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Lorca News - November 2018

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  • A new battery of works and investments will benefit the residents of Torrealvilla, Zarzadilla de Totana, La Paca (30/11/2018)
    And Doña Inés and will improve playgrounds in 11 districts
  • IU alerts of an illegal plastic waste dump next to the Rafael Méndez hospital (30/11/2018)

  • PSOE: "The budgets of the Autonomous Community for 2019 are a new PP fraud to all Lorca" (30/11/2018)

  • Lorca commemorates World AIDS Day (30/11/2018)
    With the distribution of red ribbons, condoms and the carrying out of educational activities organized by the City Council and the Red Cross
  • La Fortaleza del Sol hosts a special program during the month of December to perform the Hanukkah festival (30/11/2018)

  • New edition of the "Saturday Story" of the Children's Library and Juvenile this Saturday at 12 noon with the actress Olga Solera (30/11/2018)
    The interpreter and storyteller Murcia will share again their best stories with children of Infant and first cycle of Primary
  • Lorca hosts the Sicarm new technology fair until next Sunday (30/11/2018)

  • The Community will invest more than 1.7 million in the recovery of the Bullring of Lorca (30/11/2018)
    The Minister of Tourism and Culture, presents the new project, which "will return to Lorca and citizens of all regions an emblematic property that is part of our rich heritage "
  • The Community will invest more than 1.7 million euros in the recovery of Coso de Sutullena (30/11/2018)
    The reform will allow converting this property into a "multi-purpose arena" that will be a social and cultural reference for the use and enjoyment of Lorca and the set of citizens of the Region
  • Lorca hosts until Sunday the New Technologies Fair SICARM (30/11/2018)
    With workshops on drones, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and educational activities
  • Cut from Monday, December 3, the road that connects Los Pilones and Barrio de San José for the progress of the works to improve and adapt this communication channel (30/11/2018)
    The cut will continue until the completion of the works on February 28 , enabling and signaling alternate itineraries enabled
  • On Monday, at 7.30 am, the free bus line enters the Artés Carrasco car park and the Rafael Méndez Hospital (30/11/2018)
    Users can park at zero cost and comfortably travel by minibus to the door of the Hospital between 7.30 and 15.30 every business day
  • We can gather all the training in Lorca in the II Regional Meeting of Circles (30/11/2018)

  • Protest of the residents of the Marín road due to the stoppage of the regeneration works (30/11/2018)

  • Lorca will host until December 10 the Traditional Slaughter of Chato Murciano and the Gastronomic Days of Cuchara y Chato (29/11/2018)

  • XV Traditional Folklore Competition "Campo de Lorca" (29/11/2018)
    Squads of Lorca, Malaga, Almeria, Moratalla and Cehegín will participate on Sunday December 2 in Aguaderas in the XV Traditional Folklore Competition "Campo de Lorca"
  • The Mayor emphasizes that the new logistics base of Limusa will allow a faster and more efficient response to the cleaning needs of the entire municipality (29/11/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "I invite the minister to come and know the damage caused by taking away the water" (29/11/2018)
    "A superb decision and a robbery against agriculture"
  • Mateos records the first two hundred citizen allegations to claim the integral burial of the railway as it passes through the city of Lorca (29/11/2018)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles a dangerous family clan dedicated to the cultivation and elaboration of drugs (29/11/2018)
    In the hamlet of Lorca Almendricos
  • Mateos demands a National Water Pact (29/11/2018)
    "Our land needs agreements for water, and no more useless wars like those the PP seeks when it does not govern"
  • El Paso Blanco, champion of Lorca embroidery in the "Capricho Cofrade" room in Granada (28/11/2018)

  • The PSOE claims in the Plenary Session of the City of Lorca the cleaning of the Rojano Tower (28/11/2018)

  • The municipal workshop for the conservation of historical heritage begins the repair of the stature of the Blessed Virgin of Mercy, of Paso Morado (28/11/2018)

  • More than 5,000 Easter flowers from the municipal nursery of La Torrecilla will decorate the green spaces of Lorca in the face of Christmas (28/11/2018)

  • Lorca hosts the II Regional Training Session of the Community Mortgage Counseling and Mediation Service (28/11/2018)

