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  • The City of Lorca launches a plan for reviewing abandoned properties to prevent landslides (30/09/2019)

  • More than half a million people enjoy the most diverse Fair and Festival of Lorca in history (30/09/2019)

  • The Mayor of Lorca raises López Miras the need for CARM to complete the projects that are still pending in the municipality (30/09/2019)

  • López Miras meets with the mayor of Lorca (30/09/2019)

  • "The quiet work of the two councilors of VOX Lorca" (30/09/2019)

  • "Lorca, from square to square", motto of the Hostemur Hotel and Tourism Festival 2019 (30/09/2019)
    It will be held next Monday, October 7 (1:30 p.m.) at the Hotel Jardines de Amaltea de Lorca, where the sector employer will deliver its annual awards
  • Between today and next Monday, October 7, you can consult the electoral roll for the general elections on November 10 (30/09/2019)

  • Diego Conesa highlights the commitment of the Government of Spain and the PSRM to provide a solution to those affected by the floods of Lorca (29/09/2019)

  • A photograph of the Guadalentín river during the San Wenceslao flood looks from today at the noble entrance of the Town Hall (28/09/2019)

  • The PP calls on the City Council to provide those affected by the floods with information on the aid (27/09/2019)
    And the CHS to post on the internet the project to demarcate the Rambla de Biznaga
  • Dog Manhattan wins the first edition of 'Suena Lorca', the contest of Lorca bands organized by the Department of Celebrations (27/09/2019)

  • FERAMUR opens its doors in its XXXVI edition with more than 4,000 m2 of exhibition, as well as workshops, demonstrations and gastronomic tastings that complete the program (27/09/2019)

  • Manifesto for the weather in Lorca (27/09/2019)

  • We can Lorca maintains its brand (27/09/2019)

  • The First LGTBIQ Meeting in Lorca will take place next Saturday, September 28 in Lorca-Plaza (26/09/2019)

  • About thirty participants will participate in the 24th edition of the Marathon 'Lorca, Ciudad del Cuento' (26/09/2019)

  • TGB, Merkal Calzados and Olimpia LJWWJ arrive at Parque Almenara (26/09/2019)
    The mall of Lorca expands its offer with new brands
  • The environmental organizations Naturactúa, Ecologistas en Acción, Lorca Biciudad and the vocality of the nature of the La Carrasca Hiking Club (26/09/2019)
    The citizen platforms 'Stop fathers next to the houses' and 'Save the Counselor'
  • The Department of Transportation reports the transfer of several of the urban bus stops due to traffic restrictions due to the celebration of the 'Day Fair' (26/09/2019)

  • Lorca will celebrate tomorrow 'World Tourism Day' with open days at the Castle, the Visitor Center and the church of San Patricio, among other activities (26/09/2019)
    In addition, all visitors who ask any questions at the points of tourist information, Tourist Office, Castle or Visitor Center will receive as a souvenir an object of merchandising of the city
  • This Thursday opens the registration period for the Municipal School of Plastic and Performing Arts that will offer 400 places (26/09/2019)

  • The Popular Party demands special attention for security districts after the robberies perpetrated and material damage in Tiata (26/09/2019)

  • The PP denounces the laziness of Citizens and PSOE against the historic center (26/09/2019)
    And claims effective solutions, "instead of dozens of fences and kilometers of tape"
  • The Popular Party demands special attention for security districts (26/09/2019)
    Following the robberies with force and material damage in Tercia
  • The PP considers "laughing" that the Deputy Mayor of Citizens blames the Mayor for hiring his sister (26/09/2019)
    And hold him responsible for the controversy that has generated
  • IU-Greens denounces paralysis in the application of the Law to justify earthquake aids (25/09/2019)

  • The Bullfighting Club organizes, for this next Saturday, a children's confinement with inflatable bulls and many surprises for the little ones (25/09/2019)

  • The mayor takes stock of the first 100 days of the government, which he describes as "very intense since they have gone through the large volume of work that we are developing" (25/09/2019)

