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Lorca News - December 2019

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  • The City Council launches a campaign to promote the adoption of pets during these Christmas dates (30/12/2019)

  • The Local Police of Lorca detains a person for an alleged crime of robbery with force on things, in a degree of attempt (30/12/2019)

  • The "VII Tournament of Kings" will open the 2020 football calendar in Lorca on January 3 (30/12/2019)
    It is organized by the Madridista Peña "Ciudad del Sol"
  • Tomorrow Tuesday there will be traffic cuts at the access to the urban center on the occasion of the traditional ´San Silvestre´ race (30/12/2019)

  • The mayor of Lorca receives the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Canarian Government (30/12/2019)
    With which he hopes "to establish collaboration channels"
  • Approve the transfer of six municipal-owned homes located in the San Fernando neighborhood to various social groups (27/12/2019)

  • The castle of Lorca will host this weekend the celebration of the Jewish festival of Hannucká (27/12/2019)

  • They install eight portable toilets in the immediate vicinity of the Plaza de España and Calle Alamo (27/12/2019)

  • The 'Creators' project will promote entrepreneurship thanks to the training of 30 migrant women in theater, Spanish and skills development (26/12/2019)

  • The Children's and Youth Library of the Cultural Center of Lorca will host, tomorrow Friday, at 12 noon, a workshop of carols and traditional instruments (26/12/2019)

  • Community and City of Lorca agree to work together to extend the reconstruction period (26/12/2019)
    They also request a simplification of the justification for the aid
  • The mayor holds a working meeting with the Minister of Development (26/12/2019)
    To try to find "a definitive solution" to the justification of aid for earthquakes in May 2011
  • Martín: "There will be no mobilizations if the Mayor of Lorca returns today from Murcia with the renewed aid justification protocol" (26/12/2019)

  • Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lorca make a solidarity delivery of toys to children of the Rafael Méndez Hospital (26/12/2019)
    On the occasion of the Christmas holidays
  • This Friday, on the occasion of the “Shopping Night” commercial activity, traffic will be cut off at Juan Carlos I Avenue between 4 pm and 10 pm (26/12/2019)

  • Cinemax Almenara already has the Atmos sound that will leave you breathless (23/12/2019)

  • The writer Emilio Calderón presents his last two books in Lorca, The Eyes with a Long Night and Before the End of the World (23/12/2019)

  • Thousands of people enjoy during the first weekend of the Video Mapping "Lorca lives Christmas" (23/12/2019)

  • The mayor of Lorca takes stock of 2019 that is about to end, a year he defines as "intense and exciting" (23/12/2019)

  • The Mercado del Sol will host until January 7 a sample of cut-out nativity scenes (23/12/2019)

  • Red Thyme Designation of Origin (23/12/2019)
    The City Council reiterates its support for the red thyme producers of the High Pedanías in its intention to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin for this crop
  • The White Shop of the White Pass of Lorca opens (21/12/2019)

  • On Monday a school canteen will be launched for the Christmas holidays at the San Fernando School premises (20/12/2019)

  • Community and City Council agree to extend the period of justification for the works of the neighborhoods affected by the earthquake (20/12/2019)
    Includes the neighborhoods of Santa Quiteria, San Cristóbal, Eulogio Periago, Juan Carlos I Avenue and San Fernando
  • They approve the extension, until 2021, of the completion period of the reconstruction works of the buildings affected by the 2011 earthquakes (20/12/2019)

  • IU requires the PP and the PSOE to defend the farmers of Campo Alto with the same forcefulness that they ask for water for the garden of Lorca (20/12/2019)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, has assured that "we would like us to put equally farrucos before the permanent 'zero transfer' suffered by the irrigators of La Paca or Zarcilla de Ramos "
  • The Child, which the Virgin of the Huertas has sitting on her lap, is the image chosen by "Feel Cofrade" (20/12/2019)
    to congratulate Christmas to the brotherhoods and religious brotherhoods of the Region
  • Failure of the prizes of the XXIII Christmas Showcase Contest of Lorca and the XVI of Puerto Lumbreras (20/12/2019)
    Óptica Siroco and Estudio Moman, winners of the Christmas showcase contest 2019 organized by the Chamber of Commerce
  • A dozen participants will meet this Sunday at the XL Easter Gang Meeting in Lorca (20/12/2019)
    It will take place on Calle Corredera
  • The Councilors of Tourism of Lorca and Águilas begin to work together to generate synergies for the development of both municipalities (19/12/2019)

  • Paso Blanco opens its traditional White Store tomorrow (19/12/2019)