  • X edition of the Blood Donation Marathon of Lorca "Be Solidarity" (28/11/2018)
    The Culture Classroom of CajaMurcia and Manuel Jódar Asesores will host on December 4 the X edition of the Lorca Blood Donation Marathon "Ser Solidarios"
  • IU requests explanations for the stoppage of the rehabilitation works of the church of Santa María (28/11/2018)
    Sosa does not understand that the rehabilitation of the nearby houses converted into landfills was not contemplated in the regeneration of the area
  • The Blue Museum of Holy Week, MASS, will host the temporary exhibition "The Egyptian Blue" from November 30 to January 6 (28/11/2018)
    More than fifty works of art make up the exhibition that includes, in addition to embroidery of the time classic of the Lorca embroidery, the throne of Cleopatra or the cart of Antiochus IV
  • The Cifea de Lorca participates in Sweden in a course on animal welfare organized by the European Commission (28/11/2018)
    The objective is to improve the professional skills of personnel involved in the official control activities on animal welfare in the EU
  • Mateos proposes the reuse of the old lighting reinforcement bulbs of Avenida Juan Carlos I (28/11/2018)
    To improve the lighting of the municipality's sports facilities
  • Llamas: "The restoration of the church of Santa María is a milestone in the heritage recovery of the city of Lorca regardless of who it may be" (28/11/2018)
    The mayor of culture has announced that the best preserved fragments of the original balustrade will be part of the Santa Maria musealization, whose works will end at the beginning of 2019
  • Bayonas on the proposal of the PSOE to reinforce the lighting of the municipal fields (28/11/2018)
    "We think it's a great idea, so much more than two weeks ago that we put it into practice"
  • IU requests that the municipal website be rectified so that the amendments proposed by the opposition to the motions and approved in plenary are collected (27/11/2018)

  • IU-Greens will bring to institutions a battery of proposals to alleviate the effects of rural depopulation in the districts of Caravaca, Lorca and Moratalla (27/11/2018)
    The proposals arise from a series of meetings held in six districts of the three municipalities mentioned and which have been organized by IU-Greens and the GUE
  • White music against Alzheimer's (27/11/2018)
    The 5th Concert Solidarity "Antonio Jesús Martínez Fernández" of the Musical Association Virgen de la Amargura, will benefit the Alzheimer Association Lorca
  • The PSOE requires the Mayor to serve the residents of El Calvario and act urgently in the face of the worrying collapse of Second Fall Street (27/11/2018)

  • Lorca undertakes a new tourist communication campaign underlining the courtesy of Lorca with visitors (27/11/2018)

  • The City Council demands that the delays be solved so that foreigners residing in Lorca can renew their identification numbers (27/11/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "we are going to solve the serious traffic problems in the round of San Antonio" (27/11/2018)
    "And we will improve the whole neighborhood thanks to an investment of 4.7 million euros"
  • El muBBla, Lorca's first cardioprotected museum (27/11/2018)

  • Diego José Mateos celebrates that Gil Jódar echoes "at last" the PSOE proposal to build an underpass to solve traffic jams in San Antonio (27/11/2018)

  • The City Council is working to repair the cession of 6 m2 of pavement in Second Fall Street (27/11/2018)
    With the hypothesis that it is caused by cavities in the subsoil
  • Fulgencio Gil highlights the work of teachers as "key to the future of the Region of Murcia" (27/11/2018)
    The president of the PP and mayor of Lorca has held a meeting with retired teachers of the municipality coinciding with the 'Day of the Teacher' as tribute to "his dedication to improve the quality of the education system"
  • The Community is putting out to tender the regeneration works of the Lorca neighborhood of San Antonio, valued at more than 4.7 million (27/11/2018)
    The main action is the construction of a lower pass under the rotunda in the Águilas fast track (RM-11) to decongest neighborhood traffic
  • The City Council opens the registration period to participate in the Christmas Schools (26/11/2018)
    They will run from December 24 to January 4 at the Popular University
  • Lorca claims that the writing of the informative study of the connection by train with Granada is not delayed anymore (26/11/2018)
    Account with € 600,000 in the current General Budgets
  • IU Lorca asks that the State exercise its regulatory and control powers to solve the earthquake records (26/11/2018)

  • IU denounces a new detachment of facade that endangers the safety of pedestrians (26/11/2018)

