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  • La Cala de Calnegre renews the "Ecoplayas" flag thanks to the continuous commitment of the City Council with the improvement of its quality, sustainability and tourism (28/02/2017)
    The candidature was presented by the Council of Urbanism and Environment of the Consistory lorquino in the frame of the XI Edition of the Premios Ecoplayas 2016
  • 65 companies choose to execute the works to improve the environment of the Center of Fairs and Congresses of Lorca (28/02/2017)
    These works are framed in the project of integral remodeling of the neighborhood of Santa Quiteria and the Virgin of the Huertas of Lorca, that has an investment Of the regional government of 1.3 million euros
  • Citizens value positively the approval of two of their motions yesterday plenary (28/02/2017)
    The motion for the sale of tribunes on Friday of Dolores and Palm Sunday by the Guilds only obtained the favorable vote of Mecca
  • IU-v does not want PAS from preacher of Holy Week lorquina (28/02/2017)
    Two years already with pregones of imputed PP are not the best letter of presentation of our Holy Week
  • A total of 65 companies have submitted their offers to opt to perform the improvement works on the streets around the Center of Fairs and Congresses of Lorca (28/02/2017)

  • The Mayor presides over the inauguration of 3 new municipal officials (28/02/2017)

  • 60 women benefit from the "Spanish Class Program" taught by Fundación Cepaim (28/02/2017)

  • The Department of Health collaborates with the Association of Aid to the Renal Sick so that it provides support to people suffering from this disease (28/02/2017)

  • The deadline for attending the Lorquino 2016 Sports Awards to be presented on Saturday May 6 at the War Theater in the Gala del Deporte (28/02/2017)
    There will be awarded 12 prizes among which stand out those destined to the best lorquino sportsman in absolute category, Best team, best sportsman and team sports promise or sport highlights, as well as special mentions
  • ... (28/02/2017)

  • The PSOE asks in Congress for a real forecast of phases, deadlines and budgets to guarantee the arrival of the AVE to Lorca (28/02/2017)

  • The council reminds us that the confraternities of Holy Week are sovereign in their decisions and demands that IU-V not make policy with our great festival (28/02/2017)
    IU-V not only tries to coerce the brotherhoods but also lies in their accusations
  • The PSOE welcomes the PP in its defense of desalination and water "faints" (27/02/2017)

  • The Consistory asks the Government of Spain to maintain the current VAT system for cases of office duty (27/02/2017)

  • The City Council proposes that the Autonomous Community be responsible for the management and management of the coast (27/02/2017)

  • The ninth issue of Clavis magazine will be presented at 8 pm on Wednesday at the Cultural Center and will include articles on Saint Patrick, trade, Lorca poets or heraldry. The magazine, promoted by the Municipal Archives, aims to promote and dissemi (27/02/2017)

  • The PSOE achieves the consensus of all parties to promote the improvement of the service of Cercanías de Lorca (27/02/2017)

  • The Local Police will establish tomorrow from 8 to 19 hours in front of the Sanctuary Virgen de las Huertas special rules of circulation on the occasion of the arrangement of a covered arm (27/02/2017)

  • Balance of votes of the ordinary plenary of the City council of Lorca corresponding to the month of February (27/02/2017)

  • The PSOE will take Pleno the voice of the neighbors of the Garden of the Wheel injured by the construction of the new center of logistics of Limusa (25/02/2017)

  • The Seprona confirms the existence of hazardous asbestos waste next to a nursery, a school and a residential area (24/02/2017)
    The Environmental Attorney already has the report that confirms the citizens' complaint
  • IU-v leads to the plenary of Lorca the resignation of PAS and raises as the only decent departure new elections (24/02/2017)
    Sosa: The bad reputation that PAS and its surrounding corruption give to the Region of Murcia, also affects the municipality of Lorca
  • The PSOE shows its interest to recover and put in value the furniture of the old confectionery Four Cantones (24/02/2017)

