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  • The PP requires the Ministry to make a firm commitment to burying the steps of Tercia and Villaespesa before expropriating the victims (30/04/2019)
    The Government Team in the City Council will not sign the reconsideration minutes until it is assured that the walls of 16 meters that match houses are changed by underpasses
  • The Department of Urban Planning grants license to repair the facades of the main building of the University Campus (30/04/2019)

  • The PP has not contemplated a single cent in the Municipal Budgets of 2019 to expand the staff of Local Police Lorca (30/04/2019)
    PSOE: "The Popular Party has no credibility to promise 20 days of the Municipal Elections what they have not done in 12 years "
  • Diego José Mateos: "We will approve a much more flexible ordinance to provide solutions to the hospitality sector, fundamental for the economic development of the city" (30/04/2019)

  • López Miras attends the presentation of the candidacy of Lorca and warns about the division of the vote: "Only favors the left" (30/04/2019)

  • 15 focus groups of elderly people from all districts participate in the "Friendly Cities" project (30/04/2019)

  • La Hermandad del Rocío de Lorca invites Lorca to participate on May 18 and 19 in the Rociora de Lorca Pilgrimage that will take place in The Councilor (30/04/2019)

  • IU advocates the creation of a new public company that encompasses all the maintenance of the city (30/04/2019)
    In addition to Limusa, it would include the remunicipalization of outsourced services, such as the maintenance of gardens and sports facilities
  • The PP will equip Lorca with 30 more seats of Local Police agents to increase the police presence in the urban area and districts (30/04/2019)

  • The PSOE returns to win the General Elections in Lorca 23 years later (29/04/2019)

  • IU-Green will create a vice-mayor linked to the Highlands of Lorca (29/04/2019)

  • The Old Convent of La Merced will host on the 4th and 5th of May the Fourth Motocross Meeting Custom Lorca (29/04/2019)

  • The Civil Guard retrieves about a hundred hairdressing products stolen in a warehouse in the La Torrecilla de Lorca industrial estate (29/04/2019)
    A person has been arrested as an alleged perpetrator of the crime of robbery with force
  • The PP requires the Government of the PSOE the exemption of the IBI, the burial of the AVE and to rectify its decision to close the Tajo-Segura (29/04/2019)
    The Popular Party celebrates tomorrow its first pre-campaign act for the municipal elections in the Alameda de la Constitution
  • The Alameda de la Constitución hosts the public presentation of the candidacy of Fulgencio Gil tomorrow afternoon (29/04/2019)
    It will be an open act for the participation of all citizens that will take place in the Alameda de la Constitución starting at 8:00 p.m. h
  • Traditional Holy Week Dinner of the Paso Blanco (28/04/2019)
    Very Illustrious Chapter of Our Lady of the Bitterness
  • IU-Verdes Lorca asks to act forcefully in Calnegre and limit their access to environmental attacks (26/04/2019)

  • The Tax Agency announces the seizure of the property of a person affected by the return of the aid from the Earthquakes (26/04/2019)

  • Garre: "We are worried at the end of a murky campaign in the region and we do not play with our votes" (26/04/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The neighbors of La Salud have not waited so long for the renovation of their streets so that now their opinions are not respected, breaking the word given" (26/04/2019)

  • The PP qualifies as "curious" that those who for 28 years forgot some areas of Lorca will remember right now that historical investments are being made (26/04/2019)
    "Those who want to build walls of 15 meters high in Villaespesa are not legitimated to give advice on works "
  • The City Council has planted more than 2,600 trees in the urban area and in the districts during the last year (26/04/2019)
    With the aim of enhancing the green areas of our municipality
  • The PP is moving to equip the neighborhood of San Cristóbal with a new playground, starting today the demolition of an apple of 1,034 m2 (26/04/2019)

  • The War Theater suspends the performance of "High Seduction" scheduled for May 15 due to the illness of the actor Arturo Fernández (26/04/2019)
    The locations acquired for the work may be returned at the box offices of the Teatro Guerra during their normal hours
  • The Municipal Library Network of Lorca organizes the collective reading of "The Jungle Book" to commemorate World Book Day (26/04/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "On Sunday, Lorca will play the bonus of 50% of the IBI and the closure of the Tajo-Segura transfer" (26/04/2019)

  • PP: "Lorca will be planted if the underpasses are not made in Tercia and Villaespesa, they will not waste our time while they bring us here the walls they do not want for other cities" (25/04/2019)
    At this point, Lorca does not trust us of the word of the Ministry, which excludes the municipal representatives from the meetings so that the truth is not revealed "
  • The Government of Spain will create a working table to continue studying the allegations and improve the layout of the AVE as it passes through Tercia (25/04/2019)

