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  • IU Lorca asks for a plan for clearing and cleaning ditches to prevent fires (28/06/2019)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martin, warned that the margins of many roads are invaded by weeds, which entails an important risk for the residential areas located in the environment
  • Thirty young Europeans will be part of the CentreRED II Exchange (28/06/2019)
    Organized by the Cazalla Intercultural Association in Collaboration with the City Council of Lorca
  • The Local Police of Lorca warns of the traffic cuts planned for this weekend in the municipality (28/06/2019)

  • A researcher from Lorca makes a thesis on female entrepreneurship in the city of the Sun (28/06/2019)

  • ... (28/06/2019)

  • IU-V launches its proposal on the use of the site of the old police station (28/06/2019)
    Sosa talks about an urban operation in the whole of the Plaza de San Vicente that allows to acquire, restore and use as a multipurpose public building the House of Guevara and make young housing in the lot of the Police station
  • Lorca commemorates the LGTBIQ International Pride Day with the reading of a manifesto and the placement of the rainbow flag on the balcony of the City Council (28/06/2019)

  • The City Council warns of an increase in Pm10 particles in recent days in the municipality of Lorca (28/06/2019)

  • The CHS receives the residents of the district of Doña Inés in Lorca (28/06/2019)
    The group is interested in knowing the state of the underground aquifers in their area
  • Fulgencio Gil underscores the social commitment of pig farmers with the launch of the new seal of Certified Animal Welfare (28/06/2019)

  • The City Council of Lorca reiterates its commitment to the neighbors and continues working to avoid the closure of the medical offices, in the afternoon, during the summer (27/06/2019)

  • The best cyclists on the national scene will meet this Saturday in Lorca at the Road Cycling Championships (27/06/2019)

  • Podemos-Equo urges the new government team in Lorca, to put the moratorium on the table, regarding the installation of pig farms (27/06/2019)

  • The historic organ of the Church of San Francisco will be restored by the Portuguese maestro Dinarte Machado (27/06/2019)

  • IU Lorca asks that the rehabilitation of the Escarambrujo complex not be parked (26/06/2019)

  • The Department of Sports and the Rugby Club Lorca organized the third edition of the Rugby Summer School (26/06/2019)
    It will be held in the municipal field'Alfonso Embarre'
  • The 24-hour study room, located in the José María Campoy Alcalde Cultural Center, already has Wi-Fi connection (26/06/2019)

  • Lorca will commemorate the International LGTBIQ Pride Day with the reading of a manifesto and the placement of the rainbow flag on the balcony of the City Council (26/06/2019)

  • The PP asks ADIF to review the level crossings with barriers of the Churra and Pina roads (26/06/2019)
    in which the neighbors denounce traffic cuts of more than quarter of an hour
  • A Lorca woman wins the second prize in the National Congress of Young Researchers (26/06/2019)

  • IU Lorca denounces the placement of illegal stocks in Zarcilla de Ramos (26/06/2019)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, explained that two dogs have already had to suffer amputations after being trapped in hunting gear that are considered illegal because they are methods non-selective
  • IU's first proposal for the new corporation: "Give voice and power to residents of neighborhoods and districts of Lorca" (25/06/2019)

  • The Department of Health recalls the basic tips to protect against high temperatures and avoid heat strokes (25/06/2019)

  • The PP requests the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura to take advantage of the summer months to proceed with the cleaning of the Las Lomas corners (25/06/2019)

  • Lorca will host from June 28 to July 3 the XXX International Folklore Festival "City of Lorca" (25/06/2019)

  • The Palacio de Guevara will host this Wednesday a cultural activity organized by the collective Innovamos Juntos, the Unesco Center of Murcia and the Bartolomé Pérez Casas Choir (25/06/2019)

  • IU demands that the City of Lorca reinforce control of alcohol sales to minors (24/06/2019)

  • The Popular Party requests that the planned project be maintained for the collective use of the former Police Station "for its high social profitability" (24/06/2019)

