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  • IU-Verdes demands Lopez Miras to implement the solution adopted by the City of Lorca in favor of those affected by earthquakes (31/07/2017)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service deals with 59 incidents during the month of July on the beaches of the Lorca coast, 13% less than in 2016 despite the large influx of bathers (31/07/2017)

  • The Ministry of Development of CARM invests 36,000 euros in the repair of the firm of the road that gives access to the site of Campo López (31/07/2017)

  • The PSOE warns the PP that they will not allow another solution for Coy Sastre Street that is not what the neighbors want (31/07/2017)

  • Juan Carlos I Avenue in the section between the Oval and the Alameda de Menchirón will be cut to traffic during the month of August by the progress of the works (31/07/2017)

  • Promotion tender works to build a new vial that vertebre the Lords of Lorca (29/07/2017)
    The action will improve the connection of the highest areas of the urban area with the northern part of the city
  • Antonio Mecca asks that the traffic lights of Avenida Juan Carlos I remain in amber intermittent while the works last (28/07/2017)

  • The Local Police detains 3 people on whom were weighed orders for removal by gender violence, search and arrest and prohibition of entry to the European Union (28/07/2017)

  • The Cejo de los Enamorados in Lorca could be the third "natural monument" of the Region, after the Mount Arabí of Yecla and Las Gredas de Bolnuevo in Mazarrón (28/07/2017)
    IU also urges the Municipal Plenary of Lorca to request the declaration of "park Paleontological "to certain areas of the Guadalentín basin
  • The Mayor thanks the support of the Plenary before a possible purchase of the Bullring of Sutullena: "Lorca can not resign itself to lose this historic property" (28/07/2017)

  • The City Council calls for greater rigor in phytosanitary controls at European level to prevent the spread of Xylella Fastidiosa (28/07/2017)

  • The PSOE regrets that the PP votes against starting work to expand the drainage of the boulevard Biznaga (28/07/2017)

  • IU returns to demand an alternative model of fair (27/07/2017)
    Adoración Peñas will ask about this issue in the month of July and offers alternatives for a more economic and representative model
  • The Local Police dismantles a plantation of marijuana in Avilés, intervenes 83 plants and stops its owner (27/07/2017)

  • The PSOE again proposes a fair model with measures to project a more luminous, joyful and participative Lorca (27/07/2017)

  • The Town Hall invests € 72,000 to recover the pool of La Parroquia (27/07/2017)
    Reopens on Saturday premiering shade area, artificial turf and children's play area
  • Satisfaction in IU-Greens because the PP assumes his request to authorize naturism and the presence of pets on beaches of the Lorca coast (26/07/2017)

  • The Guadalentín Sports Games will promote healthy life through sport with more than 60 activities between September 7 and October 12 (26/07/2017)
    There will be 9 popular activities for all, the VI Peñarrubia Lorca Trail, the Creasport ruling and A stellar basketball match between UCAM Murcia and Alba Berlin
  • The Mayor, Fulgencio Gil: "the recovery of the church of Santa Maria for Lorca marks a historic milestone that we can all feel proud of" (26/07/2017)

  • Bernabé: "The Government of Spain has invested more than 850 million euros in the reconstruction of the city of Lorca after the earthquakes of 2011" It emphasizes that together with the contributions of regional and local administrations &q (26/07/2017)

  • "The lack of planning of the works of the Barrio harms the sales of the merchants of the Plaza de la Hortaliza" Pedro Sosa, a councilor of IU, together with local merchants denounce that the circulatory chaos caused by such works makes circ (26/07/2017)

  • The Ministry of Finance ratifies the exclusion of Lorca from EDUSI funds and confirms the loss of 14 million to act in the Historic Quarter (26/07/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces the chaos in which the Barrio de San Cristóbal is plagued by poor planning of the works (25/07/2017)

  • The City Council encourages Lorca to make its proposals for the Beach Ordinance (25/07/2017)
    It will include areas for nudism, pets and smoke-free spaces
  • The PSOE requests that the tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the artificial beach of Coy to increase its tourist impulse increase (25/07/2017)

  • Citizens ask for a decent dependencies for the forensic medical services of the Courts (25/07/2017)
    The current ones are described as "third world" by the professionals of the Justice and especially by the facultativos that they render their services in the Forensic Medical Clinic of Lorca.
  • The Mayor, Fulgencio Gil, assures that "Lorca does not stop" (25/07/2017)
    "3.2 million will improve Alameda de Cervantes, ending flooding in El Gato and incorporating a bike lane"
  • IU-Verdes denounces a new delay in the beginning of the regeneration works of the Alameda de Cervantes (24/07/2017)
    First they were announced for January of 2017 and soon they were postponed for June without they still have begun although the PP counts on the EIB loan funds for funding since 2012
  • Antonio Mecca will present in the July plenary session a motion for an agreement between the City Council and the Taxi sector (24/07/2017)
    "We want to reduce official cars and support the taxi group"
  • The PSOE requests the creation of an Institute of Legal Medicine in the judicial party of Lorca (24/07/2017)