  • A new investment bank of the municipal government of the PP directly benefits 8 schools in our municipality (25/04/2019)
    Fulgencio Gil: "the improvement of our educational centers is, without a doubt, the most profitable investment, since we are committed to contribute to improve the formation of the new generations "
  • Diego Conesa: "We ask for the vote for the PSOE because it is the only one capable of guaranteeing the recovery of rights and welfare and social justice that the PP wrested with cuts" (25/04/2019)
    The candidate for the Presidency of the Community calls for nobody will stay at home on Sunday, "because the challenges and fears are faced in the unique and non-transferable moment of depositing the vote"
  • The IX Lorquimur-Run Mini Marathon by Lorca will be held next May 12 and its collection will go to the Association of Relatives of Children with Cancer of the Region of Murcia (25/04/2019)
    The absolute race, which will have a distance of seven kilometers, It will leave at 10 o'clock.
  • Lorca will host during the months of April and May the XXVI edition of the Sports Meetings of Women's Collectives organized by the City Council (24/04/2019)
    In this edition we can find, among others, days of urban hiking, zumba and aquagym, self-defense workshops , healthy activity, archery, salsa and Latin dances, and talks about physical activity and women
  • Aguas de Lorca, PRL National Prize (24/04/2019)
    Aguas de Lorca awarded nationally in the Zaldívar Scholastic Awards for their effort in the Prevention of Occupational Risks
  • La Hermandad de Labradores celebrates its traditional triumph dinner this Saturday (24/04/2019)
    To attend the ceremony that will take place at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca it will be necessary to purchase the tickets that will be available until Thursday night at the MASS and Bar Nogalte at the price of 30 euros
  • El Paso Azul will be present at the conference cycle 'Semana Santa Lorca with Salzillo' (24/04/2019)
    During the ceremony that will take place on Thursday, April 25 at 8:00 pm, María del Sagrado Corazón García will illustrate the participants about the rich heritage with which the Brotherhood of Farmers counts
  • Lorca's Jaime Visedo presents his first work "La vida padre" Journal of a novice father (24/04/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "El Coso de Sutullena will be the key stage in the cultural, social and commercial revolution that we have undertaken in Lorca" (24/04/2019)
    "We are the Party that defends traditions, recovers heritage and enhances our identity as a city"
  • The PP gets the City to go from the bankruptcy left by the PSOE to have the best figures of the last 30 years (24/04/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "Lorca will take care of having AVE, burying and recovering the connection with Andalusia" (24/04/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil advances that the private accusation will be exercised against the individual who assaulted 3 Lorca in Lope Gisbert yesterday (24/04/2019)

  • PSOE: "A drifting PP presumes to reduce debt at the expense of maintaining debts with Lorca companies since 2015 and to marginalize neighborhoods and districts" (24/04/2019)
    Abellán: "For the umpteenth time, the PP tries to boast of good management resorting his old songs and his falsified accounts "
  • A hundred children from the folkloric group Ciudad de Cartagena and Virgen de las Huertas Choirs and Dances will participate on Saturday at the IX Folklore Children's Show "Tío Pillo" (23/04/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil adds to the electoral list independent professionals, representatives of culture, sports and traditions, and presents an extensive renovation (23/04/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces the appearance of graffiti on its electoral posters before the Electoral Board of the Zone and the Civil Guard opens proceedings to identify the authors (23/04/2019)
    At the request of the Electoral Board, the Civil Guard and Local Police have already opened proceedings after the appearance of these are painted on the PSOE posters so that procedures are carried out regarding the identification of the author or aut
  • IU criticizes that the "interested" lack of control is turning our coasts into a landfill (23/04/2019)
    Sosa also denounces the ineffectiveness of the government team to dismantle an illegal telephony antenna in Tercia
  • Lorca commemorates the celebration of the Day of the Book with the programming of more than 40 events throughout the week in urban areas and districts (23/04/2019)

  • Agents of the Local Police arrest an individual as alleged perpetrator of a robbery with violence in Nogalte Street (23/04/2019)

  • The City Council grants a works license to an insect processing and marketing company to reform an industrial warehouse in the Los Peñones industrial estate (23/04/2019)

  • The work prior to the demolition of the former headquarters of the Police Station that will allow the rearrangement of Lope Gisbert Street and improve access to the parking of San Vicente (23/04/2019)

  • The PSOE requests an exhaustive review of the state of completion of the buildings in the neighborhood of San Fernando and demands the repair of the damages detected by the residents (22/04/2019)

  • The PSOE requests the revision of the trees in the public spaces of Lorca after the recent storm of rain and wind (22/04/2019)

