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Lorca News - February 2019

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  • The City Council acquires a network of weather stations that will improve the response of municipal services to adverse weather events (28/02/2019)

  • The Commercial Court calls to declare Councilman Limusa PP, for denying the PSOE the consultation of the examinations for hiring personnel (28/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca will ask in the Plenary for a possible occupation of private lands without the knowledge of their owners (28/02/2019)
    The remodeling of a road in the deputation of La Pulgara reveals a possible violation of the rights of neighbors
  • The City Council of Lorca and FREMM share action measures that boost wealth, create jobs and innovation (28/02/2019)

  • The great carnival parade of Lorca will gather next Saturday, March 2, a total of 21 comparsas Lorca with the participation of more than 2,000 people (28/02/2019)
    On Sunday morning will take place the children's parade that will go from San José to the Plaza de España, where the Children's Carnival Queen will be named
  • The Plaza de España will host on Friday at 8 pm the departure of the Walking Family March, included in the program to commemorate March 8 (28/02/2019)

  • Lorca launches the best equipped Waste Management facilities in the Spanish Levante, which will allow Lorca to save more than 5.8 million euros annually (28/02/2019)

  • Ecologists in Action denounces a plowing and irrigation in Lorca (28/02/2019)
    The clearing has been done next to the ravine of Nogalte, adjacent to the protected area and affecting the habitat of the black turtle
  • Podemos Lorca will propose a Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan as a priority for the next term (28/02/2019)

  • The Virgen de las Huertas, Patron of Lorca, will premiere a new mantle designed and embroidered in the municipal workshops on the occasion of Jubilee Time on March 17 (27/02/2019)

  • A municipal investment of € 130,000 will allow an increase in the evacuation of rainwater from the Biznaga ravine between Campillo and Purias, recovering the natural height of the riverbed (27/02/2019)

  • Asensio Martínez and José Navarro "Joseico" will be distinguished in the fifth edition of the "Premios Leyendas del Fútbol Lorca" (27/02/2019)

  • The track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" of the Torrecilla Complex will have a new high jump mat, among other improvements (27/02/2019)
    This is a demand that was being made by the different clubs and users who daily train in these facilities Sports
  • The Department of Emergencies trains 17 volunteers of the Embroidery Museum of the Paso Blanco in CPR and in the use of the semiautomatic external defibrillator (27/02/2019)
    The MuBBla has a DESA in its facilities, thanks to the donation by the Hospital Virgen del Alcázar de Lorca, becoming the first municipally owned museum of the municipality
  • The good pace of the construction works of the new Logistics Base of Limusa will allow the company's workers to start using it in just 3 months (27/02/2019)

  • The PSOE raises in the Plenary of Lorca solutions for the neighbors of Santa Maria affected during 3 months by the break of several pipes of potable water (27/02/2019)

  • The Community invests 85,000 euros in the adaptation of the Bakers Home as the Craftsman's House to enhance Lorca's craftsmanship (27/02/2019)
    María del Carmen Ruiz: "Our goal is for the Bakers' Granite to house artisan use, with activities that offer the enclave in the that is located dynamism and social movement, acting as a revulsive for the historic center "
  • The campaign "Bordemos la igualdad" launched by the City Council to commemorate International Women's Day includes 30 activities (26/02/2019)

  • Aquadeus, awarded for its support for sport (26/02/2019)
    The company collaborates with various initiatives linked to sports activity, healthy habits and social action
  • El Gigante City Council and Initiatives organize a cycle of walks for the elderly Lorca to become familiar with the use of mobile phones, tablets and their applications (26/02/2019)

  • Almerian artists Antonio and Javier Egea will exhibit their works in the Ruano Garden between February 27 and March 28. Although the artists share the family bond, their works are completely far away, highlighting Antonio for the recreation of nature (26/02/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "I will leave my skin so that health in Lorca stops being the Cinderella of the Region" (26/02/2019)

  • The PSOE demands greater security measures in Almendricos to stop the wave of robberies that worry neighbors (26/02/2019)

