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  • The Cala de Calnegre will host the "Beach Clean" activity on Sunday with the aim of promoting respect for the beaches through environmental games (31/08/2018)
    Participants, both children and adults, will be able to get tickets for the Castle or a weekend in the hostel of Puntas for being part of this activity that consolidates the concession of the Blue Flag to Cala Lorca
  • IU criticizes the passivity of the government team to end odor pollution (31/08/2018)

  • The City Council reinforces its information profile on the Internet (31/08/2018)
    thanks to the management of more than twenty institutional accounts in RRSS and the improvement of the municipal website
  • The PSOE: "As of today, there is no document of assignment to the CARM in relation to the plot for the construction of the Health Center of San Cristóbal" (31/08/2018)

  • Response to the PSOE on the construction of the new San Cristobal Neighborhood Health Center (31/08/2018)

  • IU demands more measures to fight against failure and early school leaving in Lorca (30/08/2018)

  • The XXIX edition of the International Folklore Festival "Virgen de las Huertas" will have the participation of groups from Georgia, Romania, Kenya and Lorca (30/08/2018)
    The event, which will take place on September 6 and 7, will gather on the arranged stage in the Plaza Rey Sabio to more than 100 people who will show Lorca the most traditional dances of their countries
  • Juan Carlos I Avenue will host the start and finish of the Run for Parkinson's popular race that will be held on Sunday September 9th within the agenda of the XL Guadalentín Sports Games (30/08/2018)
    Registration is now open and can be held September 6th on the web for the charity race with the Association Lorquina de Enfermos de Parkinson, ASLEP
  • The PSOE calls for a series of measures to guarantee equal opportunities for people with disabilities at the next fair (30/08/2018)

  • The PSOE requires Adif and the City Council to clean the solar annex to the San Diego railway station (29/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca criticizes that the PP use public institutions for their former politicians to live from the mamandurria (29/08/2018)

  • The religious acts on the occasion of the feast of the Patron will begin on August 30 and will incorporate for the first time since 1930 the ancestral tradition of the announcing Bando (29/08/2018)

  • Mateos proposes to the Mayor to negotiate the cession to the City Council of the Convent of the Virgen de las Huertas (29/08/2018)

  • The Local Social of Santa María will host tomorrow the initiative "Atrios Calé" in which 32 children will participate who have participated in the Summer School "Barrios Altos" (29/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca calls for speeding up the application of the Law that allows to justify the aid of earthquakes by simplified account (28/08/2018)
    Gloria Martín has also asked the Government Delegation to comply with its word regarding the report of the State Bar that must clarify how the calculation of the prescriptions is carried out
  • The City Council undertakes the emergency work to clean up the facade of the building located on Almirante Aguilar Street, which suffered landslides last week (28/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca denounces a new felling of trees in the Alameda de Cervantes (28/08/2018)
    Gloria Martín recalled that the local government team of the PP undertook not to touch the trees of this road and demands its immediate replacement with specimens of large size
  • The PSOE demands urgent actions in the surroundings of the Ermita del Calvario (28/08/2018)

  • The Bank of Book Exchange, which this year also has copies of Vocational Training, opens on September 3, from 9 am to 2 pm (28/08/2018)
    The exchange of textbooks for the 2017/18 academic year that are valid for the course 2018/19 will take place in the enabled space of building A of the University Campus of Lorca from Monday to Friday until October 10
  • Lifeguards of Plan Copla rescue two people in Cala de Calnegre who had difficulties getting out of the water when being dragged by the current (28/08/2018)

  • Meeting with the Community of Irrigators of Lorca to know their claims on water (28/08/2018)
    The lorquinos regantes have congratulated Mario Urrea for the quick management that made the CHS to solve the break in the desalination of Águilas
  • The PSOE calls for loyalty and cooperation to deal with all the problems of the return of earthquake aid (28/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca considers a recklessness that the dams against the floods will not be built until 2022 (27/08/2018)
    Pedro Sosa regretted that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition "racanee" in the safety of people and in the protection of property and the means by which farmers and ranchers in the Lorca vegetable garden earn their living
  • The PSOE requires the City Council the replacement of the luminaries of the different football fields of the municipality (27/08/2018)