  • Local Police detains 3 people and immobilizes 2 vehicles in different interventions in districts of the municipal term of Lorca (24/02/2017)
    In La Hoya a person was detained for being in situation of Search and Capture and another for documentary falsification.
  • Lorca will host from March 4 to 11 the First International Narciso Yepes Guitar Festival created as a tribute to the great Lorca musician (24/02/2017)

  • The new PEPRI eases the conditions to carry out works and to open establishments in the historic center as a key factor for its recovery (24/02/2017)

  • Lorca schedules a wide agenda of activities for Andalusians to celebrate their day in our town (24/02/2017)

  • More than 6,000 students from 28 schools of primary, secondary and secondary schools in the municipality benefit from the programs of activities developed by Youth (23/02/2017)

  • The PSOE calls for the restoration of Castillo de Xiquena to prevent its disappearance (23/02/2017)

  • The Department of Contracts promotes the start-up of new services and improvements in the municipality for a total amount of 1,507,008.75 euros (23/02/2017)
    The Transparency Portal of the City Council informs in detail the development of the different Recruitment Tables convened, publishing Including the minutes that reflect the development of the same in http: //
  • IU-Verdes asks PSOE and C's not to grant full autonomy to the regional government to manage the Lorca coast (23/02/2017)

  • Citizens will ask at the February plenary on the installation of defibrillators that was approved in May 2016 (23/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca will present another question about the bill of medals of the Municipal Corporation
  • The PSOE requires the Department of Works to establish and final disposal of debris from Los Angeles works in the playground (23/02/2017)

  • The City Council regrets that Antonio Mecca again resort to demagogy seeking the protagonism that common sense denies him (23/02/2017)

  • The Sports Complex Felipe VI will be this Saturday 25 of February the headquarters of Regional Championship of Katas that realizes to benefit of ASOFEM (22/02/2017)

  • IU-V urges the city council to review capital gains tax after the recent ruling of the TC (22/02/2017)
    It demands the return to the Lorca taxpayers of the money that they have paid unfairly
  • The device of the Department of Health against the tiger mosquito and public awareness can reduce its presence in the municipality to very low levels (22/02/2017)

  • The Civil Guard and the Local Police dismantle a new marijuana cultivation point in Lorca (22/02/2017)
    New blow to marijuana cultivation
  • The PSOE denounces important deficiencies in the recently inaugurated sports pavilion of the IES Ros Giner and Ibáñez Martín (21/02/2017)

  • IU-Verdes will promote the creation of the Municipal Council of Development and Territorial Equilibrium to equal the Lorca in rights and services (21/02/2017)

  • The City Council intends to communicate the desalination plants so that the Lorca irrigators have the necessary resources to carry out their crops and maintain the jobs (21/02/2017)

  • The PSOE asks Jódar to focus on Lorca and abandon the image of squire of PAS and the cases of corruption that are imputed to him (21/02/2017)

  • The website of Holy Week of Lorca is renewed incorporating a more attractive design and new audiovisual contents (21/02/2017)

  • The Local Police arrest the alleged author of the robbery in a house of Almendricos and recover the vehicle that took (21/02/2017)

  • Agriculture starts irrigation modernization in the Alto de Lorca irrigation community (21/02/2017)
    The Minister of Water, Agriculture and the Environment lays the foundation stone for the construction works of a regulating pond, a water pumping station and a water pumping station. Building
  • The PSOE denounces the economic mismanagement of the PP by having to approve invoices "outside the budget" amounting to nearly half a million euros (20/02/2017)

  • The works of improvement of the historic environment of the hermitages of El Calvario in Lorca with a regional investment of 490,000 euros (20/02/2017)
    The Minister of Fomento and Infraestructuras and the mayor of Lorca visit the works, whose main action will be the improvement of the pedestrian access to the mirador Of the city
  • The contemporary comedy verse "Pancreas" changes its date of representation to March 15 instead of the 17th as it was planned (20/02/2017)