  • The Mayor of Lorca places at the disposal of Cuevas de Almanzora and Huércal-Overa all the experience, support and necessary resources before the earthquake felt in these populations (26/02/2019)
    Following the earthquake of 3'5 degrees registered in these populations, Fulgencio Gil has put in contact with both regidores to show them the solidarity of Lorca and offer them whatever they may need
  • The new fire station of Lorca, the most modern and best equipped in the region, will serve more than 105,000 people (26/02/2019)
    The Minister of the Presidency has inaugurated the facilities of the Fire and Rescue Extinction Consortium (CEIS) in which 1.3 million have been invested
  • The PSOE works to solve the depopulation of the high districts of Lorca: "Guaranteeing water is essential to fix population" (25/02/2019)

  • The PSOE reiterates its proposal to illuminate the monuments in a sustainable way with the aim of extolling the tourist and cultural attraction of Lorca (25/02/2019)
    García Jiménez: "Lorca can not continue to be a dark and sad city, we bet to praise the monumentality, to convert our city ​​in a more friendly and desired Lorca for cultural tourism "
  • The PP requires a Law Decree that rewards 50% of the IBI and cancels the interests of the aid to those affected by the earthquake (25/02/2019)

  • The IES Bartolomé Pérez Casas celebrates on Thursday and Friday the Days of Educational Innovation and Motivation with the presence of the teacher César Bona (25/02/2019)
    Professors from all the Region of Murcia and Almeria will attend the session that will have the participation of the teachers Mayte Pelegrín, Pedro Mondéjar and de Bona, finalist of the Global Teacher Prize
  • The companies Aire Nuevo, Ofislor Siglo XXI and Clapzas Colapso are imposed in the X Business Initiative Competition Ciudad de Lorca launched by the City Council (25/02/2019)
    Companies highlighted for their ability to innovate and business development will receive 6,000, 4,000 and 2,000 euros , respectively, thanks to this biannual event that recognizes the capacity to generate employment at the local level
  • Development builds the lateral supports of the new bridge on the ravine of Biznaga in Lorca (25/02/2019)

  • PSOE: "We are still waiting for Gil Jódar to demand explanations from his party as to why they voted against the 50% IBI bonus" (25/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca asks the Mayor to rectify his intention to use the institution where the sovereignty of our municipality is represented to settle and cover personal matters and alleged political corruption (25/02/2019)
    "We have an obligation to defend the institutions." Political differences are resolved with dialogue or in the courts "points councilor Antonio Meca
  • President López Miras closes the XXV Lorca Sports Gala (23/02/2019)

  • Lorca will host a day of experiences in Equality on March 5 (22/02/2019)
    Amalia Gómez, Marta Nieto, Mercedes Luján, Mayte Martínez and Angélica Aragón will participate
  • Ciudadanos Lorca proposes to the Plenary a census of buildings and abandoned lots (22/02/2019)
    The training aims to start up a shock plan that regenerates the historic center, putting value on local heritage
  • The Child Care Center of La Paca, which has had an investment of 326,320.91 euros, improves its facilities to serve the residents of the high districts (22/02/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces that the project of urban renewal of San Antonio that has presented the PP is "incomplete" and requires including the improvements that the neighbors have been claiming for years (22/02/2019)

  • PSOE: "The elimination of more than 200 parking spaces in Alameda de Cervantes does not deserve any celebration" (22/02/2019)
    The PSOE Lorca will not attend the inauguration of some works, Alameda de Cervantes, which besides being unfinished, are the result of a plan made at the break of the bush and completely behind the backs of the neighbors
  • Route of the Nazarí Border, from Castillo de Lorca to Vélez Blanco (22/02/2019)