  • The festivities of the Virgen de las Huertas will count this year with more than twenty festive leisure activities for the enjoyment of all Lorca (27/08/2018)

  • The PSOE will be vigilant and firm so that the commitments made with those affected by the floods are fulfilled (27/08/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes the launch of a campaign to raise awareness and prevent sexist attacks (24/08/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the CARM to pay the pending aid to the victims of the 2011 earthquakes (24/08/2018)

  • More than 900 women from all over the municipality have benefited during the first semester of 106 workshops given by the Department of Equality (24/08/2018)

  • The City Council carries out more than fifty inspections in establishments during the first months of the year to guarantee the rights of users (24/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca calls for urgent action against the presence of tarantulas in the park of 'La Verdad' and its surroundings (23/08/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the City to clean the bike lanes of the municipality and the implementation of a maintenance plan continued (23/08/2018)

  • The PSOE again insists that the Family Meeting Point be moved to a closer and standardized environment for minors (23/08/2018)

  • The City Council adheres to the Regional Mosquito Tigre Surveillance System (23/08/2018)
    to reduce the appearance of this species and have a more exhaustive control over its population in Lorca
  • IU-Lorca denounces a new collapse of a cornice in a pedestrian street of the historic center (23/08/2018)
    Gloria Martín has branded as "foolish" and "reckless" that the City Council is reluctant to demand from the owners of these properties "the legal obligation of its conservation "in order to guarantee public safety
  • Lorca participates in the European Day of Jewish Culture with different activities in the Castle and in the city based on "storytelling" (23/08/2018)

  • The PP urges the Government to compensate the interests of delay to Lorca who requested aid to repair the damage of the 2011 earthquake (23/08/2018)
    The national deputy, Isabel Borrego, details that "there are more than 2,000 records that can generate refunds with the corresponding interest settlement and a total of 742 self-assessments that also accrue interest "
  • Response to opposition parties about plague of spiders in the Park of La Verdad (23/08/2018)

  • The Mayor welcomes the Proposition No of Law registered by the GPP to compensate the interests of delay to the Lorca who requested aid after the earthquakes (23/08/2018)

  • IU-V warning of the lack of maintenance of the bridges over Guadalentín as it passes through Lorca (22/08/2018)
    The bridge that connects Juan Carlos I avenues and Europe has expansion joints without any protection that could be causing serious structural damage in this infrastructure
  • The Mayor congratulates the Lorca sportsmen Sabrina López, U18 Beach World Champion Playa, and Juan Diego Marín, after getting the 4th and 6th place in the MTB-O Junior World Championship 2018 (22/08/2018)

  • The PSOE of Lorca satisfied with the visit of the President of the CHS and the Government Delegate to the area affected by the floods of September 2012 (22/08/2018)

  • Lorca will host a citizen dialogue in autumn on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (22/08/2018)
    Representatives of European regions and international institutions and cultural and intangible assets declared by Unesco and linked to the Region of Murcia will participate
  • Fulgencio Gil: "The City Council of Lorca will always be next to the neighbors of Campillo and Torrecilla in the search for solutions to avoid new floods" (22/08/2018)

  • Lorca will host a citizen dialogue in autumn on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (22/08/2018)

  • The Parroquia district of La Parroquia will host the 4th edition of the BXM Race "Sierra del Gigante" on Sunday, August 26, included in the ranking of the best races of 2017 (21/08/2018)
    This event, organized by the Ciclosenderista Club El Gigante and has the collaboration of the Department of Sports, is scoring for the III Copa FasterWear BXM Region of Murcia
  • The Department of Consumption manages to recover more than 64,000 euros for citizens who filed claims in the OMIC during the first half of 2018 (21/08/2018)

  • The PSOE requests that animal health controls be intensified in order to keep our pig hut safe from the African Swine Fever (PPA) (21/08/2018)

