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  • Definitely works awarded Care Center for Women and arrangement of Soto Road Carrascas (31/07/2009)
    Lorca City Council to allocate some EUR 1,336,000 Municipal Investment Plan to these two works, financed by the Autonomous Community
  • Lorca Scouts return from international camp in Iceland (31/07/2009)
    The Clan Rover Leiva, consisting of twenty-five young Lorca returns from Roverway 2009 held in Iceland between 18 and 29 July
  • The blue area is free from Saturday August 1 (31/07/2009)
    ORA account system with 2067 seats Lorca
  • 240,000 euros to renovate the park in the neighborhood of La Viña de Lorca (31/07/2009)

  • The PSOE Jódar only regrets that arising from the operation of a section of the central round (30/07/2009)

  • The City Council makes Lorca delivery of 25 tuners to watch digital terrestrial television in the local social, elderly and women from the upper rural districts (30/07/2009)
    adapters allow residents to view digital terrestrial television in the local municipal districts in the has started the analog switch
  • The Government of Spain will invest 30 million in the modernization of irrigation in La Tercia Lorca (29/07/2009)
    The MARM has allocated over 170 million euros to improve irrigation systems Lorca, a number never reached in this area Cuenca
  • The PSOE criticizes "tax collection effort" Cohabitation Ordinance (29/07/2009)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz, welcomed the creation of a commission to "polish" the original text and noted that the same, the PSOE spokesman will make contributions neighborhood
  • The City Council has earmarked more than 200,000 euros to the local extension of social Zarcilla Palm, which will feature more than 700 m2 (29/07/2009)
    The improvement works began last June and will last until December.
  • Peñarrubia is satisfied because the Integrated Training Center of Lorca have a (29/07/2009)
    ... Social Council to include representation of employers and unions
  • The Happy Cookies morning his album presents Lorca Plaza, within Espirelia All Arte 2009 (29/07/2009)
  • The Municipal School Board agrees to the non-school days for next year (29/07/2009)
    And the construction of a new institute and a primary pavilion at Ana Caicedo
  • Health Area III decentralized to all health centers and clinics peripheral County Lorca test "Sintron" (28/07/2009)

  • Lorca will take center disinfection of transport vehicles "art of southern Spain" (28/07/2009)
    Cerda said that 40 percent of the regional livestock sector is concentrated in the region of Guadalentín
  • Puxeu announces the start of construction of modern irrigation in Tercia will be "almost immediately" (28/07/2009)
    Secretary of State for Rural Water met with irrigators of Lorca to profile landmark projects for local agriculture, in a ceremony marked by the absence of Francisco Jódar
  • Start the free distribution of products to file the fruit fly (28/07/2009)
    baits and insecticides can be collected in the Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds Monday to Thursday during the month of August
  • Birth of the club "Lorca Grassroots" to promote the practice of soccer among the youth of the city (28/07/2009)
    Its main objective is to teach the practice of football, regardless of the problems that may occur in professional football
  • Rachel Miras and Raul Guevara is the winner of the popular race "Joaquín Pernías" (27/07/2009)