  • The Juan Carlos I Avenue will remain cut between Ovalo and Alameda de la Constitución Tuesday and Wednesday by the advance of the works (24/07/2017)
    The vehicles that have to circulate by the Avenue will be able to accede by Presbyter Emilio Garci'a in direction Murcia, reserving the direction Oval for Loading and unloading, parking and emergency vehicles
  • The Castle of Lorca continues to receive visits from groups of cruise passengers from the port of Cartagena (24/07/2017)
    Last Saturday a group of Asian tourists coming from a cruise ship docked in the Port of Cartagena, visited the castle and the city
  • The Mayor is committed to moving forward with the ambitious battery of improvements in the network of educational infrastructures throughout the municipality (24/07/2017)

  • Lorca invests 3.6 million euros to improve aesthetically and environmentally the waste management center of Barranco Hondo and triple its treatment capacity (21/07/2017)

  • Plenary breaches persist despite Mayor's change (21/07/2017)

  • The PSOE calls for the creation of a Youth Card so that the young people of Lorca benefit from discounts in the price of concerts and sports facilities. Mazuecos assures that the young people are more punished by the envolts of the economic crisis an (21/07/2017)

  • Mayor claims municipalism as the most important territorial cohesion tool (21/07/2017)
    urges to improve the financing model of municipalities
  • The Local Police uses more than two tons of paint to improve the horizontal signage in several streets of the city (20/07/2017)

  • The supervision of the Department of Health maintains at very low levels the presence of the tiger mosquito in Lorca (20/07/2017)

  • An illegal purine raft puts at risk the health of the residents of La Escarihuela (20/07/2017)

  • Unanimity of the opposition in the defense of the model of Early Care consolidated in Lorca (20/07/2017)

  • The PSOE requests the settlement of the municipal stretch of road linking the districts of Almendricos and La Campana (19/07/2017)

  • IU-Verdes will request that the re-opening of the Lorca-Baza-Guadix railway line be brought to Congress (19/07/2017)

  • The Mayor encourages to know the Lorca coastline and highlights the effectiveness of the device established on the coast during the whole summer (19/07/2017)

  • A new initiative of the Time Workshop shows the Bourgeois and Monumental Lorca of the XIX century (19/07/2017)

  • The PSOE asks the PP the incorporation of Lorca to the network VioGén tracking cases of gender violence (19/07/2017)

  • IU-Greens demands a "political solution" to those affected by the earthquakes that are asked to return the aid (18/07/2017)

  • The PSOE asks that the regeneration of San Diego between the Avenues of Europe and Armed Forces includes green streets with trees and of semipark character (18/07/2017)

  • The City Council will request that the 50% subsidy of IBI for those affected by earthquakes be maintained in 2018 (18/07/2017)

  • The Mayor signs with the Ministry of the Interior the recovery of the building of the former police station of the National Police Corps (18/07/2017)

  • The incorporation of 4 new vehicles will allow Limusa to improve road cleaning, container maintenance and waste removal (17/07/2017)

  • Antonio Meca requires the Government Team to rectify the profit-making practice of the book bank, and refund the amounts improperly collected (17/07/2017)

  • The Community has already started 90 percent of the investments financed by the EIB in Lorca. The 185 million European Investment Bank loan is intended to alleviate the effects of the earthquake on housing, cultural heritage, education and roads (17/07/2017)

  • IU-Greens again requests actions in front of the 'Ebola del Olivo' which is already 200 km from Lorca (17/07/2017)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "Lorca focuses his work on taking advantage of the last cent of the 185 million that the Autonomous Community gives us through a loan with the EIB" (17/07/2017)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to comply with the agreements of the Plenary and withdraw from the abandonment in which they have plunged into the hamlet of Coy (17/07/2017)

  • The Town Hall and the neighbors of Doña Inés coordinate the improvement works in the area of ​​the pond (17/07/2017)

  • Interview with Juana Mari Pérez, affected by the rare disease "myasthenia gravis" (16/07/2017)
    And to Chescos Romera "León de las Terreras", which tells us more details about the León de Miastenia Gravis-ARI Foundation
  • The PSOE requests the urgent repair of the pond of Doña Inés to avoid the loss of this natural space (15/07/2017)

  • Citizens will provide legal advice to those affected by earthquakes receiving letters from CARM (14/07/2017)
    Antonio Meca intends to help families who received grants and six years later they ask for documents
  • The PSOE demands that CARM technicians meet urgently to study and offer a "case by case" solution to those affected by earthquakes who have to justify repairing their homes (14/07/2017)