  • The Board of Directors approves unanimously to convene the XV Local Congress (21/08/2018)
    The castle of Lorca will host on October 6 the Congress of the Popular Party of Lorca
  • The new headquarters of the Department of Equality, located in the historic center, will place Lorca as a regional reference in assistance to women and promotion of equality (20/08/2018)

  • IU denounces that Calvario Viejo has become a dunghill (20/08/2018)
    The spokesman of this municipal group, Pedro Sosa, has demanded from the Mayor and his government team "immediate" actions to put an end to this shameful and unhealthy situation in the neighborhood of San Cristóbal
  • The PSOE demands the removal of all the temporary wooden posts that support the wiring in the neighborhood of La Viña (20/08/2018)

  • The City Council and the CARM keep active until September 30 the patrols of monitoring and detection of forest fires of the INFOMUR Plan within the municipality (20/08/2018)

  • IU-Lorca denounces a new flood of the old road of Águilas after the rains yesterday (17/08/2018)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, recalled that this section was remodeled in 2015 with an investment of three million euros and that, during its inauguration, the PP ensured that it became "the best road in the Region of Murcia&qu
  • The public parking of San Vicente reopens its doors with the rebate at half the price of its subscriptions and an improved image (17/08/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the tourist stagnation of the city in front of other cultural destinations and asks for greater external promotion (17/08/2018)

  • The PSOE claims the CARM BIC declaration of the Jewish Quarter and Synagogue of the Castle of Lorca (17/08/2018)

  • The local police arrest a man for stealing the chalice and paten from the Church of San Mateo during the procession of the Virgen del Cisne (17/08/2018)

  • The Castle of Lorca will host the "Music & Tapas" initiative on the nights of August 24 and 31 with performances by Lorca singers Tony Blaya and Carmen Miñarro "Bonica" (16/08/2018)

  • The Local Police filed numerous complaints against businesses that sold alcoholic beverages outside of the established hours and people who consumed alcohol on public roads (16/08/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the "shameful state of abandonment" in which the parks and gardens of the San Diego neighborhood are located (16/08/2018)

  • IU-V denounces the umpteenth elimination of trees in a path in the vicinity of the malls (16/08/2018)
    Sosa defects the PP of "arboricida" and demands that the census of the elms existing in the malls be carried out and that their immediate protection be applied
  • The local police detain a man for an alleged crime of damage and theft after removing the wiring of the public lighting of the Bridge of San Cristóbal (14/08/2018)
    The damages caused are valued at more than 2,000 euros and will be necessary, by the municipal services , replace all the damaged electrical installation
  • The Department of Education allocates more than 20,000 euros to perform 20 improvement and maintenance activities in schools throughout the municipality during the summer (14/08/2018)

  • The PSOE celebrates the first steps that signal the imminent start of the construction of the Palace of Justice of Lorca (14/08/2018)

  • The Department of Family and Social Welfare adheres to a regional protocol to strengthen care for people with mental illness and drug addicts (13/08/2018)
    Four technicians from the Department of Family and Social Welfare and the head of Social Services will participate in socio-health coordination to achieve an integral intervention in cases of serious mental disorder or drug addiction
  • The Rapid Intervention Brigade of the City Council performs various improvement works in the parish of La Parroquia thanks to citizen participation (13/08/2018)

  • The PSOE demands the immediate opening of the plants closed by the PP in Rafael Méndez in the absence of beds available for income (13/08/2018)

  • The Community puts to tender for more than 7.5 million works of the first section of the Central Round of Lorca (11/08/2018)
    The performance, with a length of 1.3 kilometers, will join the old road N-340a at the entrance of Lorca to the east of the city, in the neighborhood of Apolonia, and it will end in the neighborhood of San Diego
  • Social, musical or family language immersion camps among the activities of the network of municipal shelters for this summer (10/08/2018)
    The month of July closed with an occupation of 90%, which leads us to believe that the summer will close with a 15% more occupancy compared to 2017, which reaffirms the dynamic nature of the three municipal hostels
  • Intervening 1,800 counterfeit clothes with a value of 60,000 euros thanks to a control set up by the UPROL Unit of the Local Police of Lorca (10/08/2018)
    The agents discovered the cargo as a result of a control, instructing the proceedings and sending them to the Civil Guard to the making available to the Judicial Authority of both the author and the garments
  • The PSOE describes as "a joke" the PP's promise to implement participatory budgets (10/08/2018)