  • Lorca will in less than a year with two new centers for the disabled (27/07/2009)
    The Minister of Social Policy has laid the foundation stones of the new residence Asprodes and multipurpose center Apandis
  • Three people are arrested for stealing a bag in the Lorca Rock (27/07/2009)
    And two citizens go to court for assaulting another person and driving without a license
  • Posted the first stone of the new Multipurpose Center Apandis in Lorca (27/07/2009)
    will have an investment of 2,578,662 euros, will be located in La Hoya and have Day Care Center, Occupational Center of Early Care Center
  • The House claims that the National Government to increase the water transferred from the Tagus to the Segura (27/07/2009)
    The Corporation has also called for a national flat rate for water in its different uses and the use of desalination only as a complementary system to transfers
  • The House unanimously approved the municipal Local Agenda 21 (27/07/2009)
    improve environmental management in Lorca, with more participation
  • The House initially approved the Ordinance for the protection of civic and prevention of antisocial acts (27/07/2009)
    Security Council Member, Belén Pérez, explained that the text will bring public exposure and will be discussed in committee to enrich information
  • Lorca will in less than a year with a new residence for Aspodres (27/07/2009)
    will be located at the site of Altobordo and will create 90 seats, which must be added the 220 news
  • Indignation neighborhood because the arrangement of Totana Zarzadilla road not designed to eliminate dangerous curves (24/07/2009)
    The PSOE echoes protests by neighbors, who had spent more than a decade claiming the government of the settlement Valcárcel road , "they are undertaking so sloppy"
  • International Seminar starts today to promote the innovation of social mediation in multicultural education in Lorca (24/07/2009)
    Young people from 9 countries across Europe participate in the intercultural mediation project
  • Ferra notes that the lack of Jódar can make Lorca "lose the underground train" (24/07/2009)
    secretary general of the Socialist Lorca regretted that the successful meeting between the Minister of Development and the regional president's lack of political weight PP mayor made to obviate the needs of Lorca
  • The Lorca can apply through the website Limusa a tribolsa (24/07/2009)

  • The Municipal Organization of Local Agenda 21 will improve environmental management in promoting public participation Lorca (24/07/2009)
    This organization will be a new step forward in the consolidation of LA21 with the creation of three new management that will put sustainable policies
  • Begin procedures to improve the infrastructure of seven streets of Barrio de San Cristóbal, including the PIMUN (24/07/2009)
    The Mecca street improvements, Medrano, Cañada de Animas, Zamora, Cherry, Secure and Safe Passage will involve an investment of 515,000 euros from the agreement between the Ministry of the Presidency and the city of Lorca
  • Lorca City Council participates in extinguishing the fire in the towns of Mojacar and Vera (24/07/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, ordered the displacement of a total of 8 and 3 effective vehicle to assist with tasks designed to stifle flames
  • More than 37,000 euros to develop workshops for people with Alzheimer Lorca (24/07/2009)

  • El Palacio de Guevara welcomed on Monday the photography exhibition "The Vulnerable Body" by Victoria Diehl (24/07/2009)
    This exhibition has toured several European cities, will be open until 13 September
  • The Socialist Party calls the resolution of the urban situation of rural communities (23/07/2009)
    Those affected can not build but its land is classified as "urban" category that applies when property tax receivables
  • The Socialist Party adheres to the concentration for sport Lorca (23/07/2009)
    The General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca, Diego Ferra regret that some sports clubs are receiving "pressure" not to come to the protest this afternoon
  • More than a dozen young people from the districts during this month have managed spaces in these areas (23/07/2009)
    All this under the "Youth Action 1.1"
  • Ferra respects the action of the Court but asked if there was political responsibilities institutional charges in the case guilty LIMUSA (23/07/2009)

  • Deleted ADIF six level crossings in Lorca (23/07/2009)
    These are the ways of Hinojar, Casa Castillo, Molino de la Sierra, Trail, Churra, and Salar Razorfen
  • The popular race "Joaquín Pernías" will be held next Sunday in Purias (22/07/2009)

  • EVAF activities come to the coast to the delight of the participants (22/07/2009)
    More than 300 children of the municipality are taking part in the activities organized by the IMJUDE
  • The works of Lorca Campus to provide degrees of Health Sciences will be completed in the summer of 2010 (22/07/2009)
    The current implementation is 50 percent and university education in the 2010-2011 academic year will begin with grades of Nursing and Occupational Therapy
  • Water The mayor claims that the National Government to increase the flow of water transferred from the Tajo-Segura (22/07/2009)
    Today, while respecting the environmental flow set by law, could transfer up to 260 hm 3 for our Region
  • Release from IU in relation to the concentration in defense of the sport called for tomorrow (22/07/2009)

  • The PSOE prompted the creation of a fund for emergency aid for people with special difficulties (22/07/2009)

  • Press of the City Council before the heat wave (22/07/2009)