  • Sosa: "Lorca needs a new hospital and Carraclaca is the ideal place for his location" (22/02/2019)
    IU Lorca will take a motion to the February plenary session to study this measure and for the Rafael Méndez Hospital to become a public geriatric
  • López Miras: "The new Alameda de Cervantes, more modern, comfortable and accessible, is what Lorca deserve" (22/02/2019)
    The president inaugurates the urban renewal of the avenue and stresses that "Lorca has become a modern, dynamic city , accessible and with more spaces dedicated to the neighbors "
  • Cash & Carry Dialsur consolidates its presence in Murcia with the opening of a new center for professionals in Lorca (21/02/2019)
    Dialsur inaugurated its center number 19 this morning and has had the presence of authorities and media in the area
  • The VIII Rallye Tierras Altas de Lorca will inaugurate the new Super Championship of Spain (21/02/2019)
    Includes the eight tests chosen by the Spanish Federation
  • PSOE: "The PP of Lorca shows its disastrous economic management by removing from the drawers 1.2 million euros in unpaid bills since 2015" (21/02/2019)

  • El Coso de Sutullena de Lorca will become a multipurpose space that will allow the cultural, social and festive dynamization of Lorca (21/02/2019)

  • 1,600 Lorca schoolchildren trained in safety and prevention to travel by bus (21/02/2019)
    Framed in the First Orbitalia Campaign for Safety and Prevention in the Transport of Minors, these talks seek to teach at the same time that they make safer the journeys made by students in coach
  • The City Council encourages all Lorca to participate in the inauguration of the works of integral improvement of Alameda de Cervantes (21/02/2019)
    It will be tomorrow Friday at 18:00 h
  • The Association of Housewives commemorates the Carnival on Thursday, February 28 with a musical gala entertained by Javier and Selín at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca (20/02/2019)
    The traditional celebration of this anniversary will include costumes, snacks for the attendees and dancing
  • The Huerto Ruano hosts a national meeting on language teaching and cultural integration of immigrants organized by Cazalla Intercultural, CEA Alto Guadalentín and City Council on Friday (20/02/2019)
    Professionals of formal and non-formal education will meet to participate in practical workshops of European experts on language teaching and intercultural education
  • IU proposes two new cemeteries that serve the residents of La Hoya and the Barrio (20/02/2019)
    The measure, which will be part of its electoral program for the upcoming municipal elections, would meet the demand for this service by the residents of La Hoya and solve the lack of space in the cemetery of San Cristóbal
  • Ciudadanos Lorca demands the exit of the spokesperson of IU-Green of the Board of Directors of Limusa due to conflict of interest (20/02/2019)
    Limusa has rented a storage room in Pedro Sosa's father's house for which he pays nine times more than his market value
  • Diego José Mateos: "Our SOL project, with solutions for Lorca, includes the installation of the second Lorca emergency service in the neighborhood" (20/02/2019)

  • Statement by Pedro Sosa regarding the statements made today by Antonio Meca (20/02/2019)

  • IU-Lorca will request that the spokesperson for Citizens be reprimanded by the Municipal Plenary (20/02/2019)

  • IU demands specific policies for the almost 16,000 young people in Lorca (19/02/2019)

  • Lorca put the brooch to the regional cross (19/02/2019)
    The circuit of "La Torrecilla" hosted this Sunday the XLIII Cross de Lorca, hosting the Individual Cross Country Championship of the Region of Murcia and FEDEMIPS Championship
  • The expansion works of the Juan Navarro García de La Hoya school, in Lorca, enter its final stretch (19/02/2019)

  • The PSOE forces a plenary monograph in the City of Lorca to propose solutions for the districts (19/02/2019)

  • The largest Lorca will have at their disposal 835 seats in 54 courses during 2019 in modalities such as gymnastics, art, new technologies or memory workshops (19/02/2019)
    30 workshops will be held in the urban area, while the districts will host 24 of these cycles that have been chosen by the own collectives of majors of the municipality
  • 14 students from the employment workshops of the Local Development Department will rehabilitate the Chapel of the Miraculous Virgin, located in the San Francisco de Asís School (19/02/2019)
    It is a chapel dating from the Franciscan era, on the seventeenth century, originally called " Chapel of the Third. "
  • Arrested for allegedly stealing a phone with violence on Calle Perez Casas by local police officers (19/02/2019)
    The officers were patrolling early Sunday morning when they met the victim, who provided the description that helped to find the offender quickly
  • The City Council provides a charging point for electric vehicles in the San Vicente car park that complements those existing in San José, Avenida de Europa and Sutullena (19/02/2019)