  • More than 150 members will accompany Santa in the "Illusion Cavalcade" (19/12/2019)
    It will take place on Saturday, December 21
  • Live Christmas 2019 in Parque Almenara (19/12/2019)

  • The XI CYCLOPASE "AL BELÉN CON BICI" arrives with a large Biciamiga basket (18/12/2019)
    Press release lorcabiciudad
  • Vox Lorca shows its rejection towards the measures of the Minister for the Ecological Transition in operation (18/12/2019)

  • The renovation works of the Cloister of Carmen de Lorca (18/12/2019)

  • The work "Passion of Strength and Elegance", by the graphic designer Carmen Muñoz Manchón, will be the promotional poster for Holy Week in Lorca 2020 (18/12/2019)
    This morning the winner of the contest organized by the Department of Tourism with the Department of Tourism has been presented collaboration of the Social Work "La Caixa", in which 12 visual projects from all over the national geography ha
  • IU-V asks for rationality with Christmas lights and that there is no discrimination between the different neighborhoods and districts of Lorca (18/12/2019)
    Sosa points out that the San Cristóbal neighborhood, unlike others in Lorca at this time, does not "shine" as it should
  • Fulgencio Gil requires the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez "less Falcon and more field" (18/12/2019)
    Rate "155 water" the closure of the transfer imposed by the Socialist Government
  • More than 1,000 children will participate, this Thursday, in the initiative "Carols in the street" (18/12/2019)
    It will take place in several areas of the town center, in the Huerto Ruano and in different places of the districts
  • The mayor of Lorca asks "do not punish the Guadalentín Valley and the Vega Media (18/12/2019)
    For the bad uses and bad practices that have been in the Mar Menor for years"
  • The mayor of Lorca receives the goalkeeper from Lorca, Laura Gallego (18/12/2019)
    After proclaiming champion with the Spanish team at the Beach Soccer World Cup held in Doha (Qatar)
  • The Binter airline is interested in the tourist attractions of Lorca (17/12/2019)

  • The Department of Emergencies and Civil Protection strengthens training in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation (17/12/2019)
    Extending it to educational centers, associations and groups
  • The corporate image of the municipal company Limusa is already visible on urban buses (17/12/2019)
    that connect the urban area with the Rafael Méndez hospital and the Shopping Center
  • Initiatives Foundation El Gigante and Cantera football Lorca Deportiva sign a collaboration agreement (17/12/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil proposes that the City Council requires Pedro Sánchez not to negotiate an agreement that breaks the unity of our country and equality between Spaniards (17/12/2019)
    The popular stress that "what has to be Spain and its Autonomous Communities we must decide between the whole of the Spaniards
  • El Paso Azul will welcome Christmas 2019 (17/12/2019)
    With the lighting of the tree, the performance of the Peña La Jarapa and the inauguration of Bethlehem and the Birth next Thursday, December 19
  • The Civil Guard detains / investigates 15 people in Lorca for their participation in a massive fight (17/12/2019)
    They are credited with the alleged authorship of the crimes of injuries and tumultuarial quarrel
  • ... (16/12/2019)

  • The Councilor for Tourism holds a working meeting in Madrid with the Association of Castles and Tourist Palaces of Spain (16/12/2019)
    Morales has wanted to hold a meeting with the double purpose of knowing the project first hand, and that from the Association know Lorca and our work individually
  • The Juan Casuco football field premieres high-quality artificial turf from which a large number of athletes will benefit (16/12/2019)

  • The PP proposes that you can purchase the vouchers and tickets to use urban transport in tobacconists and kiosks in Lorca (16/12/2019)

  • As of this Monday, bonuses for regular interurban public transport are available on a regular basis for high school students and Formative Cycles resident in districts (16/12/2019)

  • The facade of the City of Lorca will become the scene of the Video Mapping "Lorca live Christmas" (16/12/2019)

  • The Guerra Theater will host on Thursday, December 26, the VII Extraordinary Christmas Concert (16/12/2019)
    It is organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users
  • Record morning in Lorca (15/12/2019)

  • "How we have changed our diet. Where we are going" (14/12/2019)
    A workshop to promote good eating habits in neighborhoods and districts
  • Martín (IU-Lorca) meets with the workers of the earthquake office (13/12/2019)
    To coordinate efforts in the final phase of the justification of the aid
  • The PP denounces that the chaos in Limusa causes that they have not yet done anything to comply with the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils in the field of bio-waste (13/12/2019)
    The most recent European regulations oblige companies that collect waste to obtain at least the half of the bio-waste generated in cities
  • Lorca participates, as a full member, in the 53rd General Assembly of the Juderías Network (13/12/2019)
    It has been held on December 11 and 12 in Jaén
  • Local Police and National Police will collaborate in the campaign 'Safe trade at Christmas' (13/12/2019)
    To improve the prevention of criminal acts on these holidays
  • The Arches of the Cloister of Santo Domingo return to their original place (13/12/2019)
    Thanks to the collaboration between the City of Lorca and the General Directorate of Cultural Property
  • The PP encourages Mr. Abellán to explain that the adjustment requested by the government of Pedro Sánchez is due to the works to build the Limusa glass, (13/12/2019)
    a project that saves 5 million euros to all Lorca every year
  • López Miras closes the commemorative event of the 40th anniversary of the Tagus-Segura in the irrigation community of Lorca (13/12/2019)