  • The City Council launches summer campaign for the adoption of pets and appeals to the responsibility of the owners for the summer (21/07/2009)
    The mayor of Health, Antonia Lopez, stated that so far this year have been adopted a total of 46 animals, of the 356 that have been collected in the street.
  • The Mayor of Lorca receives the new CEO of Defense in the Region (21/07/2009)
    Juan Manuel Bayo replaces Vicente Basabe, who has been nine years in office.
  • The Mayor of Lorca visit the international field of work of the Provincial Council with the participation of 45 young Coy from 8 European countries (21/07/2009)
    The first mayor was accompanied by the Director of Youth, Veronica Lopez and Councilman Joaquin Ruiz Montalvan.
  • Lorca Mediterranean look to tomorrow night at the Plaza Calderon de Caro Ceice music and Kapedani Markelian within Espirelia All Arte'09 (21/07/2009)
    The Director of the Municipal Council for Culture and Celebrations of the City of Lorca, Juan Jose Garcia, explained that as the rest of the concert Arte 2009 All this performance is free.
  • The PSOE proposed a Decalogue to minimize the impact of the works in the center (21/07/2009)
    The Socialist Councillor Isabel Casalduero defend a motion in Parliament next Monday, with ten measures agreed with the residents of the area
  • Youth in Europe and Asia participate in the cultural revitalization of Coy (21/07/2009)
    Veronica Lopez visits the volunteers who assist cultural fieldwork taking place in the council lorquina Coy
  • 7 medals for the team Cemelorca-Trek-Lorca Taller del Tiempo Championships in Spain, held in Barcelona (20/07/2009)

  • Lorca today welcomes two courses of the Universidad del Mar, on enhancement of the archaeological and early intervention (20/07/2009)
    Councillor for Education and University, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, has inaugurated the first course of territorial management of the archaeological heritage areas cultural, archaeological sites and large sets musealized.
  • Lorca City Council extends the network of collectors sanitation collector Torrealvilla Zuniga, the cost is almost 1.2 million euros (20/07/2009)
    This collector will have a length of nearly 6 miles and will serve the residents of the Zuniga and Torrealvilla sites.
  • Cerdá ensures that the globalization of markets "requires the cooperative to meet new challenges" (18/07/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water Lorca closure in the summer course 'Competitiveness of agricultural cooperatives in a global context', organized by the Polytechnic University Cartagena
  • The removal of a tower crane construction traffic will cause cuts in Mayor Street and Higuera (17/07/2009)
    The modifications will occur from 08:00 until 17:00 hours Sunday.
  • The multidisciplinary team of CAVI 1599 Lorca's attention has since 2008 attending a total of 375 women (17/07/2009)
    During the first half, a total of 895 care thus increasing the number of women assisted over 2008 with over 40 users coming A total of 199 this year.
  • The City Council approved an investment of 851,000 euros (17/07/2009)
    For the improvement of streets in the neighborhoods of San Lazaro, San Cristobal, San Juan, Santa Maria and San Pedro
  • More than 1.3 million euros for the construction of the Youth Lorca (17/07/2009)

  • Nearly 386,000 euros for the recovery of historical and artistic heritage in Lorca (17/07/2009)

  • The community takes the assignment of a former barracks building Lorca Artillery, which will house the new center integrated FP (17/07/2009)