  • The young student of the Juan Navarro García de La Hoya school, (25/09/2019)
    Miriam Martínez, winner of the drawing contest of the First Orbital Campaign for Safety and Prevention in the Transport of Minors
  • The PP considers the 100 days of Citizens and PSOE in the government as disappointing as predictable: dirtier streets than ever, forgotten districts, stopped works and the lost IBI bonus (25/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard detains three young people in Lorca dedicated to commit robberies in schools (25/09/2019)

  • The PSOE boycotts the PP initiative so that the Regional Assembly requires Pedro Sánchez to maintain the IBI bonus to those affected by earthquakes (25/09/2019)

  • Lorca participates in the III Forum of the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations held this Wednesday in Orihuela (25/09/2019)

  • The Department of Local Development launches the 'Sumamos' project which will benefit around 360 unemployed in 40 different itineraries (24/09/2019)

  • IU-Greens takes stock of the 100 days of the local government (24/09/2019)

  • IU-Verdes calls for extreme road safety in the Villatercia urbanization and in the Villaespesa public school (23/09/2019)
    Councilwoman Gloria Martín has echoed numerous claims from the residents of the area who have felt abandoned by the City Council for five years
  • The first weekend of the Fair closes with a very positive balance of the influx of people and participation in the different activities organized by the City of Lorca (23/09/2019)

  • Fifth edition of the solidarity campaign for the collection of school supplies (23/09/2019)
    The Secretary General of Socialist Youth of Lorca, José Ángel Ponce, presented this morning the fifth edition of the solidarity campaign for the collection of school supplies
  • ... (23/09/2019)

  • ... (23/09/2019)

  • Gala "Flamenco Ciudad del Sol" (23/09/2019)
    Wednesday, September 25.
  • The Local Police of Lorca fires with affection Dody, one of the founding dogs of the Canine Unit of the municipality (22/09/2019)

  • Local Police agents save the life of a man who had suffered a heart attack inside his car at the San Fernando Rotunda (21/09/2019)
    For this, the assistance provided by a citizen and two municipal Electric Service operators was essential. were in the area and they started resuscitation maneuvers before the Patrol arrived
  • Inauguration of the exhibition “Essences of Women”, organized by the Choir of Ladies of the Virgin of Bitterness (20/09/2019)

  • IU-V asks for explanations on the facade of the Palace of Guevara (20/09/2019)
    No one has been working there for months and that cover is still hidden from view behind wooden crates
  • The PP demands that the procedures be expedited so that Asofem, Down Lorca, Apandis and Asdifilor can start up their supervised floors in the new Barrio de San Fernando as soon as possible (20/09/2019)

  • From September 21 to 29, Lope Gisbert, Príncipe Alonso until Poeta Carlos Mellado and Álamo streets will remain closed to traffic between 1pm and 9pm (20/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca establishes free accompaniment at fairground attractions for children with functional diversity (20/09/2019)
    A measure so that all children can enjoy the Fair and Festivities of Lorca 2019 and that adds to the also scheduled 'Day no noise '
  • The City of Lorca installs 24 jaimas, extends the schedule of the 'Day Fair' and increases the number of portable toilets to enjoy the Fair and Parties (20/09/2019)

  • The new Fraternity-Muprespa assistance center opens in Lorca (20/09/2019)
    The Mutual Social Security Collaborator has been working in Lorca since 2010 and has about 600 mutual companies in the region
  • Craftsmen of mud, wood, textile, metal, leather, glass, forge, cosmetics and food meet at the Regional Fair in Lorca (20/09/2019)
    Feramur is held from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 with the participation of about 120 stands from several countries
  • The City of Lorca continues to work on the drainage of the lands affected by the torrential rains of last weekend (20/09/2019)

  • Limusa reinforces the cleaning forces during the Lorca Fair and Festivities and increases the number of containers by 15 percent over the previous year (20/09/2019)
    Councilman Francisco Morales presents the special cleaning device on the occasion of the Lorca Fair, which will have a deployment of 17 vehicles and will double the number of solid waste containers in the urban center
  • The Local Police seized 1,965 units of alcoholic beverages in four stores that did not comply with the Coexistence Ordinance (20/09/2019)