  • ... (13/12/2019)

  • "The economic mismanagement of the previous Government Team obliges to approve a new declaration of budgetary non-availability of nearly 1,000,000 euros" (13/12/2019)

  • The terraces of the hotel establishments will grow during this Christmas (13/12/2019)
    Thanks to the commitment that the City of Lorca makes for responsible leisure
  • IU against the withdrawal of the Civil Registry of Lorca (12/12/2019)
    Sosa announces for the next Plenary an initiative that it hopes will be joint of all the municipal groups for the maintenance of the Civil Registry in the municipality
  • The Department of Health teaches Healthy Workshops in the schools of the municipality to educate in a practical and easy way in health and nutrition (12/12/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil demands that the supporting reports continue to be signed (12/12/2019)
    so that earthquake victims have the legal guarantee they need
  • First Division football returns to Lorca with the Copa de Rey match (12/12/2019)
    It will face, this Thursday, December 19, Lorca Deportiva and Club Atlético Osasuna
  • Those affected will resume the mobilizations on December 26 if the pitfalls for the justification of their earthquake relief are not solved (12/12/2019)
    The spokeswoman for the victims and IU-Verdes councilwoman Gloria Martín said that if you want there is time for the City Council to fulfill its obligations
  • IU-Verdes Lorca demands responsibilities in the City Council (11/12/2019)
    For sending requirements to those affected by the earthquake who still have time to meet the aid requirements
  • The city council denounces that "the Popular Party of Lorca once again demonstrates disloyalty to its neighbors" (11/12/2019)
    "lying about the situation of municipal housing in the San Fernando neighborhood"
  • The Mayor of Lorca dismisses as "unacceptable" the accusations of Mr. Gil Jódar and demands his rectification (11/12/2019)
    Diego José Mateos encourages the Popular spokesman that "if he has knowledge or suspicion of any crime by any of the members of the current Government team to go to court "
  • Lorca launches a pioneering project in the Region to work among young people preventing addictions related to gambling and gambling (11/12/2019)

  • The Councilor for Tourism, Francisco Morales, heads the Lorca delegation at the III Meeting of Managers of Smart Tourist Destinations (11/12/2019)

  • The mayor holds a work meeting in Madrid (11/12/2019)
    To address issues such as the 50% IBI bonus or the three million euros for neighborhoods and districts
  • Comarcal Televisión launches the solidarity campaign "Reading Cure" (11/12/2019)
    Books may be deposited throughout the month of December at the headquarters of Comarcal TV and at Parque Almenara Commercial Park
  • A total of 116 high school students will receive, this next Saturday, a distinction for excellence in the study (11/12/2019)

  • The PP requires "transparency" to the current mayor to award the 59 floors of the City Council in the San Fernando neighborhood (11/12/2019)
    "for suspicions of cronyism among applicants"
  • The PP denounces that the current mayor violates his word with the neighbors of the area (10/12/2019)
    And executes the "arboricide" of the adult trees of the Caravaca road
  • The PP requires the current mayor to rectify the chaos that has caused the Local Police (10/12/2019)
    "leaving the districts without any agent between 2 and 8 in the morning"
  • IU criticizes the lack of seriousness in the degree of compliance with its government agreement with the PSOE (10/12/2019)
    Sosa criticizes the lack of speech regarding the democratic election of the mayors and the null consideration for natural heritage
  • ... (10/12/2019)

  • El Paso Blanco opens Bethlehem to inaugurate Christmas (10/12/2019)

  • The government team fulfills its commitment to save as many trees as possible that have had to be removed due to the works on the Caravaca road (10/12/2019)

  • The City of Lorca finalizes the long processing of the file to begin, as soon as possible, the restoration and comprehensive rehabilitation of the Artistic and Literary Casino (10/12/2019)

  • The City Council appeals to the almost 500 affected by earthquakes that have not yet submitted documentation for the justification account of the aid (10/12/2019)