  • Youth Councilman visit the summer camp held at Finca Caruana (17/07/2009)
    more than 40 youths participate Lorca
  • Limusa improve cleanliness of the streets with the acquisition of 7 new vehicles to modernize its fleet with an investment of 284,200 euros (16/07/2009)
    With the acquisition of seven new vehicles, and better provision in security features, the municipal da compliance with its investment policy with the savings from cost reduction and procurement management.
  • The City invests 342,000 euros this year to improve 8 streets of San Lázaro (16/07/2009)
    investment to PIBAL in 2009 around 4 million euros.
  • The Socialist Party calls on the government team "that is serious gender violence" (16/07/2009)
    According to Lucía Sánchez Socialist councilor PP "has not lifted a finger" to implement the protocol of cooperation with law enforcement authorities Security adopted at the plenary session in February at the request of the PSOE
  • The interconnection of municipal buildings will enable the City would save 300,000 euros per year in communications (16/07/2009)
    This is a project with an investment of 136,938 euros, whose launch is imminent and is expected to be completed by next November.
  • Sánchez (PSOE), "Ibarra can not deny their own data" (16/07/2009)
    The Socialist councilor demanded the spokesman of the PP government team "to restore to the citizens of the districts investment that has taken two years"
  • Great civic reception to the first activity of the "From neighborhood to neighborhood," held in the atrium of the church of San Pedro (16/07/2009)
    This program is a pioneering experience in our city that includes dancing, flamenco, and bike routes photo exhibition.
  • The City Council meets with the residents of San Cristobal, San Diego, Apolonia, Los Angeles and the armed forces to expose the works of the area (16/07/2009)
    took place in the afternoon yesterday at the headquarters of the council of Mayor.
  • IU requires clarity and transparency in the municipal school near conflict Juan González de Lorca. (15/07/2009)

  • The regional government allocated 1.3 million euros for the renovation of the Plaza of Spain of Lorca and his environment (15/07/2009)
    The action includes an urban area listed by the Special Protection Plan and Comprehensive Rehabilitation of a Historical Lorca
  • The PP drastically PIBAL investments, according to the PSOE (15/07/2009)

  • Youth Action 1.1, goes to the districts of Lorca for the recovery of areas, by young unemployed (15/07/2009)
    It is the activity number 7 and perform restoration of banks, clearing trails and promenades, in exchange for bonds redeemable at establishments in the city.
  • The Office of Tourism of Lorca is honored with the "Q" Quality for excellence in visitor service work (15/07/2009)
    This is the fourth hotel in the city awarded the badge after the travel agency Marsans, House Rural La Noria and Restaurant La Cava.
  • The procession of the Virgen del Carmen cuts cause traffic on Thursday 16, from 20:00 pm (15/07/2009)

  • Reply Lorca Hall of the PSOE's criticism about PIBAL (15/07/2009)

  • The PSOE requires continuous monitoring in La Torrecilla (15/07/2009)

  • The City Council requested the cooperation of citizens to catch the unscrupulous who are committing acts of vandalism (14/07/2009)
    against local towns located in La Torrecilla
  • The City Council this year cut the amount of fees and the deposit payable by recipients of the stalls of the fair (14/07/2009)
  • The "forgetfulness" of the PSOE in the disposal of sewage causes the appearance of a slew of fecal waste of 2 meters depth (14/07/2009)
    In the street Lope Gisbert
  • "Youth Action 1.1", began last weekend with the promotion TOURIST Lorca city along the coast of Alicante and Murcia (14/07/2009)
    Six young Lorca visited the beaches offering beachgoers supply Lorca Taller del Tiempo, Espirelia , Noches del Castillo etc ..
  • Hall and booksellers Lorca sign an agreement soon to ensure greater flexibility in managing municipal bond-book (14/07/2009)
    The meeting was attended by mayors and Antonio José Joaquín Peñarrubia Ibarra, along with a broad representation of the Booksellers Association Lorca.
  • Reply Lorca Hall of statements made by the PSOE on economic policy (14/07/2009)