  • The project to turn the Coso de Sutullena into a polyvalent cultural, social and leisure space will be presented this Wednesday at 8 pm in the CajaMurcia Classroom (19/02/2019)
    The Autonomous Community will invest more than 1.7 million euros in the recovery of this emblematic monument called to become a reference and dynamic of local life from a privileged space
  • The VIII Rallye Tierras Altas de Lorca, test of the Super Championship of Spain, is celebrated on March 8 and 9 (19/02/2019)

  • The Blue Step and the California Brotherhood are twinned to strengthen ties and promote cultural synergies and brotherhoods (18/02/2019)
    Signing of the twinning act took place last Sunday in the church of San Francisco, canonical seat of the Brotherhood of Farmers
  • Diego José Mateos: "The strategic revitalization of the Historic District must be urgent, and that is why it is a main axis in the SOL project" (18/02/2019)

  • The writer Pablo Albo presents his book "Pollo y Reizo" to 250 schoolchildren of 3 and 4 years of Early Childhood Education within the "Encounters with Author" (18/02/2019)
    The Children's and Youth Library of the Cultural Center Mayor José María Campoy will host different sessions February 18 and 19
  • The day "I am young, I am a future" brings together in La Hoya more than 400 young farmers of the Region with the objective of modernizing this strategic sector (18/02/2019)

  • Young Lorca can park their vehicles in the parking of San Vicente with a 50% discount (18/02/2019)
    Thanks to the collaboration between the City Council and the Youth Council
  • The PSOE calls for pedestrian crossings in the Carretera de Pulpí to avoid abuses in the Mercadillos de Purias (16/02/2019)

  • Rosario Segura: "We are Lorca will bet decisively for the tourism sector" (16/02/2019)
    The candidate of Somos Lorca - We are Region to the Mayor lorquina ensures that we can not continue back to the nine kilometers of coast with which the municipality has
  • The PSOE calls for the complete remodeling of the Lorca skate track, taking advantage of the Santa Clara works (16/02/2019)
    Diego José Mateos: "Our young people have to feel, and be certain, that their City Council helps them;
  • El Paso Azul and the Cofradía California will sign their Twinning this Sunday in the church of San Francisco (15/02/2019)
    The act, preceded by a solemn Eucharist, will serve to make official the close collaboration relationship that both entities have maintained for several years
  • The Mercedarias close their jubilee year with an urban intervention and open day (15/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests the convocation of the Railway Board to deal with the problem of the passage of the AVE through the hamlet of Tercia (15/02/2019)
    "This forum was created precisely to share the proposals of all the agents involved", points out Councilor Antonio Meca
  • The City Council awards the works that will allow dozens of Almendricos families to have regular electricity supply after spending several years with light work (15/02/2019)

  • The Alameda de la Constitución will host until March 3 the exhibition "Hidden Heroes, Great Inventions, Everyday Objects" organized by "la Caixa" (15/02/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The development of the University Campus, for which we bet, will be key for Lorca to shine again and recover the weight that corresponds to us on the regional map" (15/02/2019)

  • The PP of Lorca will not do any electoral act during the Holy Week and will propose that the electoral spaces do not interfere in this celebration (15/02/2019)
    Fulgencio Gil: "The Holy Week of Lorca is not touched, it is not tarnished, it is nonnegotiable. Sol has to celebrate with great brilliance his biggest days without the occurrences of Sánchez affecting him the least "
  • The Lorca musical "La Dama y el Vagabundo" nominated for the MAX Award for Best Musical or Lyrical Show (15/02/2019)