  • The Government Team reminds the PSOE that it is not who to give advice on economic management (20/02/2017)
    From the Consistory they are reminded that the recognition of debt is an absolutely legal procedure that uses almost all Spanish consistories
  • 22 comparsas will participate on 18, 25, 26 February and 4 March in the acts that the Department of Culture has organized to celebrate the Carnival (17/02/2017)

  • The plenary will discuss a proposal of IU-V to save about 300,000 euros per year in electricity (17/02/2017)
    In 2015 the City of Lorca paid Iberdrola more than three and a half million euros for the municipal electricity supply
  • The Joint Commission reinforces its commitment to families affected by earthquakes and extends aid for rental and repair of equipment (17/02/2017)
    It is approved to request the signing of a new agreement to continue to support the affected people until the whole recovery process is concluded Of the city
  • The sale of the tribunes of Friday of Dolores and Sunday of Ramos and the works of the red hangings of the boxes must realize them the Brotherhoods. (17/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca seeks to improve the economic returns that generates the Holy Week
  • The Local Police establishes special traffic regulations for Saturday on Avenida Juan Carlos I due to the works of urban renewal and the dismantling of a crane (17/02/2017)

  • Mateos rejects the Socialist Group's decision in Congress and reaffirms its commitment "always demanding" with the arrival of the AVE to Lorca (17/02/2017)

  • The new PEPRI will allow the City Council to expropriate solar and abandoned houses to enhance the improvement of the historical center (17/02/2017)

  • The City Council of Lorca reviews with the Association of Rabaleros Neighbors the more than 67.5 million euros destined in ten years to investments in the Neighborhood (17/02/2017)

  • The City Council requests the residents of La Campana not to drink drinking water from the supply network (17/02/2017)

  • Citizens demand explanations to the government team about the sale of the tribunes of Good Friday and Palm Sunday 2016 (16/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca exposes his doubts about the economic data of last year's Easter
  • Two people are arrested after a persecution by the Local Police for having committed a traffic accident in the Avenue of Europe and to flee (16/02/2017)

  • The IGN, in collaboration with the Department of Emergencies and Education, installs in schools and other buildings of the municipality a network of accelerographs (16/02/2017)

  • Opened the pre-registration deadline for the aquatic programs of the Felipe VI Sports Complex and San Antonio Pool from April to June (16/02/2017)
    1,500 places are offered in activities such as aquagym, aquasalud, courses for babies, children and pregnant women.
  • IU-V promotes full recovery of the extra payments that "steal" the elderly in the residences (16/02/2017)
    The measure affects more than 200 elderly of the residences of Lorca and to about 2500 in the whole of the Region
  • The City Council renews the Social Water Bonus (BSA) to help needy families, which will have a budget of 350,000 euros (16/02/2017)

  • The City Council confirms that it is the White and Blue Steps that are in charge of the management of the sale of chairs (16/02/2017)
    for the Friday processions of Dolores and Domingo de Ramos
  • The PSOE insists that the promised municipal study rooms be opened (16/02/2017)

  • 16 teams from across the Region will participate on February 18 and 19 in the XI Regional Championship by Teams 1st Category to be held in Los Alamos (15/02/2017)

  • The Youth and Social Services Councils give to 17 schools of primary and secondary school of the municipality 325 books to help to the families in need (15/02/2017)

  • ... (15/02/2017)

  • The PSOE demands the arrival of the necessary aids to avoid paralyzing the works of reconstruction of the buildings of the Vas and Guadalentín (15/02/2017)

  • About a thousand inhabitants of the districts of the orchard of Lorca will be connected to the system of sanitation and regional purification (15/02/2017)
    The director general of the Water inaugurates the works of the collector of sanitation of Los Palacios
  • The PSOE denounces the continuous delays in the trains of Cercanías and calls for a calendar of actions for the integral modernization of the Murcia-Lorca-Aguilas line (14/02/2017)