  • The Popular University will offer a meeting with the author Juana Mateos Blázquez on Wednesday, November 28 at 8:00 pm (26/11/2018)
    The Editorial Tres Columnas and the Popular University organize free of charge the activity that will allow to know the latest works of the author lorquina
  • The Plenary of the City Council unanimously approves a motion claiming RTVE the relay of the procession of Good Friday Lorca (26/11/2018)

  • The Town Planning Department is moving forward in the process to create new green areas, improve access and expand narrow streets in the San Cristóbal neighborhood (26/11/2018)

  • The PSOE promotes a "common front" to demand from the Regional Government and the Government of Spain the cancellation of the interests of the state part of the earthquake aid (26/11/2018)

  • Voting balance of the Ordinary Plenary Session of the City Council of Lorca corresponding to the month of November 2018 (26/11/2018)

  • The church of San Francisco hosts the concert "La noche del Góspel: Aba Taano" for the benefit of 'Music To Save Lives' and 'Down Lorca' (26/11/2018)
    The entrance to the recital, which will take place next Saturday, December 1 at 20 h., Has a price of € 10.
  • Coexistence of Civil Protection personnel of the Autonomous Community (24/11/2018)

  • The City Council increases the multidisciplinary team to attend to the group of women, with special attention to those who have been victims of abuse (22/11/2018)

  • The throne of the San Clemente Patron Saint will inaugurate next-generation LED lighting in the procession next Saturday (22/11/2018)
    Donated by the company FETSA Instalaciones, the new system incorporates 690 LEDs to allow a greater display of the Pattern in its procession
  • The City Council must demand from the regional government the development of the Couples Act Act (22/11/2018)
    Sosa affirms that the regional Law approved in July has not yet been developed, which generates problems in the municipalities of the Region, among them the one of Lorca, and legal insecurity in the citizens that are registering
  • Diego José Mateos: "We want to achieve a great deal in railway matters for Lorca" (22/11/2018)
    "Integral burial of the AVE, backup to Villaespesa Soterrada and modernization of the suburbs"
  • Ciudadanos Lorca proposes to install bird observatories in the marshes of Puentes and Valdeinfierno (22/11/2018)
    The training maintains that the infrastructures would serve to divulge the natural patrimony and to enhance the tourism linked to the nature
  • The City Council encourages Lorca to benefit from the advantages offered by the Personalized Tax Plan that allows the fractionation of taxes in 12 months without interest (22/11/2018)
    Citizens will be able to benefit from the Personalized Payment Plan for Taxes (IBI, IVTM, EVyRE and IAE ) until next Friday, November 30, and can submit the application via face-to-face or via telematics
  • Voades Lorca will hold on November 26, 28 and 30 three conferences included in the programming of the II Week of Emotional Health (22/11/2018)
    The same will take place in the Cajamurcia Culture Classroom starting at 7:30 p.m. the motto "The joy of living" and will be taught by the professionals Jesús Madrid, Noelia Rubio and Antonio Riquelme
  • The Local Government Board is putting out to tender works in Almendricos for 120,000 euros and accelerates the processing of the new Gypsy Development project that will benefit more than 200 people (22/11/2018)

  • The PSOE claims in the Plenary Session of the City Council the arrangement of the main access of the school of Zarcilla de Ramos to prevent floods (22/11/2018)

  • The City Council asks the Government of Spain to respond already to the allegations to the layout of the AVE line (22/11/2018)
    Accumulate more than half a year without receiving a response
  • Night of Solidarity Gospel in the Church of San Francisco (22/11/2018)

  • "It's time for chestnuts" (22/11/2018)
    The shops of Avenida Juan Carlos I and Lorca Centro will launch the activity "It's chestnut time" during the day of Friday, November 23 to boost the purchases of Black Friday
  • The young people of Paso Azul will receive the "Participation Award" for the organization of the Paper Procession in the Youth Awards of the Region of Murcia (21/11/2018)
    The prize will be shared with the rest of the brotherhoods of the city that for more than 20 years in the month of May they take to the street more than a thousand boys and girls to relive the Holy Week
  • Party of the rights of the boy and the girl, activity carried out by Cruz Roja Lorca (21/11/2018)