  • The PSOE asked if the mayor political responsibilities of the PP does not get 20 million loan to pay creditors of the City Council (14/07/2009)
    There are only ten days to sign the operation that would pay 50% of the debt that the municipality has with businesses and freelancers
  • The PP is strangling the economic capacity of groups to which has not yet paid subsidies for activities already completed (14/07/2009)
    According to Isabel Casalduero Socialist councilor, the government team of Francisco Jodar has not yet delivered aid for Easter Guilds policy and practice "anticultural"
  • Juanfra Rodriguez gets the King's Cup Jet Rally jet ski (13/07/2009)
    was proclaimed winner in the town of Laredo (Cantabria), and can still get the title of Spain and Rally Raid
  • Works in Old Harbor Crossing, which represent an investment of 103,200 euros, will be ready for next August (13/07/2009)
    The road will be wider sidewalks, it will contract services and is correcting sanitation collector to work .
  • The City Council allocated € 124,000 for 3 municipal employment programs, support to families at risk of exclusion and promote volunteer (13/07/2009)
    These three grants awarded by the city council of the Autonomous Region for a total amount exceeding EUR 115,600 , giving the City a little over 8,300.
  • PSOE: "Eulalia Ibarra is the" terminator "of employment in Lorca" (13/07/2009)
    Despite the decrease in unemployment nationally, in Lorca returns to grow the number of unemployed people and exceeds 6,000
  • Continue projections "Film Summer" with the German production "The Lives of Others" (13/07/2009)
    film directed by Florian Henckel be screened on Tuesday 14 at 22 am in the Plaza de Calderón
  • Pepe Murcia García county elected coordinator of United Left (13/07/2009)

  • Children's Entertainment Program "PIO" younger offers a wide range of leisure for summer (13/07/2009)
    Lorca Children have the opportunity to enjoy workshops and activities proposed by the IMJUVE
  • Municipal response to criticism against the policies of the PSOE employment (13/07/2009)
    ... Hall and on the "personal insults" to the Municipal Spokesperson
  • Councillor for Environment, Melchor Morales, the mayor urges Paqui Lopez "to uphold the interests of all Lorca ..." (13/07/2009)
    "... instead of their party colleague Paca baraza
  • Ten people arrested in two police operations against fraud in the regularization of immigrants (13/07/2009)

  • Amaia Montero, Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez, Beatriz Luengo Taxi and highlights of the musical programming of the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2009 (10/07/2009)
    Melocos, Diana Navarro and Disney children's show will also be in Lorca to present their latest work .
  • The PSOE Melchor Morales blamed the poor state of the beaches of Lorca (10/07/2009)
    Among other things, the socialist mayor Paqui López, echoed the protests of locals supporting the mouth of the sewage of the hostel Calnegre tips on the street
  • The Youth Council promotes 12 actions that encourage employment, occupational training and commitment among young people (10/07/2009)
    The "Youth Action 1.1" will run until the end of the year in the city of Lorca.
  • The Local Government Committee approved a set of works to improve several roads located in the districts of Béjar, Jarales, Umbria and Avilés (10/07/2009)
    investment exceeds 575,000 euros.
  • The Socialist Party calls the greenway Cazalla Malls liaison with Lorca (10/07/2009)
    The secretary general of the Socialist Lorca, Diego Ferra, announced the launch "imminent" construction of this infrastructure to be funded entirely by the Socialist Government Spain.
  • The PSOE remember that councils and autonomous communities have lost "precious time" in the facilitation of agreements (10/07/2009)
    The General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca, Diego Ferra, warned that the Lorca "" we can be very expensive "than PP Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and his government team "does not put the batteries once and for all"
  • Lorca's talent looms on the casting of "The Magnificent 7" (10/07/2009)
    The residents of the municipality came to the Cultural Center to display their artistic skills in the selection tests of the new program Murcia La 7.
  • Lorca local police reports of cuts that are generated by the works of the Avd de Santa Clara from July 13 (10/07/2009)
    up to July 26 will remain the cuts, and new routes enabled the first phase of these works.
  • Ceclor € 60,000 for studies on the economic development of Lorca (10/07/2009)