  • IU: "Dirt, weeds and abandonment are still the general tonic in Lorca's plots" (10/08/2018)
    Pedro Sosa gives voice to the residents of the street of Las Palas de San Lázaro who denounce the inconvenience caused by the abandonment of a plot of land and the bad execution in the remodeling of the area
  • Scouts lorquinos participate in the construction of a playground for an international volunteer in Morocco. (10/08/2018)
    The Clan Leiva of the Scout Group Ciudad del Sol de Lorca will participate in the construction of a playground in Ait Aissa and will dynamize the town socially
  • ESAMUR and Lorca City Council take stock of the actions in infrastructures for water purification undertaken with an investment of 580,000 euros (09/08/2018)
    Under the Agreement 2015-2017 has addressed a new system of congeneration in the WWTP of La Hoya, where Effluent disinfection has also been improved and denitrification optimized
  • The counselor Adela Martínez-Cachá visits the players of Lorca CF Base, who will play this season in the Junior Honor Division (09/08/2018)

  • Lorca will star in the International Week of the Garden and the Sea of ​​Los Alcázares (09/08/2018)
    From 14 to 24 August the municipality will be present at the XLVII International Week with its own stand to publicize all the tourist, cultural and gastronomic offer local
  • The delay in the beginning of the works of extension of the school of La Hoya will cause 50 schoolchildren to continue giving classes in barracks (09/08/2018)
    The PSOE suspects that the delay in the works of the CEIP Juan González responds to an intention of the PP to make coincide the inauguration of the expansion of the center with the start of the electoral campaign
  • The PSOE again demand the repair of the facade of the University Campus of Lorca still damaged by the earthquakes of 2011 (09/08/2018)

  • The traditional laundry of Zarzadilla de Totana has been renewed by students of 4 employment programs developed by the City of Lorca (08/08/2018)
    This space of great cultural and neighborhood value has been suitable both inside and outside, with the participation of 24 students, 6 monitors and an investment of 5,000 euros in materials
  • The PSOE calls for the withdrawal of the "advertising car" that is in Plaza de España (08/08/2018)

  • Open the deadline to collaborate as a volunteer in the Sports Games XL Guadalentín (08/08/2018)
    The fortieth edition of the Olympics Lorca will offer more than 60 sports events between September 7 and October 13
  • The PSOE calls for improvements in the signaling of the roads of Lorca to protect cyclists (07/08/2018)
    The PSOE calls for the installation of new signs to raise awareness of the need to move with caution and respect lateral separation.
  • The "Barrios Altos" Summer School offers social activities for 30 children and 14 adults during the month of August (07/08/2018)
    The Santa Maria social center hosts the initiative that is dedicated from Monday to Thursday to the youngest, offering the School of Parents on Friday mornings
  • PSOE: "The PP has once again confirmed its exhaustion and lack of ideas with the programming of paid concerts for the Lorca fair" (07/08/2018)

  • The PSOE requests actions to improve the safety of cyclists on roads in the municipality of Lorca (07/08/2018)
    The PSOE calls for the installation of new signs to raise awareness of the need to drive with caution and respect lateral separation.
  • Local Police locate and identify two people for a robbery with force inside a Lorca company (07/08/2018)
    The perpetrators, of Spanish nationality, have numerous police records and arrests for acts of a similar nature
  • IU criticizes the passivity of the administrations to avoid future avenues and floods (07/08/2018)
    Pedro Sosa requests a meeting of his group and the AAVV of Campillo, Torrecilla and association of affected by the flood of 2012 with the new president of the CHS to give start the works that prevent future floods
  • IZAL, Pasión Vega, Mojinos Escozíos, El Arrebato and Sergio Dalma star in the musical agenda of the Lorca Fair 2018 that will be held between September 21 and 30 (06/08/2018)
    El cumple de Pocoyó, "Eight surnames Murcia", El Niño of the Mortgage and 30 concerts at the Day Fair complete a musical program as varied as it is wide
  • Mateos claims a second bus to accommodate all the students who need transportation in Campillo while the Almenara road is not adapted to pedestrians crossing (06/08/2018)