  • The PSOE takes a motion to the Plenary to demand more water resources for the Community of Irrigators of Lorca and the Community of Campo Alto (21/11/2018)
    In addition, the PSOE of Lorca describes as "error and injustice" the decision of the Ministry and demands that it be transferred water for irrigation
  • The Lorca embroiderers create a new layer for San Clemente that will be released in November 2019 (21/11/2018)
    Made on crimson silk damask, it follows the traditional techniques lorquinas of nuanced silk and gold to the highlight and to a short point on a design by David Torres del Alcázar
  • The Guerra Theater will host on Sunday the central act of the 25N program as a tribute to the victims of gender violence (21/11/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests the adjustment of a stretch of sidewalk on the road to Granada and Robles Vives street (21/11/2018)
    The proposed sections generate inconvenience, danger and economic damage to neighbors and businesses in the area
  • Lorca becomes an international forum on water purification and reuse (21/11/2018)
    The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has opened this meeting, which is held today and tomorrow in the city of the Sun
  • The PP denounces the hypocrisy of the local PSOE which shows once again that they do not care about Lorca but only their votes (21/11/2018)
    After placing as head of the supposed "independent platform", which serves from the socialist headquarters itself, the husband of a leader of the party, the popular celebrate that they have already removed the mask ending with the farce
  • The Mayor considers a decision "imprudent and harmful" the decision of the current government of Spain not to send a single drop of water to farmers in our municipality (21/11/2018)

  • The Campus of Lorca celebrates with official acts and parties the patron of the Faculty of Sociosanitarias Sciences (21/11/2018)
    An information office will be inaugurated to the student, shared by the UMU and the City council of Lorca
  • III National Folklore Festival "Ciudad del Sol" (21/11/2018)
    Goya, Castilian and Lorca prints will be on November 24 at the Teatro Guerra within the 13th National Folklore Festival "Ciudad del Sol"
  • The Mayor asks RTVE for the relay of the next Good Friday procession (21/11/2018)
    To support the UNESCO candidacy for Easter Lorca embroidery
  • Fulgencio Gil: "every year we recover for irrigation 3.2 hm3" (21/11/2018)
    "And we are working to get reuse 90% of all the water in our municipality"
  • IU: "Adif and City Council cause the suspension of the contract for the connection between the Marín road and the Alameda de Cervantes" (21/11/2018)

  • IURM-Green closes its days on depopulation and social change in rural areas with a political debate (20/11/2018)
    Representatives of different administrations will intervene next Saturday in Moratalla at the culmination of the conference on rural depopulation and the difficulty of access to public services
  • The PP lorquino requires a new court for Lorca, order existing ones and create an exclusive for Gender Violence (20/11/2018)
    The popular request the incorporation of a Specialized Prosecutor in Gender Violence and provide Lorca with a Sub-Directorate of Unit of Integral Forensic Valuation in the matter
  • The #retoyosipuedo Team will continue during the 2019 with solidarity sports thanks to the #ProyectoPasitos in favor of the D'Genes Lorca Association (20/11/2018)

  • Espolín, the mascot of the future ciuFRONT, stars in the didactic publications of the medieval museum of the city of Lorca (20/11/2018)
    The San Clemente Federation is committed to spreading the traditions and heritage of Lorca among the youngest with the creation of the Club Espolín
  • The PSOE takes to the Congress of Deputies the situation of the workers of Coopbox (20/11/2018)

  • The Citizen Platform Affected by the Waiting Lists and the lack of resources in health area III are born in Lorca (20/11/2018)
    They encourage all citizens of health area III (Lorca, Totana, Puerto Lumbreras, Águilas and Aledo) to participate in this movement
  • The localization of the court of gender violence and the creation of a forensic medicine institute in Lorca have already been requested at the request of the PSOE (20/11/2018)

  • The City Council makes available to all citizens municipal services and tools to know and protect their rights as users of public health (20/11/2018)
    The Consistory describes as "unpresentable" that the PSOE tries to deceive people by presenting as "independent and apolitical "a platform that they have set up in their headquarters
  • Lorca emphasizes his university profile and researcher in health matters with the celebration of the VI Conference on Radiological Update (20/11/2018)
    They will be next Thursday at the Parador de Turismo, with morning and afternoon hours.
  • The Virgen del Alcázar Hospital organizes the talk "Care against lymphedema" within the "Flechas Rosas" project (20/11/2018)
    It is aimed at the rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer
  • The Lorca PSOE congratulates the Popular Party for its sagacity and cunning (20/11/2018)