  • Guadalentín Emprende organizes the 1st Solidarity Days in favor of the San Diego Residence for the Elderly (24/06/2019)

  • The Local Police intensifies the work of prevention of alcohol consumption in minors on the occasion of the end of year celebrations (24/06/2019)

  • Agriculture develops a project on the cultivation of the cherry tree in the Center of Agrarian Demonstration of Lorca (22/06/2019)
    It pretends to select the varieties of cherry tree that better adapt for his crop in the zone of the Guadalentín
  • IU-Lorca asks the Deputy Mayor of Lorca to demand that C's avoid closing the doctor's offices in the summer (21/06/2019)

  • Lorca celebrates during these days an international meeting within the European project "Cities of Learning" in which the Consistory participates together with Cazalla Intercultural and partners from six other countries (21/06/2019)

  • The City of Lorca shows its rejection by the latest cases of sexist violence that have increased the number of victims to 1,000 since 2003 (21/06/2019)

  • Fulgencio Gil establishes as priorities of the political action of the PP in the Town Hall the bonus of 50% of the IBI and to finish the projected works (21/06/2019)
    • The leader of the PP, that won the past municipal elections and counts on 10 councilmen in the Consistory, He anticipates that he will work with responsibility, defending the city and putting the interests of Lorca before any other issue
  • Good atmosphere in the V Road Equeski Nocturna solidaria, which was held last night organized by the #retoyosipuedo team, to benefit D'Genes (21/06/2019)

  • Peña Cultural Flamenca "Ciudad del Sol" by Lorca (20/06/2019)

  • IU requests the clearance of the access road to the Sima park, in Coy (20/06/2019)

  • The Restaurant El Segoviano and the Taberna Cuatro Cantones, winners of the Fair of the Sun "De Tapeo, Tardeo" (20/06/2019)

  • The War Theater will host this Saturday a solidarity event in favor of the Lorca Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, AFILOR (20/06/2019)

  • The City Council will develop, in the coming days, supervisory work in the educational centers to avoid problems after the fall, this morning, from a wall of the Sacred Heart School (20/06/2019)

  • IU-Lorca denounces the authorization of another swine macrogranja in Avilés (19/06/2019)

  • Detained a person who was in search and capture, claimed by a court in La Coruña, and who had hidden in his clothes 50 grams of hashish (19/06/2019)
    The arrest took place last Friday, June 14, as a result of one of the controls that have been carried out by the UPROL Unit in the urban area of ​​Lorca, actions aimed at the prevention of criminal acts.
  • Identified three people for performing graffiti on several train cars in Sutullena de Lorca Station (19/06/2019)
    The police action was carried out at 03.08 hours, last Tuesday, June 18, when notice was received in the Chamber Local Police Operative of Lorca
  • IU-Lorca denounces to the Public Prosecutor's Office the Ministry of Development for possible transgression (18/06/2019)
    Gloria Martín, explained that there are indications that Yolanda Muñoz is issuing unjust and contrary orders to the law and to reports from the legal services of three public administrations
  • The Mayor of Lorca announces the delegations of the councilors and councilors who will form the municipal government team (18/06/2019)

  • Alimer celebrates its General Assembly and awards the Alimer Foundation prizes (17/06/2019)

  • The asphalting of the alternative access road to the Castle of Lorca ends (17/06/2019)

  • PSOE and Citizens agree a government pact in Lorca, with support in the investiture of Izquierda Unida (15/06/2019)
    Mateos has announced that the councilman of Citizens, Francisco Morales will occupy the Vice-mayor of the City of Lorca
  • IU-Green facilitates the change in Lorca in exchange for compliance with a program that does not involve distribution of councils (15/06/2019)

  • Limusa, Environment and the Scout Group Ciudad del Sol participate in the "Libera Project" with the objective of cleaning the course of the Guadalentín River (14/06/2019)