  • The City shall amend Emilio García Priest Street to facilitate the movement of pedestrians (09/07/2009)
    In this work, the City invested over 230,000 euros
  • City Council and Youth Council are committed to the revitalization of Uptown (09/07/2009)
    ... summer through a new program "From neighborhood to neighborhood"
  • The Socialist Party calls on the PP "to end the controversial bond-book and pay for the entrepreneurs of the sector" (09/07/2009)
    Isabel Casalduero The Socialist councilor expressed indignation "over the lack of foresight of the PP in place, again, injury booksellers and parents "
  • Early attention to the family, the subject of a course at the University of Mar (08/07/2009)
    will be held in the city of Lorca from 20 to 24 July
  • 150 Belarusian children get to be late for Lorca to spend your summer vacation with families of the region (08/07/2009)
    It is an initiative with the assistance of the City of Lorca to fund the program sponsored by the Association of Solidarity with the People Families Belarusian with an aid of 40,000 euros
  • PIMUN The 28 works in the districts employing more than 450 workers over the coming months (08/07/2009)
    ... and represent an investment of over 3.5 million euros
  • "The Parts and Jayden" and "The Klan in Los Dedet" act tomorrow night in Lorca Plaza (08/07/2009)
    The winner of improvisational rap nationally and Murcia with more projection band in this style will come together to after half past nine p.m.
  • EVAF activities kicked off yesterday with more than 300 students enrolled (07/07/2009)
    Tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, and alternative sports are some of the sports that take place until July 31
  • The City Council works with the 7 to debut a new program in which neighbors look to the talented (07/07/2009)
    Wanted to Lorca magnificent Got talent?
  • Lorca City Council launches a pioneering service offering information and advice for young musicians (07/07/2009)
    Young musicians can obtain information and advice through offices Informajoven and website
  • Tovar and Francisco González visit Jódar infrastructure improvement works in Santo Domingo Lope Gisbert and (07/07/2009)
    ... one that is made in Lorca under the Local Investment Fund
  • Espirelia Agenda 2009 for its first week (06/07/2009)

  • The Mayor of Lorca accommodation visit the three new rural municipality (06/07/2009)
    Francisco Jódar "quality tourism is the engine of the city"
  • A college course will analyze the Sea Spanish archaeological heritage and regional (06/07/2009)

  • Sánchez: "Attempts to intimidate Ibarra Lali are only the tip of the iceberg of an intransigent facherío, rancid and unhealthy" (06/07/2009)
    The PSOE spokesman in Lorca denounces statements by PP councilor urging Lorca not to attend meetings convened by the Municipal Group Socialist
  • Begin activities in the labor camps and camps in the region (06/07/2009)
    Verónica López visit to the 50 young people participating in summer camp in Lorca Calnegre Tips
  • Tomorrow, the screenings of "The Summer of Cinema", which will run every Tuesday during July and August in the Plaza de Calderón (06/07/2009)
    The film that opened the event is "Definitely Maybe" Edwards Burns followed the next week " The Lives of Others "by Florian Henckel
  • The team at La Torrecilla XXVII title goes Pedanías Football Trophy (06/07/2009)
    defeated in the final Aguadero 4-0 in a match played at the stadium Artes Carrasco
  • The Castillo de Lorca lighting will be completed in phase II of the "Plan to Promote ' (05/07/2009)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism allocated 869,000 euros for the three phases in which we divide the Plan
  • The dawn of 6 and July 7 will proceed to the treatment plant of different green areas (03/07/2009)

  • On Tuesday bibliopiscina opens the Ciudad Deportiva de La Torrecilla (03/07/2009)
    Alderman Library, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, has reported that this service will be open from Tuesday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 11 : 00 to 15:00
  • The City of Lorca begins the record for the award of the work of the new institute in the amount of 5,442,370 euros (03/07/2009)
    Education Councilman José Joaquín Peñarrubia, explained that this building included in the Municipal Investment Plan Consistory Lorca (PIMUN), will host 690 students from secondary and high schools.
  • Lorca City Council signed agreements with companies for students of social security can make placements (03/07/2009)
    The Governing Board agrees to receive € 249,373.79 euros more than the 750,000 required for the construction of the Sports Center of La Hoya.
  • The Local Government responsible for the installation of street lighting on Highway of Lorca, in Avilés (03/07/2009)
    And under the Rural Road Carrascas de Soto, in Béjar
  • Espirelia '09 bid for the music "made in Murcia, which will round off" M-Clan "and" Maldita Nerea "in Fortaleza del Sol (03/07/2009)
    Region 27 groups participating this year in the extensive menu musical festival.
  • 'Espirelia' commitment to Murcia music with groups such as M-Clan and Maldita Nerea (03/07/2009)
    27 groups in the region involved in this issue along with blues legend John Mayall and the Grammy award winning Spyro Gyra
  • Communiqué Lorca Hall of anonymous calls to appear for reporting projects and works in the municipality (03/07/2009)