  • The City Council awards new improvement projects that will benefit the residents of Tercia, Almendricos, La Campana and Pozo Higuera (19/11/2018)
    These are actions that can be carried out thanks to the financing granted by the Autonomous Community through the Neighborhoods and Districts Plan
  • The Extraordinary Plenary Session of the City Council unanimously approves the award of the Honors and Distinctions of the City (19/11/2018)
    They will be delivered on Thursday at the Guerra Theater
  • The Las Caretas del Paso Azul Theater Group celebrates ten years of success representing The Revenge of Don Mendo at the Guerra Theater (19/11/2018)

  • Diego José Mateos: "I demand from all administrations immediate actions in the face of flood risk in the municipality of Lorca" (19/11/2018)

  • The PSOE achieves the agreement of all the parties in the Plenary to demand from the Regional Government (PP) the end of the discrimination that maintains towards Lorca in Health (19/11/2018)

  • Ruiz Jódar: "We demand that the CARM reduce the waiting lists of Rafael Méndez and the implementation of new investments and human resources to attend the Lorca" (19/11/2018)

  • The fourteen technical seminars on sanitation and purification of Esamur will gather 20 experts in Lorca in water reuse (19/11/2018)
    On November 21 and 22 national and international speakers will present their ideas on the next regulation that will begin to be debated shortly in the Parliament and the European Council
  • IU-Greens asks the City Council to defend the safety of residents affected by the floods (19/11/2018)
    Councilors Pedro Sosa and Gloria Martín have asked the Mayor of Lorca to go to court if necessary, but that his government team ends with the shrug
  • Lorca, ready for your appointment with the half marathon (17/11/2018)
    Eliocroca Sports Association, along with the Sports Department of the Hon.
  • Esamur makes important improvements in the La Hoya treatment plant that contribute to energy saving (16/11/2018)

  • The streets of the City of the Sun will host on Sunday, November 25, the XXXI edition of the International Half Marathon "City of Lorca" and the VIII 12,280 Healthy Meters (16/11/2018)
    This popular test came about thanks to the initiative of a group of members of the Regiment Mallorca-13 who, after the disappearance of the Lorca Marathon, decided to take a more enjoyable test and in which more runners could participate
  • PSOE: "We will never allow the closure of the IES Tierras Altas" (16/11/2018)

  • The Chamber of Commerce of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras announces a new edition of the Christmas Showcase Contest (16/11/2018)
    More than 2,000 euros will be distributed in prizes
  • The extraordinary plenary called by the PSOE to address the serious situation of health in Lorca will be on Monday, November 19 (16/11/2018)
    Diego José Mateos: "It is time for the City of Lorca to have a demanding position with the Regional Government. we can consent a second more the discrimination suffered by Lorca in health matters "
  • The actress Olga Solera opens this Saturday at 12 noon the "Story Saturdays" of the Children and Youth Library (16/11/2018)
    The interpreter and storyteller from Murcia will share with all the children of Infant and first cycle of Primary their stories and stories
  • The Medieval Synagogue of the Lorca Jewish Quarter opens a new musealisation (16/11/2018)

  • The Mayor urges the Government of Spain to stop asking those affected by the earthquakes to pay interest on the aid (16/11/2018)
    And immediately stop all their embargoes
  • "Castañas Time" (16/11/2018)
    The Commercial Area of ​​Carretera de Águilas will distribute more than 50 kgs.
  • The owners of a dozen private properties in a situation of abandonment will have to pay the expenses derived from the safety and health works assumed by the City Council (16/11/2018)

  • The Medieval Synagogue of the Jewish quarter of Lorca opens a new musealisation (16/11/2018)
    Offering a more attractive visit to one of the most important Hebrew temples in Europe
  • "The kids also embroider it" (16/11/2018)
    El Paso Blanco organizes a children's activity on Teacher's Day as part of the commemoration of the centenary of the Prayer in the Garden banner
  • Ciudadanos Lorca presents a motion to the plenary for November of support and social welfare of the people affected by SCC (15/11/2018)
    Central Sensitization Syndrome (SCC): fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and related diseases
  • The PSOE requires the Autonomous Community to stop claiming from those affected the return of the interests of the state part of the earthquake aid (15/11/2018)