  • This Saturday Juan Carlos I Avenue will be cut for 'World Day without Cars' during the morning's business hours (20/09/2019)

  • The Mayor of Lorca inaugurates the Life Adaptate conference organized with the aim of pooling proposals to reduce the effects of climate change (19/09/2019)

  • The PP uncovers that the government of Citizens and PSOE in Lorca has already lost the bonus of 50% of the IBI to those affected by earthquakes (19/09/2019)

  • More than 600 troops will form the Special Emergency Plan for the Fair and Festivities of Lorca 2019 (19/09/2019)
    This year as a novelty to the positions already installed at the entrance of the Huerto de la Rueda fairgrounds, an Advanced Health Post (PSA) will be added with sanitary registration for the busiest days, such as weekends
  • The XV Exhibition of Enganches de Lorca will take place next Sunday, September 22 in the Alamedas (19/09/2019)

  • The Local Police remember that the surroundings of the Huerto de la Rueda will cut traffic, starting at 20 hours, during the fair days, giving priority to pedestrian traffic (19/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard investigates four people for the theft of hives in Zarcilla de Ramos-Lorca (19/09/2019)

  • IU-Greens calls for an urban reforestation plan and the creation of four large parks in Lorca (18/09/2019)

  • The XXII Spanish BTT Championship of Local Police will have the participation of seven agents of the body of Lorca (18/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca begins the conditioning of the site attached to the Rafael Méndez Hospital to increase the number of parking spaces (18/09/2019)

  • The PP requires Isabel Franco and Citizens Region of Murcia to clarify immediately where her councilor was during the red rain alert (18/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard detains three young people caught with more than half a kilo of marijuana in Totana (18/09/2019)
    Those arrested, who were detected in a control, are attributed the alleged authorship of drug trafficking crime
  • Vox Lorca proposes the enhancement of the Barrio San Cristobal (18/09/2019)
    Project the neighborhood ethnographically throughout the region.
  • ... (17/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca launches a 'Violet Point' as a system of prevention of violence against women during the development of the Fair and Festivities (17/09/2019)

  • IU: "In seven years of PP and PSOE governments they have done nothing to mitigate the effects of extreme weather in the fields of Lorca and the Region" (17/09/2019)

  • PP: The great idea of ​​Citizens and PSOE for the Fair: convert the Plaza de España into a macro greenhouse that destroys the image of the heart of the historic center (17/09/2019)

  • The PP requires Citizens Region of Murcia to clarify immediately where it has been during every day of the storm his councilor in Lorca (17/09/2019)

  • The Plenary of the City Council approves "unanimously" to adopt measures to mitigate the effects caused by the rains (17/09/2019)

  • The integral tent installed in the Plaza de España is the answer to a historic claim of the Lorca hoteliers during the 'Day Fair' (17/09/2019)

  • The PP gets the unanimous support of the Plenary to open a Damnified Assistance Office, request the exemption of the IBI from those affected and demand the declaration of the municipality as a catastrophic zone (17/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca enables an office for those affected by torrential rains in recent days (17/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca will request the declaration of "catastrophic zone" for the municipality after the damage suffered by the last rains (16/09/2019)

  • Lorca joins the celebration of the European Mobility Week, from September 16 to 22, under the slogan "Mobility active collective health" (16/09/2019)

  • The Emergency device attends about half a thousand issues caused by the torrential rains in recent days in the municipality of Lorca (16/09/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil proposes the start-up of a Municipal Damnification Office to advise those affected by the rains and hail (16/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles in Lorca a point of sale of traveling drug (16/09/2019)

  • Table tennis opens the Guadalentín Sports Games after the suspension on Friday of the Popular March on foot (15/09/2019)
    This weekend more than a hundred paddlers meet at the Open City of Lorca in the San José pavilion
  • The Lumbrerense artist, Yolanda Martínez, will exhibit her 'Convergent Encounters' at the Cultural Center, until next September 30 (15/09/2019)

  • The VII Concentration of Classic Vehicles of Lorca will be on September 22 in the parking lot of the former Convent of La Merced (14/09/2019)