  • "The municipal government team has not supervised for years the economic allocations of the Municipal Groups" (14/02/2017)
    Citizens will present a motion to create a regulation that regulates these assignments
  • The Popular University offers 90 courses in its programming from February to March increasing the number of seats to 1,442, 118 more than last quarter. Thematic areas of activities are Languages, Crafts, Photography and Painting, New Technologies, Mu (14/02/2017)

  • Local Police and Consulate of Ecuador meet to coordinate the device for next Sunday's presidential elections (14/02/2017)
    Almost 2,800 Ecuadorian voters residing in Lorca will be able to vote from 7 to 17 hours at the authorized tables at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca
  • IU-V proposes the transfer of the LIMUSA Logistics Center to the Waste Treatment Center of Barranco Hondo (14/02/2017)
    Pedro Sosa has also criticized the poor management that both the PSOE and PP governments have made of the municipal company SUVILOR
  • "Lorca on foot" this year proposes 2 routes along the coast and the highlands, urban nocturnal trekking and a family trip to know the Luchena river (14/02/2017)

  • The PSOE calls for an increase in police presence in Perez Casas to end the frequent altercations around two bars in the area (14/02/2017)

  • The Department of Health enables 3 recreational areas for pets in the parks of La Viña, Virgen de la Amargura and San José (14/02/2017)

  • The City Council requires Antonio Meca to assume his responsibility instead of making false accusations (14/02/2017)

  • On Wednesday, the exhibition of the Easter posters participating in the fifth edition of the contest will be inaugurated in the Palacio de Guevara (14/02/2017)
    Visitors will be able to collect their copy of "Art in gold and silks" of María José Ruiz, winner of the contest in Which competed 12 posters
  • Mateos asks Jódar to handle neighborhood complaints before the new fair pavilion becomes a problem for Santa Quiteria neighbors (13/02/2017)

  • More than 200 runners of all categories will participate on Sunday in the I XCO City of Lorca to take place in the neighborhood of La Viña (13/02/2017)

  • The Local Development Center will host a technical meeting of the Riverphy Project on Wednesday to address the rehabilitation of contaminated river beds (13/02/2017)

  • The City of Lorca regrets that the PSOE wants to torpedo the construction of the fairground that they did not know how to do (13/02/2017)

  • The Commercial Area La Viña Lorca Sur hosts until March 6 an itinerant exhibition of the paintings participating in the First Painting Contest "Lorquino Vintage Trade" (13/02/2017)

  • The works for the improvement of six streets of the district of San Cristóbal de Lorca with an investment of 670,000 euros are going out to bid (11/02/2017)
    It will be acted in Juan López, Miguel Angel, Funes, Montijo, Beteta and Aragón with the renovation of services and paving With paving stones
  • José Ángel Ponce, re-elected Secretary General of Socialist Youth of Lorca (11/02/2017)

  • Lorca will host 46 regional, national and international sports competitions involving 23,000 athletes and thousands of spectators during 2017 (10/02/2017)
    Sports tourism will seasonalise visits to the municipality, especially in the summer months, thanks to large events Between the 11 championships of Spain and 3 competitions of world-wide reach
  • The PSOE echoes the neighborhood protests and requests another site for the LIMUSA logistics center. Mateos says that LIMUSA's new logistics center is necessary, but warns that the proposed location, the Orchard of the Wheel, is not the More suit (10/02/2017)

  • IU-V demands for Lorca the urgent creation of a social housing stock owned by the banks (10/02/2017)
    Adoración Peñas demands that all social provisions included in the Housing Law of the Region of Murcia be implemented in Lorca
  • The Housewives Association will celebrate its traditional Carnival at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca on Thursday, February 16 with a party where there will be snack and dance (10/02/2017)

  • The Ambassador of Ireland in Spain visits Lorca to see firsthand the restoration works of the Collegiate Church of San Patricio David Cooney has been received in the Noble Mayoralty by the Deputy Mayor and the Councilor of Culture of the City of Lorc (10/02/2017)