  • The Municipal Statistical Service will provide, starting on November 19, a prior appointment system for all its procedures through the web or by telephone (15/11/2018)
    The new system, which has had a "0" cost for the coffers Municipalities, will allow to choose day and time to carry out procedures such as issuing of leaflets or changes of address
  • More than 30 events make up the program designed by the San Clemente Federation (15/11/2018)
    To commemorate the festivity of San Clemente, Patron of Lorca
  • The forecast of rain forced to suspend the III edition of "The Fortitude of the Books" that was going to celebrate this Sunday (15/11/2018)
    Since the organization has decided to move the event for the next spring after its second suspension for meteorological reasons
  • Ayuntamiento and Esamur place the Lorca water treatment plant as a regional pioneer (15/11/2018)
    with the incorporation of two microturbines that allow their energy self-sufficiency
  • The Community supports business projects in Lorca by 4.4 million to maintain 1,477 jobs (15/11/2018)
    The director of Info stands out in Saprelorca's Board of Directors that the business transformation of the city towards the industrial sector "is being exemplary"
  • The PSOE requires that Lorca has a bus connection with the future international airport of the Region of Murcia (15/11/2018)
    The Regional Government excludes Lorca from the cities that will be connected to the international airport by bus
  • The PSOE requires the City of Lorca emergency works to prevent accidents from recurring in the old facilities of La Quinta (14/11/2018)

  • The campaign to increase and improve green areas and gardens in the municipality has included the planting of 2,043 trees and 2,992 shrubs since September (14/11/2018)

  • Lorca barbers join Movement Movember with solidarity haircuts (14/11/2018)
    To raise funds for research against prostate cancer and testicles
  • PSOE: "The PP ignores day after day the complaints of the users of the Miguel Navarro Catwalk for its shameful state of degradation and abandonment" (14/11/2018)

  • A new project will allow the recovery of one of the most significant buildings in the historic center, located in front of the Rosario chapel (14/11/2018)

  • IU denounces the paralysis of the plan for the protection of the historic center (14/11/2018)
    They demand that the PEPRICH allegations that were presented a year ago be answered in order to be immediately launched
  • The Francisco Artés Carrasco Stadium will host the Day of San Clemente, Friday November 23, the 1st Veteran Football Tournament that will face Lorca Deportiva and Real Madrid (14/11/2018)
    Tickets can be purchased at the different collaborating establishments at the price of 10 euros for adults and 5 for children between 6 and 18 years old
  • The group 'Young Blues' organizes this Saturday its I Castañada Solidaria to benefit the association "Down Lorca" (14/11/2018)
    The young people of the Brotherhood of Labradores, Paso Azul intend to raise funds for one of the most active non-profit associations of the city of Lorca
  • IU warns that "Treasury threatens to seize victims of earthquakes for the interests of the State of aid that they returned in 2012" (13/11/2018)

  • The project "Young Employment Lorca", distinguished by the Regional Forum of Local Development as the best initiative in the matter at regional level during the last year (13/11/2018)

  • Lorca presents the experience of 5 initiatives developed by collectives and educational centers as better sustainable projects and environmental protection (13/11/2018)

  • The PP of Lorca supports "seamless" the concentration in defense of the Legal Profession and rejects the apathy of the PSOE against the collective (13/11/2018)

  • The PSOE again raises to the Ombudsman the complaints of health users for the "illegal" waiting lists in Rafael Méndez (13/11/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the malfunction of the public transport line to Rafael Méndez (13/11/2018)
    Almost fifty users have suffered this morning the delay of up to one hour in the transport service that connects the city with the Rafael Méndez University General Hospital of Lorca
  • The PSOE celebrates that "out of the cave" the leaders of the PP of Lorca (13/11/2018)
    who for years have been "quiet and submissive" before the cuts in Justicia de Rajoy and Gallardón's threat to eliminate free justice
  • The Department of Emergencies coordinates the implementation of the extraordinary plan of the City to cover the events of the festivities of San Clemente (13/11/2018)