  • The Foundation for Environmental Education gives Calnegre the Blue Flag, which recognizes the exceptional state of Lorca's beaches (14/06/2019)
    The formal ceremony took place this morning at the Tourism Institute and its concession is the result of collective work made to convert the Lorca coast is an extraordinary place to enjoy the environment and the sea
  • Diego José Mateos: "We are going to continue to the end to achieve that government of change that Lorca has mandated us at the polls" (14/06/2019)

  • The Castle of Lorca becomes part of the "Butterfly Oasis" project promoted by the Spanish Association for the Protection of Butterflies and their Environment (13/06/2019)
    The Fortaleza del Sol has created a pioneering space in the Region of Murcia that facilitates the development and breeding in the wild of butterflies present in the wild
  • City Council, AECC and Red Cross distribute 1,000 samples of sunscreen and 400 bottles of water within the awareness campaign against heat shock and UV radiation (13/06/2019)

  • Local Police recover a high-end vehicle stolen in the Czech Republic thanks to a prevention operation (13/06/2019)
    The training of local agents in documentation and falsification of identifying elements was key to recognizing the origin and situation of tourism
  • IU-Lorca denounces the construction of a 2,000-seater hatchery in Doña Inés that will contaminate the aquifer (13/06/2019)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service incorporates into the Copla 2019 Plan a jet ski to reinforce the rescue and rescue work in the Lorca coast (13/06/2019)

  • The access road to the castle will register traffic restrictions tomorrow and next Monday (13/06/2019)

  • More than 100 Lorca families will be able to benefit from the Summer Schools for Reconciling and Coeducar that will take place from July 16 to July 31 (12/06/2019)

  • The PSOE reiterates its request for the fast track Lorca-Águilas to become a highway to improve road safety (12/06/2019)

  • The City Council and the Physical Education and Sports Forum are organizing the III edition of the "Creasport" Contest, whose works can be presented until September 30 (12/06/2019)
    Last year almost 250 works were received in the different short story, short film and short film modalities photography of countries like Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Russia or Lithuania, among others
  • The War Theater will host on Thursday the eighth edition of the short film contest "A short distance" in which more than a dozen authors from Lorca will participate (11/06/2019)

  • Lorca hosts the Open Learning Experience course that will bring together teachers and educators from Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain to improve the teaching of Spanish to immigrants (11/06/2019)
    Cazalla Intercultural launches this initiative within the Open Learning Experience project from June 14 to 18 , making the last 9 places available to those interested
  • More than 300 Lorca students participate in the XXII School Theater Contest that is celebrated today and tomorrow at the Guerra Theater (11/06/2019)
    Students from 10 schools and the Popular University take part in the Contest that recognizes on this occasion the staff of the Department of Education and University of the City of Lorca
  • The PSOE denounces to the CHS a new wastewater discharge to the bed of the Rambla Alta (11/06/2019)

  • IU denounces the circulatory danger generated by the opening of Burger King in Lorca and proposes solutions to avoid it (11/06/2019)
    Gloria Martín, has warned of the long queues that form at the entrance and that are generating withholdings on the fast track RM11, to the height of a nearby roundabout.
  • The PSOE requires the Regional Government to keep its word and install the shadow areas promised in public schools in Lorca (07/06/2019)

  • The habilitation of the first 24-hour study room in Lorca is a reality (07/06/2019)
    Thanks to the pressure of the group of students by the PSOE and the Socialist Youth
  • The City Council establishes a 24-hour room at the José María Campoy Cultural Center so that Lorca students can prepare their exams (07/06/2019)

  • The musical "La Dama y el Vagabundo" present as a finalist in the gala of the 12th edition of the Premios del Teatro Musical (06/06/2019)

  • The University Campus of Lorca will have a geriatric Training and Research Center (06/06/2019)
    Thanks to the agreement between the UMU, City Council and Poncemar Foundation
  • City Council and FOMLorca launch the project "Opening doors, closing taboos", aimed at students in schools in our town (06/06/2019)

  • The Bank of Book Exchange will be launched from July 1 to July 26 and from September 2 to October 11 for the reuse of books of Secondary and Vocational Training (06/06/2019)