  • A collective exhibition will show the artistic creations of the Mental Health Center users at the José María Campoy Alcalde Cultural Center (14/02/2019)

  • City Council and ASDIFILOR join forces to consolidate Lorca as a completely accessible city through the drafting of a specific plan (14/02/2019)
    Through the signed collaboration agreement, ASDIFILOR will develop an Accessibility Plan based on technical reports during the next six months , scales, interviews and workshops
  • The mayor anticipates that the City Council will turn the IBI receipts to those affected by the earthquakes maintaining the 50% bonus "for pure social justice" (14/02/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces that the discharge of faecal waters to the Rambla del Madroño de Las Terreras is maintained (14/02/2019)

  • The musical "La Dama y el Vagabundo" by Murcian producer Molino Producciones, candidate for the prestigious "MAX Awards" (14/02/2019)

  • The City Council and Hostelor launch the public awareness campaign "Lorca cleans you in love" (14/02/2019)

  • The Pilar Barnés Library offers a blind date with love books to commemorate Valentine's Day (14/02/2019)
    This initiative joins the release of 40 books for Lorca to join the BookCrossing project
  • WE CAN: "López Miras designs a Youth Plan that will not improve the life of young people" (14/02/2019)

  • PSOE: "Of social justice was to have voted in favor of the most social budgets in the history of Spain" (14/02/2019)

  • The PP describes as "brave" the Mayor's decision to keep the 50% bonus on the receipt of the IBI to those affected by the earthquakes (14/02/2019)

  • Apostolic Penitentiary grants the plenary indulgences for the Jubilar of the Virgen de las Huertas de Lorca (14/02/2019)

  • The City Council acquires a new machine that eliminates the chewing gum stuck to the ground (13/02/2019)
    And launches the initiative "Flying to the bin"
  • Ciudadanos Lorca asks to prioritize the payment of the pending rents to the victims of the earthquake on expansion of the residence of athletes (13/02/2019)

  • The cities of Lorca and Huércal-Overa are officially joined today after the approval unanimously by the Plenary Session of the City Council (13/02/2019)

  • The Palace of Guevara recovers today from its rooms the historic pharmacy Room thanks to the joint work of the councils of Culture and Local Development (13/02/2019)
    It is a pharmacy of the late nineteenth century, built in pine and oak, richly decorated with carvings and ornamentation in neo-Gothic style.
  • 400 runners of 13 different nationalities will compete this weekend in the Lorca O-Meeting 2019 orientation (13/02/2019)
    The best world clubs will participate, representing Norway, Sweden, Russia or Finland, for whom the runner-up of the world will compete Marika Teini
  • The AEMA III Association carries out in Lorca the campaign "Kiss Goodbye To Ms" with the aim of raising funds for the investigation of Multiple Sclerosis (13/02/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The rejection of the PGE punishes Lorca with the loss of a direct investment of more than 16 million euros" "It is certified that both PP and C's together with the Catalan separatists put their partisan interest (13/02/2019)

  • Lorca joins the Bookcrossing project by releasing 40 books for Valentine's Day to be shared and cross borders (13/02/2019)
    Through a code you can check where you have been and how many people have read it, promoting this system as an intelligent social network
  • The commissioning of the urban transport service to Limusa will allow the Lorca important economic savings and will contribute to improve its management and operation (13/02/2019)

  • The Councilor for Development of Lorca stresses that the solar plant is a private project and shows its surprise at the "exit tone" of the Mayor of Totana (13/02/2019)

  • The City Council reminds Mr. Meca that the investment to expand the CIVP is a finalist grant that is either used to improve the center or is lost (13/02/2019)

  • Mateos demands the Mayor to solve the problems that partially keep the San Patricio car park closed (12/02/2019)

  • The Mayor demands that the current central government commit itself in writing to the inclusion of the allegations submitted to the railway line before March 4 (12/02/2019)