  • The mismanagement of the previous government team forces the City of Lorca to reduce spending on Christmas lighting (09/12/2019)
    The Town Planning Councilor, José Luis Ruiz Guillén, recalled that the budget for this year "is quite limited"
  • The City Council of Lorca begins the work of reconditioning the neighborhood of Alfonso X attending to the claims and proposals of its neighbors (09/12/2019)

  • The PP requires the current mayor to rectify the poor Christmas lighting before the "social clamor" (09/12/2019)
    He has left a "sad and dark" Lorca throughout the municipality
  • IU-Verdes demands the "immediate" provision of 24 new agents of the Local Police in Lorca (09/12/2019)

  • The Region obtains the Welfair ™ Certificate in Animal Welfare (09/12/2019)

  • The City Council of Lorca issues an institutional declaration to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the Spanish Constitution (05/12/2019)
    The communiqué has been agreed and approved by all the political groups represented in the Consororio lorquino
  • The Local Police of Lorca detains a person for theft inside several vehicles (05/12/2019)

  • Brand "Escena Lorca" (05/12/2019)
    The PP proposes to take advantage of tourism resources to spread the possibilities of the municipality as a venue for film shoots under the brand "Escena Lorca"
  • Lorca offers extensive Christmas programming for the whole family (05/12/2019)
    It has a hundred activities organized by the City Council
  • About 500 boxes of medicines will be sent to Saharawi refugee camps next spring (05/12/2019)
    Thanks to the solidarity of the Lorca people
  • The planting of the 4,500 poinsettias grown in the municipal nursery will save 20,000 euros to the City of Lorca (05/12/2019)

  • Intervene the money to the "gorrillas" (04/12/2019)
    The Popular Party requests that the City Council immediately incorporate the legal novelty that allows police officers to intervene the money to the "gorrillas"
  • Work is underway at the Felipe VI Sports Complex for the creation of the new services of toy library, dietetics and nutrition, and physiotherapy (04/12/2019)
    The Department of Sports is committed to this expansion of services, with the recent execution of the works and with the completion of the same at the end of the year
  • The Castle of Lorca hosts the traditional massacre of Chato Murciano from December 6 to 8 (04/12/2019)
    The Department of Tourism organizes, through Lorca Workshop of Time, this demonstration of handmade sausages.
  • IU-V: "If the fraud of the aid of the EIB and the embezzlement of public money of the earthquake of Lorca is confirmed we will demand responsibilities of all kinds in Lorca and in the Region" (04/12/2019)

  • The mayor is confident in the "correct use" by the CARM of funds from the EIB for the recovery of Lorca (03/12/2019)

  • The Limusa Board of Directors approves the budget for the year 2020, which will exceed 9.65 million euros (03/12/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil underlines the usefulness of the Work Table against floods in Campillo (03/12/2019)
    And insists on the construction of the Saladar Canal as an urgent action
  • The Government team requires the Autonomous Community "own commitments" with those affected by Campillo, Torrecilla and Purias for the floods of September 2012 (03/12/2019)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca requires the renewal of the protocol between City Hall and Development for the processing of earthquake aid (03/12/2019)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca asks the City Council to join the objective of the PDO of the red thyme before December 28 (03/12/2019)

  • The PP claims that "the cuts come to Limusa" (03/12/2019)
    "In 2020 there will not be a single person cleaning streets or public buildings, nor will new machinery be renewed or acquired"
  • Lorca will welcome Christmas 2019 this Friday (03/12/2019)
    With a large children's parade and the concert of the vocal group "Cap Pela" in the heart of the city
  • The Community will provide specific information and assistance to Agrasa workers (03/12/2019)
    As a first step, it will create a space on the SEF website with useful information for workers, and will include a form in which they can attach their CV and detail their work interests
  • The PP proposes the creation of a new municipal platform that allows Lorca teachers to publish their innovations and educational experiences (02/12/2019)
    Pedro Mondéjar: "These innovations are the result of endless hours dedicated to the design and preparation of approaches and materials that entail
  • A total of seven people are arrested for alleged crimes of theft, resistance and against road safety (02/12/2019)

  • The "New Genderation" application invites people to make everyday challenges Or to make them aware of gender issues and motivate them to reflect on this aspect of their lives (02/12/2019)

  • Building a canal that connects the Ramblas of Béjar and Biznaga would solve the flooding problems of the Lorca village of Campillo (02/12/2019)

  • Activated the YELLOW level by rain, wind and coastal in the geographical area of ​​the Guadalentín Valley, Lorca and Águilas as of this afternoon (02/12/2019)

  • The Virgen de las Huertas, Alfonso X El Sabio and San Francisco de Asís schools, winners of the I Contest "A story for your city" (02/12/2019)


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