for a "bad deal" Paco Jodar with SEPES
  • Incorporate a helicopter and Mobile Advanced Command to special operation to the events of Holy Week (11/03/2016)

  • Lorca The PSOE shows its interest in ensuring that the Mercado del Sol will soon be a reality (11/03/2016)

  • IES Pérez Casas, within and outside the campus, accumulated piles of garbage (11/03/2016)
    IU-v requires immediate conditioning center
  • Antonio Mecca will leave the Board of LIMUSA if the absolute power of the Manager is not limited (10/03/2016)

  • Lorca Town Hall and entrepreneurs develop a pilot experience in Holy Week (10/03/2016)
    to capture images for online communication market
  • The City of Lorca sent 2,000 letters to residents and businesses in the Avenida Juan Carlos I (10/03/2016)
    It announcing that mounting boxes Easter begins tomorrow
  • The Socialist Party calls the City of Lorca extreme road safety measures in Avda. Juan Carlos I (10/03/2016)

  • On Saturday the imposition of medals to the stewards of the Paso Azul will be held in the church of San Francisco (10/03/2016)
    ​​ It will be held within the septennate to Our Lady of Sorrows, held from Thursday until next Wednesday
  • The Socialist Party denounced Watchers Rafael Mendez Hospital take two months, unpaid (10/03/2016)
    After denouncing this same situation in 2015, 20 workers Vigilante Service Rafael Mendez Hospital face new defaults on their payrolls without Murciano Health Service to take up the matter
  • 40 women participate this Saturday afternoon at the Teatro Guerra in the VI Theatre Festival "Women's Associations of Lorca" (10/03/2016)
    Same day from 10:00 Ciudad Deportiva de La Torrecilla host the final of the Regional women's Rugby League
  • More than 600 children from seven Lorca schools have already advocacy of Easter organized by GuiAzul enjoyed (09/03/2016)
    The initiative, which is disclosed Week lorquina Passion young people through games, music and promotional videos will run until next Thursday Serenata
  • 3670 persons Lorca and region on the waiting list are entitled to claim to be attended by your specialist (09/03/2016)
    Socialists Lorca and other municipalities in the area III Health initiate an information campaign to encourage people who are in waiting list claiming the health care they are entitled
  • The Mayor of Lorca opens remodeled Park Island (09/03/2016)
    Includes now two bocce courts, gerontogimnasia equipment, board games and fenced football pitch
  • The People's University of Lorca offer four courses and short film workshops, writing, clowning and wine tasting (09/03/2016)

  • The PSOE approaches the 8M to demand recovery plans Equality between men and women, suppressed by the PP of Lorca in 2007 (08/03/2016)
    PSOE and JJSS Lorca denounced the wage gap and the glass ceiling that women suffer, and encourage the PP to "break the mold" and vindicate the rights of women beyond the dates that mark the calendar
  • 12 Lorca students receive awards of the 8th Competition for Secondary Education Narration Angeles Pascual (08/03/2016)
    The Mayor, during the award ceremony, reminded the historical professor Doña Angeles Pascual, recently deceased
  • The Department of Equality of Lorca delivery this afternoon the awards 'Lorca for Equality' to Youth Red Cross and the Colegio Madre de Dios Mercedarias (08/03/2016)

  • The Municipal Center for Business Initiatives La Torrecilla power synergies welcoming the new headquarters of Guadalentín Embark (08/03/2016)
    The facilities include a modern space for the Coworking, in which entrepreneurs can be located up the implementation of its business and It facilitates collaborative work and shared projects
  • Environment concludes emergency work in areas affected by fires last summer (08/03/2016)
    The Minister Adela Martinez-Cacho visit the Sierra del Almirez of Lorca, where the fire swept 228.22 hectares
  • Development closes the reconstruction project lorquino neighborhood of San Fernando with the incorporation of the City (08/03/2016)
    The Ministry allocated around 4 million euros to this urban space, of which 1.2 million will be for reconstruction and other 2.6 million for the renovation of infrastructure and services
  • The City Council won his incorporation to rebuild the San Fernando (08/03/2016)

  • The PSOE claims the recovery of cooperation agreements entreAyuntamiento of Lorca and brotherhoods for financiacióndel art of embroidery (07/03/2016)
    Mateos recommends the PP to make fewer gestures to the gallery and support more and real way the art of embroidery and our Easter
  • The PSOE donates 150 € to the travel agency Vineyard to address the setback suffered after stealing their belongings (07/03/2016)
    Socialists encourage the other municipal authorities to cooperate jointly for the Neighborhood Association of the Vineyard can cope with guarantees the organization of traditional festivities
  • Antonio Meca (C's): "We have requested the termination of a lease of a private home that has been closed to the public since 2011" (07/03/2016)
    Citizens believes that it is now completely dispensable, and proposed as a cost-saving measure removals existing materials to other local Limusa
  • The City Council gets the judicial support the Supreme Court to dispose of the treated water from the tanning factories (07/03/2016)