  • Limusa and the Scout Group Ciudad del Sol in Lorca undertake the "Scouts Recycle Glass" campaign to promote domestic recycling in the old town (12/02/2019)
    The initiative consists of an informative mailing and a door-to-door collection to see which Scout group of the Region of Murcia collects more glass containers in the container closest to its headquarters, located in Lorca in the Glorieta de San Vice
  • "Fall in love in your neighborhood", the new commercial initiative launched by the El Barrio-Europa Commercial Area to celebrate Valentine's Day and win a romantic getaway (12/02/2019)
    People who shop at more than 40 stores that are part of this campaign will also participate in the draw for a city tour in a limousine
  • IU-v: "The legal services of the CARM give the reason to those affected by the return of aid from earthquakes on the prescription" (12/02/2019)

  • Ecologists in Action demands the dismantling of a telephone antenna (12/02/2019)
    The organization is in solidarity with the neighborhood fight that denounces this telecommunications infrastructure
  • The regional government requires the state to extend the deadline to the residents of Lorca to rebuild their homes damaged by earthquakes (12/02/2019)
    The Minister of Public Works calls on the Government of Spain an "urgent solution" to those affected because the term of execution of works "is insufficient" and would oblige them to return public aid
  • Blanca López and Francisco Montoya prevail in the 11th Narration Contest for Secondary Education "Ángeles Pascual Prize" (12/02/2019)
    In this edition, 356 narrations of compulsory secondary education students from the IES San Juan Bosco Center, Ciudad del Sol School , IES Ramón Arcas, IES Ibáñez Martín, IES High Districts and San Francisco de Asís School
  • IU Lorca demands the expansion of MIR places to end the deficit of medical personnel in Area III of Health (11/02/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos highlights the need to build "as soon as possible" a roundabout to regulate traffic and improve security in the access to the Castle from the La Parroquia road (11/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca considers incomprehensible that the government team in the January plenary vote against our proposal to create charging points for electric vehicles and 15 days later propose it as their own (11/02/2019)
    A report from the general secretariat of the plenary session warned of the obligation that the municipalities of more than 50,000 inhabitants have to give this service
  • More than 3,000 schoolchildren from all over the region will enjoy from February 12 to 15 the musical "La Dama y el Vagabundo" (11/02/2019)
    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Teatro Guerra
  • 450 Lorca schoolchildren will have the opportunity to know the books of the writer Rafael Estrada thanks to the "Encounters with Author" of the Municipal Library Network (11/02/2019)
    The Children and Youth Library will host the different sessions during school hours on the 13th, 14th and 15th February
  • The City Council launches a new employment course with which 15 Lorca can get the Certificate of Professional Auxiliary Activities of Commerce (11/02/2019)

  • The City Council conditions the environment of the social premises and the medical office of the hamlet of Marchena and gives it a new pavement thanks to a regional investment of 22,800 € (11/02/2019)

  • The PSOE congratulates the Neighborhood Association of Marchena after achieving the asphalting of the environment of the social premises and the health center (11/02/2019)

  • Tomorrow of athletics in Lorca The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" of Lorca hosted this Saturday the Under20 Championship and Master of the Region of Murcia, as well as a new control and the pending trials of the Championship of Long W (10/02/2019)

  • The youngest lived their first final in Lorca (10/02/2019)
    The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" of Lorca hosted this Sunday Final A Sub10 - Sub12 - Sub14
  • Miguel Ángel Ballesteros is exhibited in Lorca to add the first triumph of the amateur team (10/02/2019)

  • The Mayor asks the Minister of Culture that his department prioritize the declaration of Lorca embroidery in his Holy Week as a World Heritage Site (09/02/2019)

  • Visit to the sanctuary of Santa María La Real de las Huertas de Lorca (09/02/2019)

  • Another intense weekend in the Ciudad del Sol (08/02/2019)
    The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" of Lorca will host this Saturday the U20 and Master Championship of the Region of Murcia, leaving for Sunday the Final A Sub10 - Sub12 - Sub14
  • Urban planning granted a license to expand the TAC and Magnetic Resonance service at the Rafael Méndez Hospital, which entails an investment of CARM of 719,948 euros (08/02/2019)