  • The Municipal Library Network hosts 'Alejandro Balandro' a storyteller for equality by Miriam Oller (14/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard intercepts a truck with 127 kilos of cocaine in Lorca (14/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca keeps the Municipal Emergency Service on alert despite the torrential rains leaving a balance of "relative tranquility" (13/09/2019)

  • Suspended the Popular March walking that gave the kick off to the Guadalentín Sports Games for the storm (13/09/2019)

  • The Municipal School of Music opens an extraordinary period of pre-registration for vacancies in the new course (12/09/2019)
    May be formalized until next Monday, September 16, in the morning, at the facilities located in the Cat area
  • Sevillian Rejoneador Ángel Peralta Pineda will be honored, posthumously, in the next edition of Fericab to be held from October 8 to 13 (12/09/2019)

  • LOR + LGTBIQ is born, the association that will fight for the visibility of the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, intersex and queer collective in Lorca (12/09/2019)

  • IU: "It seems incredible that there are still more post-war schools in Lorca" (12/09/2019)
    Pedro Sosa criticizes the lousy state of maintenance of the CEIP of Almendricos, with uralite ceilings, shelled walls and doors, toilets in shabby conditions and demands their urgent fix
  • The Peñarrubia Lorca Trail, one of the most supportive sports events, returns in its eighth edition on September 15 (12/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca will keep closed all Friday sports facilities municipal before the red alert for heavy rains (12/09/2019)

  • This next Friday, September 13, will be held the 'I Meeting of Ham Cutters in favor of EEA III' (11/09/2019)

  • The Popular Party proposes that Lorca attend the WiFi4EU program to install free Wi-Fi access in the social neighborhoods and neighborhoods (11/09/2019)

  • IU denounces the paralysis of the Defense Plan against Avenues (11/09/2019)

  • About 400 troops will guarantee the security and the correct development of the Fair and Festivities of Lorca 2019 (11/09/2019)

  • The Mayor of Lorca meets this afternoon with emergency personnel and municipal services in anticipation of torrential rains (11/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca will keep the municipal outdoor sports facilities closed in the face of the threat of rain scheduled for tomorrow Thursday (11/09/2019)
    In addition, from the Department of Sports it is recommended to suspend training and other activities planned in the covered facilities, which will be open during the day
  • The course started today in Lorca with approximately 3,300 children in children and 6,850 students in primary school (10/09/2019)

  • IU claims the conditioning and cleaning of the entrance roads to the city (10/09/2019)
    Pedro Sosa warns of the state of abandonment and dirt in the round and ditches of Lorca dependent on the Community
  • Concerts, gastronomy, crafts or folklore make up the varied program of activities that the City of Lorca has organized to enjoy the Fair and Festivities 2019 (10/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard clarifies the subtraction of nine tons of rosemary in Lorca (10/09/2019)

  • The XXIX edition of the International Festival of Flamenco Cante "Ciudad del Sol" and the poster has been presented (10/09/2019)
    It will be held on November 7, 8 and 9 at the Guerra de Lorca Theater
  • The City of Lorca recalls that the new pig facilities planned in the district of El Consejero have been licensed since last May (09/09/2019)
    From the Consistory reiterate that they will provide "all information that is always required according to current regulations"
  • The Socialist deputy, Marisol Sánchez Jódar, will defend tomorrow in Congress the reform of the Statute of Autonomy to eliminate the outcrops (09/09/2019)
    Lorca will make this defense with the secretary general of the PSRM-PSOE and spokesman for the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Diego Conesa
  • El Paso Blanco presents the white flag of 1886 (08/09/2019)
    El Paso Blanco, in its eagerness to recover its history and heritage, has brought to light the flag made in 1886.
  • López Miras attends the Mass in honor of the Virgen de las Huertas de Lorca (08/09/2019)

  • The Lorca production 'La Dama y el Vagabundo' chosen as the best children's musical of the prizes of the public of the prestigious magazine BroadwayWorld Spain (06/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca performs fumigation work to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes in the neighborhood of La Viña (06/09/2019)