  • The lack of civility and municipal control make Calvario Viejo a dunghill. For Pedro Sosa, a councilor of the United Left, it is already good to allow these urban landfills and demands that they begin to impose harsh sanctions on those responsible (14/07/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces that Rafael Mendez is still "in the queue" with the greater waiting times for surgery and specialties (14/07/2017)

  • Aguas de Lorca implements the most demanding international standard on safety and control of drinking water in the supply network (14/07/2017)

  • 10 Saharawi children will enjoy the summer in Lorca through the program "Holidays in Peace" launched by the Association of Friends of the Saharawi People (14/07/2017)

  • The Local Police establishes special measures of circulation and parking for vehicles on the occasion of the procession of the Virgin of the Carmen (13/07/2017)

  • The PSOE requires that works to increase the drainage capacity of the Rambla Biznagay and avoid the effects of possible floods as in 2012 (13/07/2017)

  • The PSOE claims a regulatory ordinance of location of containers to avoid arbitrariness and errors in its location (12/07/2017)

  • The Mayor signs an agreement with the Government Delegation that will allow the Local Police to access the databases and information of the National Police and Civil Guard (12/07/2017)

  • IU denounces the closure of the health clinics of Tiata-Puente La Pía and La Campana during the summer period in Lorca (12/07/2017)

  • The Exchange of Books Bank will open from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon in the face of the great reception of its fourth edition in which 400 volumes have already been exchanged. An appointment system has been established that can be requested (12/07/2017)

  • The Mayor highlights the "extraordinary" work developed by ASOFEM and states that "Lorca is proud to have an entity of its prestige and social value" (12/07/2017)

  • Antonio Meca proposes a joint motion for CARM to withdraw the letter sent to the victims who received aid after the earthquakes (11/07/2017)

  • The PP of Lorca has more than a year and a half failed to comply with the ruling of the supreme court on the rate of drinking water The local government promised in February 2016 to study the replacement of the current public price for a rate and 16 (11/07/2017)

  • GlobaLab Guide: 6 Steps for Global Citizenship "collects results on good practice in education for a European project with 380 participants (11/07/2017)
    Youth and youth workers from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain have collaborated for 2 years To devise strategies to make young people the promoters of global citizenship
  • Mateos expresses concern about the inexplicable paralysis and slowness of the Central Round project (11/07/2017)

  • The flamenco of the group Lorca Akanda stars tomorrow the "Music & Tapas" in the castle of Lorca (11/07/2017)

  • El Paso Azul celebrates its summer dinner next Thursday, July 20 in "La Cofradía" (10/07/2017)
    With limited capacity, tickets can already be withdrawn at the bar Nogalte
  • IU asks the City Council to create a mark that claims the origin of Lorca products and promotes them (10/07/2017)

  • The City of Lorca, in the tailgate van of transparency (10/07/2017)

  • The Local Tax Agency has recovered this year more than 2 million euros in its work against delinquency and defrauding of taxes (10/07/2017)

  • The Department of Education invests 340,000 euros in more than 650 maintenance actions in schools in the municipality during the course of 2016/2017 (10/07/2017)
    Failures of plumbing and electrical, locksmithing, carpentry and masonry work or reviews of boilers, between the performances Most made in 31 Lorca schools
  • The PSOE denounces the abandonment of La Torrecilla and demands that the school bus stops be restored before the next course begins (10/07/2017)

  • The Plenum of Lorca unanimously approves the three motions presented by the PSOE (09/07/2017)

  • The Popular Party of Lorca again prevents the textbooks are free for Lorca families (08/07/2017)

  • The Department of Economy is marked the objective of reducing the Negative Remnant of Treasury by 25.7 million (07/07/2017)
    to leave it at 6.3 million at the end of the year
  • The PSOE wonders what the new Mayor and the Councilor of Finance are doing to present a late and very improved budget " (07/07/2017)
    Abellán assures that the settlement of the Budget of the year 2016 yields data that show that neither the Mayor nor The government team are working 100%, nor is the new Finance Councilman focused on what has to be
  • The councilor of this training, Gloria Martín, also agrees with the local government team that the 59 municipal houses of San Fernando are intended for young people, people with disabilities. IU gets the City to approve the elaboration of a Housing P (07/07/2017)

  • The Local Police detains a person in Almendricos as alleged perpetrator of an animal abuse crime that caused the death of a dog (07/07/2017)

  • The Fortress of the Sun receives the visit of 106 alféreces of the Special Academy of the Civil Guard of Aranjuez (06/07/2017)

  • IU Lorca denounces that seven families of Grill have been waiting for eight years for Iberdrola to turn on the light in their homes (06/07/2017)

  • Sports Department and Rugby Club Lorca organize during the month of July in Embarre the Summer School of Rugby for young people between 10 and 16 years (06/07/2017)
    This activity is directed by monitors of the Club Rugby Lorca.
  • The Department of Equality and Culture launch different summer schools that will benefit 200 children from the urban center and districts (06/07/2017)