  • The City Council announced its opposition to the 15% increase in water prices proposed by the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel (02/07/2009)
    This is the umpteenth consecutive rise in the price of water, amounting to 115% in recent years.
  • "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" expands its range with a summer theater and the possibility of sleeping in the castle itself (02/07/2009)
    The new initiative has 5 different settings ranging from a day at the Castle to birthday celebrations, to an evening to know in detail the sky
  • The Socialist Party warned that the traffic in the downtown could become "hell" (02/07/2009)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman Francisco Ruiz Alviar said the current situation will worsen with the implementation of the works on the C / Mayor the Barrio de San Cristóbal, Boilermakers Lane Avenue or Santa Clara
  • Lorca in July will host two courses at the University of the Sea and two in September (02/07/2009)
    Day 20 starts the first course in Archaeology and September 21 to promote other tourist services, in addition to traditional early intervention and fiscal affairs.
  • The Local Police barracks at La Hoya does not have a telephone and closed most of the day, denouncing the PSOE (02/07/2009)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz Alviar complaint policy "gateway" of Jódar and his team and steady sales of projects that are "more virtual than real"
  • Lorca City Council saved more than 1 million euros on energy in 2008 (02/07/2009)
    Teodoro Garcia, director of ARGEM (Regional Agency for Energy Management), and Meca Angel, Councillor Rural Policy set new transportation improvement projects and lighting throughout the Borough
  • The Plaza de Calderón will become a summer theater in the months of July and August (02/07/2009)
    eight films will be screened, trying to reach all audiences by offering the best works in recent years
  • These courses are started swimming in the pool Zarcilla Palm (01/07/2009)
    This Wednesday there is also the opening of swimming pools in summer the sports complex of La Torrecilla, lasting until August 30
  • Sign up the the local police barracks that serves the parishes of Almendricos, Pozo Higuera, La Campana and La Escarihuela (01/07/2009)
    was inaugurated this morning by the Mayor, Francisco Jodar.
  • 143 lorquina benefited from the training courses of the City Council during the last quarter of 2008 (01/07/2009)
    Mayor yesterday handed over the certificates of 21 training courses for women wishing to improve their employment.
  • The film "5bertura" by young Lorca is presented tonight at the Plaza Bar Cool & Beat (01/07/2009)
    This work is included in the program's Diverse City Youth Institute.
  • Joaquin Ruiz and Antonio Martinez inaugurated the exhibition of contemporary art representing "Strategies Asynchronous" in Lorca (01/07/2009)
    The project involving artists such as Nico Munuera or Tatiana Abellán be held in Orchard House Museum Ruano 1 July to 1 September.
  • The City Council shall amend Calle Lorca Fernando V co-financed by Porcelanosa, Natural Gas, Aguas de Lorca and the Law Society (01/07/2009)
    This is a new municipal building project with a budget of € 12,539.46, passes fatten the 275 actions scheduled in the Municipal Investment Plan (PIMUN).
  • The UPCT and the city of Lorca organized a course on the competitiveness of agribusiness cooperatives (01/07/2009)
    This course will be opened by the Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and the Rector of the UPCT, Felix Faure, next June 16.
  • The Socialist Party calls for solutions to prevent the drastic decline in water consumption Industry (01/07/2009)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor explained that in the last year has seen a decline of 12%
  • Six artists from Murcia discussed in a joint exhibition and art temporality (01/07/2009)
    The exhibition, which opens the series of exhibitions of "All Art" was opened at 20:00 hours in the Casa-Museo de Lorca Huerto Ruano
  • Lorca back to normal after the power failure in the judicial (01/07/2009)


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