  • The Trail of Lorca Ramonete II offers the option to go on Sunday 19 km or 35 km with two levels of difficulty (07/03/2016)
    were registered and 400 people
  • The Mass commemorates the March 8 with an open day for all women (06/03/2016)
    On Tuesday, International Women's Day, women can visit for free the Blue Museum of Easter
  • We can think that is a matter of political will avoid accidents by overturning tractor (05/03/2016)
    The regional deputy, Andres Pedroza, lamented the new fatal accident of a farmer in Lorca
  • Each lorquino recycled during 2015 a total of 4.57 kilos of light packaging, 4.06% more than the previous year (04/03/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes that the old police station will become a multipurpose building for municipal use and issuing office of DCI maintained (04/03/2016)
    In the event that the building will be torn down, the Socialists require demolishing the COAST Ministry Interior and not the City of Lorca, so that does not cost them a penny to Lorca
  • The Mayor delivered to the Neighborhood Association of the Vineyard 205 trees and shrubs to repopulate the Rambla de Demoiselles Sunday (04/03/2016)

  • Francisco Jodar opened the exhibition "Heroines 8 looks by March 8." (04/03/2016)
    Can be visited in the Garden Ruano until 18
  • IU-Greens boost the "popular initiative" for activities related to cultural and natural heritage of Lorca (04/03/2016)

  • Local Police Lorca located five people for alleged burglary and damage in the hamlet of La Hoya (04/03/2016)

  • MASS Stars Magazine Paso Azul 2016, which includes 18 items in 100 pages (04/03/2016)

  • The Mayor of Lorca deliver prizes on Monday 8th Narration Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angeles Pascual" (04/03/2016)
    187 stories entered the competition that pays tribute to the historical professor and Adoptive Daughter of the recently deceased City
  • The Socialist Party calls to City Hall and CARM urgently intensify the campaign to combat the pest processionary caterpillar and borers (03/03/2016)

  • Nearly 20,000 people watched the V Rallye Highlands Lorca, which generated an economic impact of more than 1.6 million euros in the region (03/03/2016)
    59 media across the country gave coverage to the test has become one of the most spectacular and popular support of the domestic season
  • Antonio Mecca refuses to join the Board of Directors of Aguas de Lorca (03/03/2016)
    Citizens required to be removed responsible for the looting to Lorca to be part of this body
  • The Social Centre hosts La Paca Sunday information days for future entrepreneurs (03/03/2016)
    Espartaria organized by the Federation Council of Lorca hand
  • The Complex Felipe VI of Lorca plays host this Saturday the first tournament in the region blitz valid for national and international ranking (03/03/2016)

  • The Department of Health and Consumer possible to obtain the Certificate of Food Handlers through its website (03/03/2016)

  • Nationally Distinguish the Council's commitment to balance sustainability and tourism in Cala Calnegre tips (03/03/2016)

  • Chairs to watch the parades Carrera Friday and Palm Sunday Lorca go on sale Monday at the White and Blue Steps (03/03/2016)

  • PSOE: "The City Council Lorca prevents the processing of traffic administrative procedures" (02/03/2016)
    "by breaching the agreement it has with DGT"
  • El Paso Azul celebrates its traditional ad Sunday at 12.30 pm leaving from the House of the Caryatids (02/03/2016)
    Young Blue launch the III Photography Competition # AnuncioAzul2016
  • The special campaign of the Department of Tourism to promote our Easter fires a 170% purchase requests for chairs (02/03/2016)

  • Rating Ordinary plenary session on February 29, 2016 (02/03/2016)
    Antonio Mecca: "There are already several missed opportunities to make this more transparent and participatory City"
  • IU-V: "The setting of the Prince of Asturias IES is a dunghill" (02/03/2016)

  • The "Encounters with author" of the Municipal Libraries of Lorca bring three writers in the coming weeks (02/03/2016)
    Ana Alonso and Maite Carranza in March and April Maribel Romero will present their works Lorca 1,150 students
  • Regret that Lorca continue hosting circuses with animals (02/03/2016)
    Ecologists in Action regrets that the city of Lorca continue to allow animal circuses installed in the municipality, denying the motion proposed by the environmental organization
  • `The Jungle Book, the Adventure Mowgli' of lorquina production, opt recognition (02/03/2016)
    Best Musical Infantil and 12 nominations Musical Theater Awards
  • The City Council unanimously approved the accession of the municipality to the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (01/03/2016)
    This is to improve the quality of life of Lorca with the development of new technological resources.
  • The PSOE shows its concern about the conditions in which SEPOR be held this year and FERAMUR (01/03/2016)

  • The lorquinas companies know the plan of aid to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy (01/03/2016)
    The Director General of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity continues the round of meetings with the business sector to disseminate murciano aid
  • The investment of more than 2.7 million euros in the neighborhood of Calvary Lorca enables improvement of 14 streets and historic surroundings of the hermitages (01/03/2016)

  • Antonio Mecca asked the Mayor to withdraw the complaint against two of the affected by the installation of the crematorium (01/03/2016)

  • The Mayor receives regional champions Playing Athletics School Sports Program, students Colegio San Francisco de Asis (01/03/2016)
    The school Lorca participate next May at the National Championship to be held in Logroño
  • Development allocates 2.7 million euros to urban redevelopment of the neighborhood of El Calvario de Lorca (01/03/2016)
    The Minister Francisco Barnabas and Mayor Francisco Jodar visit the works that are running in the neighborhood, which will involve the performance in 14 streets

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