  • Star Wars, The Land, Comanchería, Passengers, Hostile Zone, Real Night, One Hundred Years of Forgiveness and Pets, (06/07/2017)
    among the titles to enjoy the summer cinema in the city and the districts
  • The PSOE rejects the new Mayor for opening by closing the offices of Social Services in districts during the summer (06/07/2017)

  • The PSOE is not complacent with the employment policies in Lorca and denounces in the Bureau of Employment the lack of transparency in the selection processes (06/07/2017)

  • Chescos Romera (The Lion of the Terreras) will be number 1 of the ChronoScalada Serón 2017 (06/07/2017)

  • Lorca joins the national campaign "Mójate" of AEMA III (06/07/2017)
    aims to increase social awareness about Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fulgencio Gil: "June employment data consolidate the creation of jobs in the municipality with a drop of 182 people during this month" (05/07/2017)

  • MASS will host this Friday the presentation of the catalog of the exhibition "Capano Profano y Sacro" This is an interesting document on the life and work of the great Valencian sculptor, in which he emphasizes especially the study on his b (05/07/2017)

  • The vector control program of the Department of Health allows controlling the colonies of rodents, cockroaches and other insects throughout the municipality (05/07/2017)

  • The Community has granted Lorca more than one million euros to boost employment (05/07/2017)
    This grant has allowed the City of the Sun City to hire 89 unemployed and train other 75
  • The UPROL Unit of the Local Police detains two persons and immobilizes a vehicle thanks to an operative device of prevention (05/07/2017)
    One of the arrested persons was in Spain of illegal way while on the other it weighed an expulsion order since it counted With different backgrounds, including the escape of a penitentiary
  • Antonio Meca requests the City Hall a suitable place for Nypacold (05/07/2017)
    Since 2011 they do not have adequate facilities to carry out their social function
  • ... (05/07/2017)

  • IU shows "moderate optimism" after holding the Local Employment Bureau in Lorca (05/07/2017)

  • Lorca will receive "zero euros" for the settlement of rural roads because the Mayor forgot to send to Murcia the catalog of roads of the municipality (05/07/2017)

  • Progress in urban renewal works on Avenida Juan Carlos I obliges to suspend water supply on Floridablanca Street and Torre Angela Building tomorrow (05/07/2017)
    The interruption will be carried out from 10 to 14 hours and once made The work of the supply network will proceed to restore the normal service of drinking water supply
  • The PSOE claims to the PP actions to improve the Plaza of Supply of the Vegetables and to revive the traditional commerce of the District of San Cristóbal (04/07/2017)

  • The Children's and Youth Library launches on Wednesday the Reading Club As a home for children and adults together (04/07/2017)
    It will be held on 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. in the morning. "Pequeteca" of the Children and Youth Library
  • Lorca consolidates its academic profile with the celebration of 3 courses of the University of the Sea on Early Attention, Physical Activity and Environmental Tendencies of Recovery (04/07/2017)
    The city offers a program of seminars of different thematic nature that will allow to continue incentivating to Lorca like university city
  • The Department of Equality launches the "Summer Schools to Conciliar and Coeducar" which will benefit 90 children from the urban center and the districts of Lorca (04/07/2017)

  • Many Lorca are receiving notifications from the regional government to return the aid for the earthquake (04/07/2017)

  • The Senate unanimously approves an initiative of the PSOE for the construction of the Palace of Justice of Lorca (04/07/2017)

  • The Down Lorca Association and the Department of Oenegés organize the Inclusive Summer School for the third year in July (03/07/2017)

  • Antonio Meca takes stock of his two years as Councilman (03/07/2017)
    "We value the work done by the Municipal Group very positively"
  • Lorca manages to reduce its municipal debt by 1.6 million euros during the first half of the year (03/07/2017)

  • Music cofrade and soundtracks will star in the Summer Concert that Mater Dolorosa Musical Group will offer this Friday in Plaza de España (03/07/2017)
    Blue musicians will fire the course with a full recital in which sones own of Holy Week will share protagonism with songs Of Games of Thrones, Rocky or Ghost
  • Iu-v demands in full a new school for the neighborhoods on the left bank of the city of lorca (03/07/2017)
    If the barracks return to the neighborhood's public education centers we will demand the resignation of the Councilor for Education
  • The PSOE demands the Mayor to guarantee a greater presence of security agents in both the city and in districts (03/07/2017)

  • The PSOE demand that staff vacancies be filled to speed up waiting for the renewal of ID and Passport (03/07/2017)

  • Citizens renew the Board of Directors of its grouping in the city of Lorca (02/07/2017)
    Training opens a new stage in the municipality with Irene María Ruiz Alcázar as coordinator

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