  • The Cultural Center will host on February 14 the traditional Valentine's Gala organized by the Association of Housewives of Lorca (08/02/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos proposes the expansion of the municipal house of NGOs to meet the broad demand of users (08/02/2019)

  • Neighborhood upset by a 26-meter-high telephone antenna in the Vereda de la Palma (08/02/2019)
    In addition to the potential damage to health, the neighbors also denounce that since its launch it is interfering with television and tele-assistance devices
  • The President of the Council of Transparency of the Region of Murcia in the IES Francisco Ros Giner (08/02/2019)

  • "Lorca, Taller del Tiempo" launches an initiative for Valentine's Day so that families in full can enjoy the visit to the Castle (08/02/2019)
    On the 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th of February there are organized guided tours that can be complement with lunch at the Stables
  • The City Council accelerates the modification of the General Plan "to put the Urbanism at the service of the people", and next Wednesday the plenary session will initially approve it (08/02/2019)

  • ... (08/02/2019)

  • The municipal works to concrete the passage through the Guadalentín River between the area of ​​La Velica and the road of the Pantano de Puentes will start next Monday (08/02/2019)

  • Francisco José Campos Segura elected candidate of Podemos to the mayor of Lorca (08/02/2019)

  • Somos Región: "The north route of the AVE would be the solution for Lorca" (07/02/2019)

  • The Bishop of Cartagena grants a Jubilee Time for the Virgen de las Huertas de Lorca (07/02/2019)

  • IU requests that the City Council provide street training to young Lorca as an alternative to sedentary lifestyle and gambling (07/02/2019)

  • IU regrets that the poor commitment to Culture in Lorca adds to the municipality in the irrelevance of Murcia or Cartagena (07/02/2019)
    Gloria Martín denounces that no institution or cultural event of the City of the Sun is in the ranking of the most valued proposals in the Region of Murcia, according to the report of the Observatory of Culture for 2018
  • Promotion enables an alternative way of access to the Castle of Lorca that reinforces security in case of emergency (07/02/2019)
    The Director of Roads visits the works of extension of the road of South access
  • The PSOE shows its concern for the paralysis of the works of the Auditorium of Lorca: "Gil Jódar promised that it would be finished at the beginning of this year and today is only 'the shell'" Isidro Abellán warns Gil Jódar that &qu (07/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca demands the resignation of Martínez Carrasco as CEO of the company Limusa (07/02/2019)
    "In 22 days the mayor has not provided us with the requested documents on the workers coming from the labor exchange" says Antonio Meca.
  • The improvement works for the access road to the Castle from the San José neighborhood are in the final section with the asphalting of the Murviedro highway (07/02/2019)

  • The employees of the Waste Management Center of Limusa detect two bales of hashish of 30 kilos while they treated the garbage in the primary triage cabin of Barranco Hondo (07/02/2019)

  • The Popular Party of Lorca will put free buses for all Lorca who want to support the demonstration on Sunday in favor of Spain and the constitutional order (07/02/2019)
    • Registration can be made until Friday, February 8 at 8 pm, traveling the same Sunday to take part in the demonstration of the Plaza de Colón against the Government that intends to sell Spain to the Catalan separatists
  • The modality chosen by the City Council for the works of the Center of Fairs and Congresses will give more opportunities to the participation of Lorca companies (07/02/2019)

  • The musical "La Dama y el Vagabundo" candidate for the Teatro Rojas de Toledo awards (06/02/2019)

  • Buy in local shops for Valentine's Day can have a prize with the initiative "In Lorca is celebrated love" of the Lorca Centro Historico Commercial Association (06/02/2019)