  • 7 private entities collaborate with the City Council sponsoring the extraordinary tourist assistance device during Easter Week Visitor attentions have increased more than 30% compared to last year, and information and reservation requests for the pro (17/04/2019)

  • An embroiderer and four mayordomas of the Lorca fraternities visit the School of Holy Week to Conciliate and Coeducate set up by the City Council (17/04/2019)

  • A hundred unemployed Lorca have already applied for the subsidy for over 52 years approved by the Government of Spain (17/04/2019)
    Marisol Sánchez: "The 28-A is at stake saying yes to social justice, coexistence and democratic cleanliness, and Not to the right of cuts, inequality and corruption "
  • The Mayor shows his "satisfaction and joy" for the news of the suspension of the sanitary transport tender procedure, "good news for all Lorca" (17/04/2019)

  • Mateos shows his satisfaction after the suspension of the tender of the sanitary transport service granted in a "dubious" manner to a UTE from outside the Region (17/04/2019)

  • The City Council reinforces the Holy Week device with 2 more tents to protect the heritage of the Steps and mobilizes another 150 tons of dry sand for the race (17/04/2019)

  • The Network of Jewish Quarters "Caminos de Sefarad" organizes a new edition of its micro-stories contest for schoolchildren with the aim of spreading the serfadí legacy among young people (16/04/2019)

  • The PSOE demands actions to continue improving the special cleaning device for Easter in order to offer the best image of the city to own and visitors (16/04/2019)

  • Marco Antonio's group with a new mantle, car and slaves, and Julio César's cloths, main releases of the Paso Azul for Holy Week in 2019 (16/04/2019)
    The Roman escort of Cristo Yacente will premiere three layers of black velvet embroidered in silver on Good Friday to accompany the funeral procession.
  • 32 players are participating in the "I Tournament of Senas Alfonso X" which aims to recover the practice of this typical Lorca game (16/04/2019)
    The Civic Center of this neighborhood hosts, since last week, the games.
  • Diego José Mateos: "Our commitment to youth and the reactivation of the Historic District goes through the conversion of the old San Vicente Police Station into a young leisure center" (15/04/2019)

  • More than 19,000 flowers from the municipal nurseries will decorate the green areas of the city in the face of Easter Week (15/04/2019)

  • Antonio Meca asks the government team to eliminate most of the traffic lights in Juan Carlos I for being unnecessary (15/04/2019)
    "Only with the installation of some essentials and with intermittent amber light, would be achieved better traffic flow" indicates Meca
  • Eight teams will compete in the "IV Lorca CFB Comarca Tournament" which will serve as a posthumous tribute to one of the founders of the Club, José Rodríguez Cabaleiro "Sesé" (15/04/2019)
    The meeting will be held on Saturday, April 20 and among the participants, in addition to the host club, Lorca CFB, will participate Real Murcia, UD Almeria and Vilarreal CF
  • History and heritage are the twenty-ninth edition of the Paso Azul magazine (15/04/2019)
    The premieres of this year, the experiences of various blues and culture are also part of issue number 29 of the official bulletin
  • IU asks the intervention of the state in Murcia's autonomy "for abandoning its powers in the protection of Cope-Calnegre" (15/04/2019)
    27 years of delay in the approval of the PORN and impunity in the face of repeated and repeated sabotage, pillage, and aggressions to the environmental values ​​of the Regional Park lead IU to request this intervention
  • IU-Verdes Lorca criticizes "reactionary" to prevent rural workers from taking the bus in the urban area (12/04/2019)

  • Pedro Mondéjar, school teacher of Campillo, joins the candidacy of PP Lorca to the upcoming municipal elections (11/04/2019)
    Has 3 national awards, a Postgraduate, two Masters, has made more than 50 presentations in specialized courses and has directed more of 30, besides being the author of two books
  • Diego José Mateos proposes measures to solve the lack of parking areas in Alameda de Cervantes after the works (11/04/2019)
    The SOL project, with solutions for Lorca, includes measures for the city of Lorca to recover the parking spaces that the Popular Party eliminated with the works: "We must make Lorca a comfortable and accessible city to walk and circulate"
  • ASLEP celebrates World Parkinson's Day with the realization of awareness-raising activities to raise awareness of this neurodegenerative disease Under the slogan "Knowing the disease is the first step to combat it" the Larchkin Associat (11/04/2019)

  • The special cleaning device for Semana Santa launches new recycling containers for concentration areas and will have a team of 13 vehicles and 85 workers (11/04/2019)

  • IU demands support from the City Council for those affected by the return of the aid that will go to court (11/04/2019)