  • The Mayor of Lorca congratulates the winners of the 9th Narrative Contest for Secondary Education "Premio Ángeles Pascual" (09/02/2017)

  • IU-Greens warns the PP that if it insists on stealing its budget to the districts it will take it to the courts (09/02/2017)
    This formation will also promote the modification of the Organic Regulation so that the representatives of the neighbors in the neighborhood meetings and districts are elected of Direct way by the voters through a third ballot box
  • Citizens do not have official record of irregularities in the Municipal Group accounts (09/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca has requested a report to the intervention services
  • The City Council opens an investigation into the expenses of the Municipal Citizens Group after confirming that it has paid electoral campaign expenses with the municipal subsidy (09/02/2017)

  • The PSOE demands the cleaning and walling of the old place of ASPROSOCU turned into a nest of garbage and rodents, in the neighborhood of San Pedro (09/02/2017)

  • The Local Police detains, in several preventive controls, two persons on whom a search warrant, arrest and personage were placed (09/02/2017)

  • Special mention of recognition and dignification of his work (09/02/2017)
    Fulgencio Gil requests improvements in the duty shift for legal professionals
  • El Huerto Ruano will host until March 31 the exhibition "Light and time. Photographic visions" by the Lorca artist Solete Slow Photo (09/02/2017)
    The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on February 11 at 6:00 p.m., offers a Tour of the photographic production of the photographer, with more classic themes such as: social reporting, portrait and landscape or more personal and author projects
  • Lorca can win hotel nights, spa sessions and two vouchers of 150 and 2,000 euros when shopping for Valentine's Day in small shops in the city (08/02/2017)

  • The historical center of Lorca will host on Saturday a test of the world ranking of orienteering races in which 900 runners from all over the world will participate (08/02/2017)

  • The Campana and La Viña join the new process of attribution of canteen services that have already benefited a dozen social premises (08/02/2017)
    The City Council has given priority in the process for the regulation and granting of this service to citizens in situation Of unemployment, people with family burdens, low or disabled income level
  • The PSOE regrets that the PP wants to break the Pact for the recovery of the Historic Quarter of Lorca (08/02/2017)

  • Citizens ask in Congress for information on the status of the Master Plan for the Recovery of the Heritage of Lorca (08/02/2017)

  • The PSOE of Lorca organizes an open talk to inform those affected by land clauses and mortgage expenses. The conference, given by the specialist lawyer in Financial Law, Joaquín Martínez Salmerón, will take place this Thursday, February 9, at The 20 (07/02/2017)

  • The Department of Sports renews the lighting of Artés Carrasco and will fine-tune those of the fields Casuco, Miñarro, Alfonso Embarre and Ciudad Deportiva Ángel María Villar (07/02/2017)
    An official who will devote full time to the set-up and maintenance of the municipal stadium
  • The Mayor stresses the importance of European educational exchange programs as a tool for improving learning (07/02/2017)

  • Citizens registers an application to know the accounts of the sales of the tribunes of Semana Santa on Fridays of Dolores and Domingo de Ramos (07/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca seeks the maximum transparency and efficiency of the public money supporting the Brotherhoods
  • Pedro Sosa demands an adequate Safety Plan that avoids situations such as that of last Sunday, when an ambulance was held for more than five minutes in a traffic jam by the said IU-V indicates deficiencies of coordination in the works of the Juan Car (07/02/2017)

  • The Security Plan for the works of Juan Carlos I, which have an investment of 5 million euros, can be consulted on the municipal website (07/02/2017)

  • The City Council remembers that the White and Blue Steps manage the sale of chairs for ALL the processions that run the Juan Carlos I Avenue (07/02/2017)

  • Citizens rejects partisan use of the government team of the press office (06/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca does not retract his accusations of double billing and alleged unfair administration
  • The Department of Sports organizes for this season the "I League City of Lorca Football 7" in which can participate teams formed by fans (06/02/2017)