  • The Mayor highlights the social commitment of the Association El Buen Camino (06/06/2019)
    Precisely this year celebrates its 25th anniversary by serving disadvantaged people
  • The PSOE requires the PP Regional Government to paralyze the order to close the doctor's offices in districts of Lorca during the summer months (06/06/2019)

  • The Huerto Ruano hosts next Thursday the presentation of the novel "Star Blast Game One" by Lorca professor Juan Antonio Molina (05/06/2019)
    Antonio Ortega and Pedro Gil will present the fiction work of the IES English teacher José Ibáñez Martín
  • Lorca registers a new increase in the collection of light packaging thanks to the awareness campaigns and the installation of new containers in the historic center (05/06/2019)

  • The Cultural Center and the War Theater host exhibitions of painting and handicrafts, theater shows and dance festivals framed within "Expocreación 2019" (05/06/2019)

  • IU denounces the first embargo on a family home for the aid of the earthquakes of Lorca (05/06/2019)

  • The City Council approves an agreement for € 30,000 with the Daughters of Charity to finance social support activities in San José de Calasanz (05/06/2019)

  • The PSOE again request that the elderly in homes recover the extra payments that were cut by the crisis in 2012 and calls for the opening of closed plants in Domingo Sastre (05/06/2019)
    Mateos requires the Regional Government to open the last two plants of the Domingo Sastre residence, closed to the street and therefore unused, as well as the air conditioning and the improvement of accessibility in the rest of the floors and rooms
  • The Municipal School of Music of Lorca opens on Wednesday the registration period of 150 places for new students for the 2019/2020 academic year (04/06/2019)
    Up to Friday the 14th registration can be formalized in the secretariat of the Municipal School of Music in the Cat area and on the City Council website
  • Four students of the "ros giner" awarded for their research works (04/06/2019)
    Four students of the IES Francisco Ros Giner awarded by the Hospital Virgen del Alcázar de Lorca
  • 35 ONCE Group School Contest (04/06/2019)

  • Lorca will host from 1 to 3 November the celebration of the I Championship of Spain of Enganches, modality test of obstacles, in which fifty horsemen participate (04/06/2019)

  • The City Council grants a license for the integral rehabilitation of the Cloister of the Carmen Church, which will allow the location of the Via Crucis Museum and the opening of a public square (04/06/2019)

  • The PSOE again calls for the immediate opening of study rooms 24 hours in Lorca (04/06/2019)
    Mateos: "The preparation of the Selectivity has once again highlighted the need for our students to have this type of rooms, adapted to their needs. schedules, and that they would be already available if it depended on a government of the PSOE &
  • Unemployment figures continue to fall in Lorca, registering a decrease of 281 people in the year-on-year unemployment rate (04/06/2019)
    We can also point out that, according to the data provided by the balance sheet that it offers us last May, unemployment has chained a new fall of 7 people, which reduces the total number of unemployed people in our municipality to 4,844
  • Cazalla continues to bet on sports, culture and traditions (04/06/2019)

  • More than 205 Lorca residents in the Barrios Altos benefit from the employability, social aspects and educational follow-up courses of the Gypsy Development Plan 2019 (03/06/2019)

  • The PSOE requests the opening of school canteens during the summer period to facilitate the reconciliation of family and work life (03/06/2019)
    From the PSOE Lorca also warn that the end of the school year will leave hundreds of children in Lorca without the guarantee of power access to the basic and universal right to daily food
  • The City of the Sun also hosted the Masters athletics party (03/06/2019)
    The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" hosted this Sunday morning, the Championship of the Region of Murcia of the category, under the organization of AD Eliocroca, CA Puertas Lorca and CA Nogalte - Home Puerto Lumbreras
  • The Lorca Gloria Martín is integrated into the highest federal body of direction of IU between assemblies (03/06/2019)

  • Celebration of the concert of the Choir of Teachers of the Region of Murcia in the Church of San Francisco de Lorca (01/06/2019)


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