  • The PSOE criticizes that the Municipal Fire Plan approved in Plenary one year ago is still unfinished (11/04/2019)

  • Seven works by painters such as Pinazo, Benedito, López Mezquita or Romero de Torres are part of the exhibition "Spanish painting of the 20th century in the Ruano garden" curated by Javier Pérez Rojas (11/04/2019)
    The exhibition, one of the most prestigious and ambitious of the history of Lorca, will be inaugurated this afternoon at 8 pm and will be open until July 15
  • Antonio Meca will not attend the presidential stand during Holy Week (11/04/2019)
    "The use of the presidency is not regulated and is used by the government team to increase their political patronage" explains the Councilor
  • The PSOE denounces the deficiencies in the public lighting system suffered by the residents of Zarcilla de Ramos, Zarzadilla de Totana and Las Terreras (10/04/2019)

  • The tourist device for Holy Week increases its staff and opening hours, and will distribute 25,000 forms for visitors, 1,000 of them in French for the first time (10/04/2019)

  • Releases of El Paso Blanco 2019 (10/04/2019)
    Egyptian Mantles, Mantle of the Roman Cavalry and Restoration of the Mysteries
  • The logistic device for Easter includes 8 tents, 37 portable toilets and will maintain a permanent municipal electric service checkpoint every day of the procession (09/04/2019)

  • The new service that allows dozens of Almendricos families to have a definitive electricity supply after spending several years with the work light comes into operation (09/04/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The recovery of the Local Police barracks will be the starting point for the strategic revitalization that the Barrio deserves" (09/04/2019)

  • ... (09/04/2019)

  • IU denounces that the PP has left to die the tables of conciliation of the orchard and the Highlands (09/04/2019)

  • The Mayor meets with the Cooperativa Ambulancias de Lorca and highlights his "exemplary contribution to the creation of quality employment in our region for 30 years" (08/04/2019)

  • IU will promote social pressure in the face of the "doubtful" award of health transport from Area III to a foreign joint venture (08/04/2019)
    Sosa has announced mobilizations if the entire award process that has left out the local company 'Ambulancias Lorca' is not reviewed
  • More than 600 students will participate on Wednesday in the III School Health Fair that will take place in the Plaza de Calderón, Colón and the Alamedas de Lorca (08/04/2019)

  • Antonio Meca presents his candidacy for the upcoming municipal elections for the independent party Ciudalor. (08/04/2019)
    "To defend the interests of Lorca we can not have our hands tied with party slogans"
  • The 'Young Program' will contain 50 measures that will channel the demands of 16,000 young Lorca (08/04/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The neighbors of the Caravaca highway and the Diputación de Río deserve the renovation of their streets according to what they have been demanding for years" (08/04/2019)

  • The Security Plan for Holy Week increases local police services by 15.5% and incorporates mobile static elements to block access (08/04/2019)

  • City Council, Fundación Secretariado Gitano and Fundación el Gigante commemorate the International Day of the Gypsy People with a technical conference and an institutional act (08/04/2019)
    The Professional Music Conservatory has welcomed the reading of a manifesto and the reading of a manifesto together with the hoisted flag and anthem of the gypsy town in which many people of this group have participated
  • El Paso Purple presents the new set of embroidery of the Christ of Mercy, whose banner has required the work of 9 embroiderers for 2 years and 55 days (08/04/2019)

  • The PSOE will gather its Mayors and spokespersons of the municipalities of area III to demand from the PP the revision of the "suspicious" award of the sanitary transport to companies from outside the Region (08/04/2019)

  • Aguas de Lorca gathers 400 children of the municipality to celebrate the World Water Day (08/04/2019)
    The students of the San Cristóbal and San Francisco schools join the adventure of 'La Gota Viajera' to learn about the management of the integral cycle of the water that the company makes in Lorca
  • López Miras: "The residents of San Fernando are examples of overcoming and hope for the new Lorca" (07/04/2019)
    President López Miras emphasizes that the neighborhood "offers more and better opportunities to its residents and future generations, as demanded by the society of the 21st century "
  • The Women's Association of Campillo will hold a second-hand market on Sunday that will take place in the CEIP Pasico-Campillo car park (05/04/2019)
    The commercial activity, which will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., aims to boost this district so close to our urban center, as well as promoting the social life and the hospitality of the area
  • IU-Lorca defends the interests of local agricultural producers against the agreements of Spain and the EU with third countries (05/04/2019)

  • The Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users convenes the XXIX Regional Literary Contest and IV National Contest in the modalities of narration and poetry with the collaboration of the Department of Culture (05/04/2019)
    Authors can participate in both modalities with a work or with a maximum of two in each.
  • IU regrets the politicization of Holy Week in Lorca by the Popular Party (05/04/2019)