  • The "XLI Cross Patron of Lorca XXXIII Ascent to the Castle" will be held on Saturday November 17 with departure from the Plaza de España and arrival at the Fortaleza del Sol (12/11/2018)
    The test, whose registration is free and will be open until next Thursday at 14 hours, it has a length of 4,500 meters and will depart at 5:00 pm to offer a tour of the city before the 1.5-kilometer climb.
  • The PSOE proposes to illuminate the roundabouts and the accesses to the city of Lorca from the motorways to improve road safety (12/11/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "We demand the immediate start of the works of the Palace of Justice of Lorca" • The president of the PP of Lorca and mayor of the municipality regrets that "the PSOE continue to punish us harshly, because it slows dow (12/11/2018)

  • The Government of Spain is working to start as soon as possible the works of the Palace of Justice of Lorca (12/11/2018)

  • Lorca receives the awareness campaign against gender violence "Do not be emoticon" launched by the Regional Government to raise awareness With messages such as "Observe, listen and tell", it is about inciting people to act and Do (12/11/2018)

  • The Community finances the restoration of the Holy Christ of the Good Death of the Blue Pass of Lorca (11/11/2018)
    The size of José Planes suffered different damages during the earthquakes that occurred in 2011 and his intervention is included in the actions of the Master Plan for the Recovery of the Heritage Cultural of Lorca
  • The State Attorney gives the reason to those affected by the return of earthquake aid on the prescriptions (09/11/2018)
    The councilor of IU-Greens and coordinator of the affected platform, Gloria Martín, asks that, based on this new report, the CARM will determine ex officio which dossiers have been prescribed, proceed to its filing and communication to the interested
  • Ciudadanos Lorca registers a motion to facilitate the vote to the European residents of the municipality (09/11/2018)

  • Lorca is endowed with its first Regulatory Ordinance of the Taxi Service to improve the relationship between the professional and the user of the service (09/11/2018)

  • The Government Delegate gives the affected ones the State Advocacy report (09/11/2018)
    "That to be applied by the CARM could consider prescribed the majority of opened files for the return of the aids", remarked from the PSOE lorquino
  • The City Council welcomes the fact that the State Advocacy coincides with its criterion on the limitation period for the justification of aid to those affected by earthquakes (09/11/2018)

  • The Governing Board approves the provisional award of the contract for the maintenance of green areas in districts and the improvement works in the street of the Schools and Mural in Coy (09/11/2018)

  • Diego Conesa moves to the residents of Lorca a report of the State Lawyers (09/11/2018)
    That endorses the prescription of the return of the aid granted by the earthquakes of 2011
  • Lorca gets a historic cut in municipal debt (08/11/2018)
    Reducing it by 62.3% (from 105.4 million to 39.8), with a daily improvement of almost 18,000 euros
  • IU-v demands the elaboration of the "Lorca Strategic Plan" (PEL) (08/11/2018)
    To implement it in the twenties of the 21st century
  • The PSOE denounces the paralysis of the works of section II of the Central Round (08/11/2018)

  • The Civil Guard detained in flagrante the alleged perpetrator of several robberies in homes in Lorca (08/11/2018)
    It is attributed the alleged responsibility of the crime of robbery with force
  • Lorca's "El Roano" cheeses are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals from the World Cheese Awards held in Norway (08/11/2018)

  • The health center of San Diego will reopen its consultations of afternoon (08/11/2018)
    After years of demands by the PSOE and the neighborhood groups of "El Barrio"
  • Fulgencio Gil: "opening the San Diego Health Center in the afternoons and the works for its pediatric service will improve the attention given to all its users" (08/11/2018)

  • PSOE: "The Finance Councilman lies so much that he does not mind contradicting himself" (08/11/2018)
    "How can you boast of accounts if nine days ago they had to approve a third financial plan forced by the Ministry of Finance?"
  • The Lorca employment shuttle is looking for its last participants (08/11/2018)
    It is a group of job search teams, with the guidance of a specialized technician in labor insertion
  • The City Council manages to identify a Lorca victim of the Nazi concentration camp in Neuengamme whose family he is trying to locate (07/11/2018)

  • The City Council opens the deadline to participate in the II Instagram Contest framed within the municipal programming to commemorate the 25N (07/11/2018)