  • 406 Lorca have already benefited from the project "Young Employment Lorca" (06/02/2019)
    The most ambitious educational commitment in the history of the municipality, with an investment of 1.8 million
  • Mateos demands that Gil Jódar order Murcia to suspend the tender for the Caravaca road works to respect the original project (06/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests that the conciliation table for the livestock and residential use of the high districts of Lorca be convened (06/02/2019)
    "After the celebration of the Porcine Cattle Forum, a new meeting is held to meet the residents of the high districts as dictated by the plenary agreements "says Councilman Antonio Meca
  • The PSOE demands the increase of security measures in the CEIP Andrés García Soler after a new wave of robberies in recent months (06/02/2019)

  • Lorca will host the II Spanish Mastín Monographic Championship in which more than half hundred copies from all over Spain will participate (05/02/2019)
    The event, which will take place in the vicinity of the Diego Pallarés Pediatric Park from 9:00 am, is organized by the Spanish Association of the Spanish Mastiff Dog (AEPME) in collaboration with the City Council
  • IU asks that the members of the Mixed Commission come to Lorca to work and not to take the photo or to throw the rubbish at the head (05/02/2019)
    Gloria Martín demands that the next convocation of this body is not limited solely to the aids for the rent, as the Government Delegate intends, but to address all the pending fringes of earthquakes
  • The PSOE requests that the declaration of Puntas de Calnegre be processed as an Asset of Cultural Interest to provide a definitive solution (05/02/2019)

  • The operating room of the 112 is renewed and modernized with new equipment and technologies to improve the resolution of emergencies in the municipality (05/02/2019)
    A new audiovisual system has been incorporated, videowall of 1'90 by 1'10, last generation computer and a new communication with the crisis management room to facilitate the follow-up of any emergency
  • The Cultural Resources Center offers 88 courses for the months of February to June, from which more than 1,400 Lorca can benefit (05/02/2019)

  • The City Council demands the current central government to respect the commitment reached a year ago with the Ministry so that the town of Puntas de Calnegre "does not touch" (05/02/2019)

  • We can Lorca demands maximum transparency in the municipal company Limusa (04/02/2019)

  • Lorca will recover the hydro complex of the Molino del Escarambrujo to turn it into its main attraction of the "Culture of Water", open to all citizens (04/02/2019)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests that a metallic design be studied to replace the crystals of the catwalk Mayor Miguel Navarro (04/02/2019)
    A possibility hitherto rejected by its author Manterola and now possible since September
  • PSOE: "The citizens of the neighborhood need a serious municipal government and a mayor who keeps his word" (04/02/2019)
    Marisol Sánchez again demands the opening of San Diego in the afternoon: "In less than three months they have broken their word to neighbors up to three times "
  • The City Council assumes direct management of urban transport since February 1 (04/02/2019)
    Carrying out a comfortable and efficient bus service for citizens
  • Lorca ruled the regional winter titles (03/02/2019)
    The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" hosted the Absolute Championship of the Region of Murcia, as well as the 10,000ml of Sub20 to Master and a new federative control
  • The Department of Family and Social Welfare encourages families in vulnerable situations to benefit from the help lines for the provision of electricity and water services (01/02/2019)

  • The Mayor demands new public incentives to promote the pig sector: "here we live from this, from a modern agri-food engine, which generates employment and wealth" (01/02/2019)

  • The swimmer Luis García, the athlete Úrsula Ruiz or the youth of Lorca CF Base will be awarded at the XXV Sports Gala of Lorca on February 22 (01/02/2019)

  • Mateos: "What the Government is doing is to advance work to guarantee compliance with the deadlines for the arrival of the AVE, after years of paralysis with the PP" (01/02/2019)
    The PSOE asks for "coherence" to the PP: "A few weeks ago they complained that the AVE project was paralyzed and now complains that the bidding and the processing of the project is streamlined "
  • The Mayor insists on his demand to the government of Spain to inform Lorca directly of what is happening with the works for the arrival of the AVE and the burial (01/02/2019)

  • The Mayor demands the immediate convocation of the next meeting of the Mixed Commission (01/02/2019)
    "We are already delaying because the Lorca victims do not deserve to wait any longer"
  • López Miras attends the act of taking possession of the dean of the Bar Association of Lorca and its board of directors (01/02/2019)


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