  • The PSOE demands the remodeling of the Portijico street and the urgent closure of an abandoned lot turned into a "quebradero" of head for the neighbors (05/04/2019)

  • The City Council will enable this Holy Week on its Youtube channel video of the Biblical-Pastoral parades 20 years ago, corresponding to the assignment of Antonio Martínez (05/04/2019)

  • The church of San Pedro welcomes on Monday a technical conference of associations that work with the gypsy community that will bring together El Gigante, Cruz Roja, Cazalla Intercultural and Cáritas (05/04/2019)

  • Teams of 12 different nationalities will participate on Saturday in the II Intercultural Football Tournament 7 to be held at the Soccer Field "Alfonso Embarre" (04/04/2019)

  • The PSOE is committed to launch from this summer study rooms '24 hours' in Lorca (04/04/2019)
    The SOL project, with solutions for Lorca, includes the opening of study rooms with more flexible schedules, as well as the conditioning and the improvement of both the furniture and the connectivity in the existing municipal rooms
  • The Alameda Pavilion hosts the VI Intercentros Senior Athletes Meeting with the participation of 250 adults of our municipality (04/04/2019)
    All of them are users of the different residences and day centers of the municipality such as Caser, day center of Poncemar, Residence of San Diego, IMAS Residence, Alzheimer's Association, Red Cross and Parkinson's Association
  • Holy Week will have a "Point 0 Lorca free of harassment", itinerant character to raise awareness against sexist attitudes and harassment against women (04/04/2019)

  • PSOE: "The PP opens its electoral campaign in breach of its first commitment: to remove any electoral act of Holy Week in Lorca" (04/04/2019)

  • IU will defend the prescription of earthquake aid in a technical meeting in Development (03/04/2019)

  • CECLOR applauds the initiative to promote the recovery of the Historic Center of Lorca (03/04/2019)
    And its declaration as a strategic project of regional interest
  • The PSOE calls Lopez Miras' visit to Lorca "electoralist" "The investments announced for Rafael Méndez two months before the elections do not solve waiting lists or parking problems" (03/04/2019)

  • The PSOE shows its concern for the award of the sanitary transport service to a UTE made up of companies from outside the region (03/04/2019)
    Casalduero: "This situation, only in the city of Lorca, puts at risk the labor continuity of 96 workers of a lorquina company that until now loaned excellently the service of sanitary transport within the Area III of Health "
  • The IES Ibáñez Martín, Ros Giner, Pérez Casas and Sierra de la Almenara will host talks on climate change and the Life Adaptate Project this month (03/04/2019)

  • "The motion of reproach against Antonio Meca was agreed by leaders of Ciudadanos, the Popular Party of Lorca and Izquierda Unida" (03/04/2019)
    The objective was "to take Antonio Meca out of the way" "If you reproach him, we throw him out. wants".
  • Diego José Mateos: "Culture, heritage and tourism have to be an essential engine for Lorca and not remain undervalued" (02/04/2019)

  • The Plaza Virgen de la Amargura will host on Thursday the activity "Igualarte" organized by Cazalla Intercultural to raise awareness among young people in Lorca about equality (02/04/2019)

  • Lorca will host next Saturday the II Joëlette Spanish Championship organized by Apat Lorca with the participation of 80 runners (02/04/2019)

  • The X City of Lorca Business Initiatives Contest awards entrepreneurs from the firms Aire Nuevo, Ofislor Siglo XXI and Clapzas Colapso (02/04/2019)

  • The recycling of paper, plastic and glass increases in Lorca during the months of January and February thanks to the awareness campaigns launched by Limusa (01/04/2019)

  • Final impetus for the implementation of the degree in Occupational Therapy at the Lorca campus (01/04/2019)
    Involved in the construction of a day center for the elderly, by the Poncemar Foundation, for practices and research on aging and health care
  • The PSOE celebrates that the PP remembers how important it is to promote the Campus of Lorca two months before an election (01/04/2019)
    "If there has been a party that, since its foundation, has believed in the role that the University should play in Lorca that was the PSOE, it is difficult to believe a party that remembers to promise now what it has not wanted to do in eight ye
  • The PSOE denounces the dangerous and lamentable state of abandonment that the entrance to the city of Lorca presents for the area of ​​Las Palmeras (01/04/2019)
    Navarro: "What the PP has to do is fulfill its obligations, at least the months that it remain in front of the government of the City of Lorca "
  • IU-Greens denounces that PP and C's allied in Lorca to requalify Cabezo de la Jara and allow its urbanization (01/04/2019)


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