  • The Bullfighting Club of Lorca organizes for the benefit of the AECC a march walking by the main monuments of the city on Sunday 12 February (06/02/2017)

  • The Ministry of Environment makes clear to the PP after revealing that the direct responsibility for the abandonment of the Ecopark of Coy is the City of Lorca (06/02/2017)

  • Ecoparque de Coy is the City of Lorca (06/02/2017)
    The Ministry of Environment makes clear to the PP after revealing that the direct responsibility for the abandonment of Coy Ecoparque is the City of Lorca
  • Giant Heart, Lobster, Homecoming, Sufragistas and the last Biopic of The Beatles and Pablo Neruda, among the Cincelub Paradiso offer for the first quarter of the year (06/02/2017)

  • The Plenary of Lorca supports the proposal of the PSOE to rehabilitate the old field of maneuvers of Carraclaca as space of leisure and sport (04/02/2017)

  • They report that area III already reaches 14,227 patients on specialist waiting list, 2,077 more than a year ago (03/02/2017)

  • IU-Verdes denounces deficiencies in the Way of Felí that endanger to the students of the zone (03/02/2017)

  • Betting to improve the financing of municipalities (03/02/2017)
    Fulgencio Gil will raise in the National Congress of PP to strengthen SMEs and Autonomous as generators of employment
  • Lorca gets € 500,000 from CARM to expand the Sports Technology Center for Beach Volleyball by building a new phase for the residence of athletes (03/02/2017)

  • Ana Isabel Garcia Simón and Vicente Millán Re prevail in the 9th Narrative Contest for Secondary Education "Ángeles Pascual Prize" (03/02/2017)
    101 stories have participated in the prizes that pay homage to Doña Ángela Pascual, a historical teacher at the Ibáñez Institutes Martín and Ros Giner and Adoptive Daughter of the city
  • The National Police conducts inspections on car repair shops in Lorca (02/02/2017)

  • Down Lorca inaugurates this afternoon its new headquarters of 180 m2 to offer and to extend the services, programs and therapies of which benefit its 21 users (02/02/2017)

  • Citizens request that the cofradías manage the work of the hanging in the tribunes of Holy Week (02/02/2017)
    Antonio Meca asks the Mayor a better use of the public resources
  • The Department of Citizen Participation invested nearly 97,000 in 2016 to improve the network of social sites in our municipality (02/02/2017)

  • The PP recognizes that its announcement of a millionaire investment of the SEPES in Lorca was a "mere declaration of intentions" (02/02/2017)
    They have lost 46 million euros committed with the municipality.
  • The PSOE denounces the political incapacity of the Councilor of Property for causing a loss of a subsidy to restore the church of San Pedro (02/02/2017)

  • Lorca continues to lead job creation, after the first drop in unemployment in a month of January in 10 years (02/02/2017)

  • Family will boost services for the promotion of the autonomy of people with disabilities (02/02/2017)
    The Councilor today inaugurated the new headquarters of Down Lorca, where he recalled the importance of developing an independent living project for people with Down Syndrome
  • Mateos claims that Limusa remains installed in the opacity by denying him participation in the hiring table of the new waste glass (01/02/2017)

  • IU-Verdes denounces that the government team has replaced a recreation space for the elderly by an impassable lot (01/02/2017)
    With the remodeling works of the neighborhood they have eliminated a happy and safe space, replacing it with a gray and dangerous one
  • More than 500 older Lorca will be trained in the use of smartphones thanks to a digital literacy project of the Vodafone Spain Foundation and the Iniciativas el Gigante Foundation (01/02/2017)

  • The construction of a new vial in the upper districts with access from La Parroquia road will receive an investment of over 5.4 million euros (01/02/2017)

  • The Sports Technology Center of the Beach Volleyball welcomes the permanent concentration of the best Spanish players between the ages of 15 and 21 (01/02/2017)

  • The City Council confirms that the "uses of the past" of infamous memory in Limusa will not return, however much the PSOE obsesses to control it politically (01/02/2017)


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