  • IU-Verdes proposes a solution to improve the mobility needs of neighborhood residents (06/09/2019)

  • The Guerra de Lorca Theater will host the XXIX edition of the International Festival of Flamenco Cante "Ciudad del Sol" on November 7, 8 and 9 (06/09/2019)

  • Down Lorca starts the new course with a program full of activities and a wide range of services for its users (06/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard investigates the owners of a livestock farm in Lorca for the crime of animal abandonment (06/09/2019)
    About thirty corpses of sheep and goats have been found on the inspected farm, as well as about a hundred malnourished and live animals deplorable state of health
  • The Young Group of the Brotherhood of Labradors, Paso Azul presents its calendar of activities for the 'course' that begins (06/09/2019)
    Through this ambitious program the youth of the Blue Step intend to energize the blue youth and continue working for and for the Holy Week in Lorca
  • The City Council launches the awareness campaign 'The festivities of Lorca free of sexist aggressions' (06/09/2019)

  • Concerts, children's theater, recreational activities or playroom service for the little ones to also enjoy the Fair and Festivals of Lorca (05/09/2019)

  • The Craftsman's House, which will open its doors in the coming weeks, will allow to know old traditional crafts (05/09/2019)

  • IU demands the cleaning of the Carraclaca land owned by the State (05/09/2019)
    The land belonging to the Ministry of Defense, where the leftist formation has requested that a new hospital be built for Area III of Health, show a worrying state of abandonment
  • The figure of the ambassador is born in the 41st edition of the Guadalentín Sports Games (05/09/2019)

  • The parade of the groups of the International Festival of Folklore "Virgen de las Huertas" will force to cut some of the main streets of the historic center this Friday morning (05/09/2019)

  • IU-Verdes insists on the need to order the livestock sector in Lorca to control the effects of the 'bubble' (04/09/2019)

  • The Mayor of Lorca welcomes the suspension of the tender for the health transport contest in the Region (04/09/2019)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service closes the 2019 Copla Plan with a very positive balance in the number of interventions carried out this summer in Punta de Calnegre (04/09/2019)

  • The PP requests that Limusa undertake the pilot project that was planned to raise public awareness about the need to separate bio-waste (04/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca programs a "Day without noise" (03/09/2019)
    So that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder can enjoy the Fair
  • Choirs and Dances of Lorca pays tribute to the patron saint of the city with a hand-embroidered mantle on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of her Canonical Coronation (03/09/2019)

  • IU demands to the new government team the audit of the EIB loan that the PP refused to carry out (03/09/2019)
    Sosa considers it essential to carry out this audit to end the obscurantism that the regional government has had with this matter
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Diego José Mateos, will make public information about the state in which the city's urban renewal works are located (03/09/2019)

  • The PP calls on the current central government to build the reservoir that irrigators need to store the water from the desalination plant on Cerro Colorado (03/09/2019)

  • The City of Lorca insists on the need to end the seasonality of hiring after the rise in unemployment in 159 people in August (03/09/2019)

  • The Popular Party proposes that the Lorca Fair has a schedule free of noise and loud lights so that children with autism or asperger can enjoy it (02/09/2019)
    It is an initiative that would greatly enrich the celebration of the Fair
  • The PP claims that the first measure of PSOE and Citizens against depopulation is to close the nursery of La Paca and requires its immediate reopening (02/09/2019)
    The center, which has all the necessary authorizations in order, has been closed without prior notice, in a clear example of a cut in the provision of public services to the residents of the high districts
  • The City of Lorca programs a "Day without noise" so that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder can enjoy the Fair (02/09/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil denounces that Citizens and PSOE have lost the summer without trying to solve the IBI bonus to those affected by earthquakes (02/09/2019)

  • The City Council ensures the continuity of the service to serve children aged 0-3 years in the high districts of Lorca (02/09/2019)

  • The Department of Youth launches the second phase of the Book Exchange Bank that will run until October 11 (02/09/2019)

  • The City Council of Lorca asks the Segura Hydrographic Confederation to clean up a score of ramblas before the arrival of the rainy season (01/09/2019)


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