  • The PSOE announces allegations to achieve improvements in urban transport according to the needs of the users of the city and districts (06/08/2018)

  • The esplanade of the Institute of La Paca is still full of garbage 15 days after a concert (06/08/2018)
    The PSOE returns to denounce the Popular Party's oblivion to the district and demands the Mayor to order the cleaning of the La Paca Institute esplanade and your environment
  • Diego José Mateos demands the City Council of Lorca and CHS to clean riverbeds and ravines to avoid floods with the cold drop (03/08/2018)

  • The Councils of Local Development and Sports renew the stands of the World Football Field '82 for the 2018-2019 season (03/08/2018)
    The new design presents a combination of white and blue chromatic blocks
  • The City Council of Lorca will invest 40,000 euros in the Pedestrian Works Plan in the creation of a concrete pass through the Guadalentín that will connect the San Miguel riverfront and the Caravaca highway (03/08/2018)
    The adaptation of this step will make it possible to decongest traffic from Barrio de San Cristóbal, Puente Viejo and the surroundings of the historic center, providing drivers with greater security
  • The Consistory and the local action group Campoder sign the resolution for the realization of a documentary that will promote the cultural heritage of the southern districts (03/08/2018)
    The investment of 10,103'50 euros will allow filming and editing a complete video that explores the heritage of various Lorca deputations, with special emphasis on the coast
  • Diego José Mateos: "What is needed in the stands of the World Cup 82 is a shadow zone" (03/08/2018)

  • The PSOE celebrates that the PP copies its proposal and decides to pave the speed bump of the Peñica (03/08/2018)
    The creation of a concrete passage through the Guadalentín that will connect the Ribera de San Miguel and the Caravaca Highway, responds to a proposal made by the PSOE in June of 2017
  • The PSOE proposes the installation of a "permanent" local police checkpoint in the vicinity of the neighborhood (02/08/2018)

  • The art of embroidery in silks and gold is recognized by the Public Service of State Employment as a Training Specialty within the family of Arts and Crafts (02/08/2018)

  • IU will request that the local police ensure compliance with the municipal ordinances (02/08/2018)
    For Pedro Sosa, "the ordinances are not only to fine with radars, but they must also be applied to punish those who throw garbage at the wrong time or behave incivilically bothering their neighbors "
  • Unemployment is reduced in Lorca by 143 people in July, the best month since the system entered into force in 2009 (02/08/2018)
    Unemployment has fallen in practically all sectors, consolidating the job creation process in which it finds itself the municipality in recent months
  • IU requests greater security measures in the works of the Alameda de Cervantes (01/08/2018)
    Gloria Martín echoes the complaints of merchants of this road, after the fall this morning of a passerby because of the poor state of the causeway of the works
  • Mateos once again demands Gil Jódar to enforce health and safety regulations to give an urgent solution to the dangerous state of La Quinta (01/08/2018)

  • City Council and Murcia Health Service reissue the agreement (01/08/2018)
    for the development of rehabilitation and insertion of people with mental illness or drug addiction
  • The VII Peñarrubia Lorca Trail, one of the most spectacular mountain races in the Region, will be held on September 16 (01/08/2018)
    within the agenda of the XL Sports Games Guadalentín
  • Ángel Meca: "We are not going to allow the name of Lorca to be used to cover the inability of the Central Government or to make us an excuse for the Andalusians" (01/08/2018)

  • Response on the suitability of La Quinta (01/08/2018)


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