  • The Physical Activity and Sports Program for School Age 2018/19, organized by CARM, will start in Lorca on November 15 (07/11/2018)
    Regarding the calendar, it is already known that Lorca will be the seat of two endings for the time being, of the Field Through Benjamín / Alevín and the Regional Final of children's team sports
  • The Mayor informs the Platform pro Soterramiento that the municipal technicians have detected incidents in the informative study that will force to extend the planned section (07/11/2018)

  • The PSOE starts a campaign of allegations to get 4.3 kilometers of underground AVE (07/11/2018)

  • The Huerto Ruano hosts on Thursday a day of citizen dialogue on cultural heritage and Europe that will include a concert by the famous cantaor Curro Piñana (07/11/2018)
    From 7 pm this meeting will take place within the framework of the commemoration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage
  • IU calls for the 'Burial Table' to become a 'Mesa on the railroad' that addresses the global needs of Lorca (07/11/2018)

  • IU asks that the CARM allow to benefit from the direct subsidies for the purchase of housing for young people from the districts of Lorca (06/11/2018)

  • Cefusa celebrates 50 years betting on animal welfare and the environment (06/11/2018)
    Commemorates this anniversary in Sepor the reference livestock fair of the sector
  • The Municipal Textbook Exchange Bank has benefited 3,086 Lorca families this year (06/11/2018)
    That more than 110,000 euros have been saved
  • The Mayor supports the residents of Villaespesa Soterrada (06/11/2018)
    And will demand from the Ministry the construction of underground passages on the roads of Enmedio and Villaespesa
  • Gastronomy, culture and leisure come together in the second edition of the Photo Marathon "Lorca-San Clemente" organized by La Verdad and the City Council (06/11/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the lack of seriousness and commitment of Mayor Gil Jódar to break his promise to implement participatory budgets (06/11/2018)

  • The PSOE calls for urgent measures to combat the pests of pine borers (06/11/2018)
    Mateos requires the Autonomous Community and City of Lorca immediate action against these pests that, along with the drought, is putting at risk the survival of thousands of hectares of pine in the municipality
  • IU demands that the rent subsidies for those affected by earthquakes not be capped for 72 months (06/11/2018)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, denounces "inconsistencies" between what is established in the new agreement and what the Royal Decree says -lea 6/2011 regarding the cap for victims of earthquakes to access this type of aid
  • ... (06/11/2018)

  • The Bureau of the Congress of Deputies already has the Proposed Law that asks the Government of Spain to waive its share of the interests of the earthquake aid (05/11/2018)

  • The PP rejects the PSOE's proposal to open a Local Police Barracks in the Barrio de San Cristóbal (05/11/2018)

  • Lorca and Vélez Rubio organize the second tourist-literary route based on the novel "El abismo en la frontera" (05/11/2018)
    by the writer from Lorca Francisco José Motos
  • IU: "The real section of buried AVE in Lorca that contemplates the informative study is 2.5 km, then the PSOE lies" (05/11/2018)

  • Lorca commemorates the International Day against Gender Violence with twenty activities (05/11/2018)
    with the aim of raising awareness among the population
  • The mayor integrates underground Villaespesa, Federation of Neighborhood Associations, ASDIFILOR, Community of Irrigators and municipal technicians in the Burial Table (05/11/2018)

  • The PSOE regrets that Sosa and Martin want to turn IU into a speaker of the lies of the PP in Lorca (05/11/2018)

  • They dismantle a joint selling cocaine in an address of the Lorca de Tercia council (05/11/2018)
    The Civil Guard and the Local Police of Lorca
  • Lorca managed to end last October with a new drop in unemployment which is the best data of the labor market in the last ten years (05/11/2018)

  • The burial of the railroad through the urban area includes from San Diego to Las Ramblas after passing (02/11/2018)
    The same one that was announced 6 months ago
  • IU demands the listing of the CEIP of San Cristóbal as a center of preferential educational attention (02/11/2018)
    For Pedro Sosa it is already well of unfulfilled promises and demands the repeal of the single district to avoid immigrant ghettos in the peripheral schools
  • The PSOE organizes an information table to advise Lorca on the waiting list on how they can claim to advance their medical appointment (02/11/2018)

  • PSOE: "The Government of Spain is working so that the burial of the AVE as it passes through the city of Lorca is the maximum possible" (02/11/2018)


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